American Flag Concealed gun compartment that hangs on wall

Making things is one thing.

But in order to get your eggs in a row, for a show, you have to work that much more.

You have to sit and price your work proper and be open to price adjustment.

Sometimes you go to a show and the people are window shoppers more than anything.

They may look and love your pieces but rather spend the cash on food, or beer.

Other times you go over well and make great Other times you go over well and make great sales.

You also have to have a pop up tent, you have to pay money for your spot/space at the show and box and transport your items there.

I’ve done well and at times not so well, it’s hit or miss.

Doing shows is a good experience and ups your game quite a bit.

There are lots of good lessons to learn from doing new things and putting yourself out there.

In the middle of 2015, my girlfriend said we shoud do the flea market in homestead here in south florida.

It’s a bit of a drive from where I’m at but you won’t grow or gather new possibilities if you don’t try new things.

So we started going to the redland market village every other weekend.

Now, sometimes we’d sell well and other times it was a big bust.

That’s the name of the game.

One thing did happen though.

I gave out a bunch of business cards everytime we went.

From that, i got a lot of handyman jobs and furniture commisions too.

In fact, i got about 5 repeat customers that would call me once a month for new projects, they wanted made.

With that and the customers i already had, i was able to keep my one man operation afloat.

On one of my flea market shows, down in homestead, i met a cool cat.

We talked a bit at the end of a long day.

He was a tile guy among other things.

I gave him the link to my facebook page and exchanged numbers.

He called me up a few weeks later.

He sent me a picture of an American flag that you hang on the wall, with a concealed compartment.

Asked me if i could make him one.

So, i took him up on the challenge.

When starting a project from scratch or from a photo, there are a series of obstacles you have to overcome.

With this piece, i had to get the dimensions right, so that the stars and stripes would look right and so that the compartment would fit the firearm.

Also, i needed to make a template for the stars.

Anyways, the Flag has become one of my favorite projects to work on, people really like them.

I get a lot of people inquiring about buying them on facebook via private message.

Well, i hope you enjoyed this episode.