Other Services

Repairs of all makes and models


  • Sight in Customers gun
  • Boresighting
  • Drilling and tapping recievers
  • Install shotgun front or mid-rib bead
  • Install sights
  • Mount scopes

General Rifle Work

  • Check headspace
  • Remove stuck rounds
  • Cut and crown barrel
  • Inlett customers stock
  • Lap scope rings
  • Complete trigger jobs

Shotgun work

  • Raising dents in the barrel
  • Open/Modify chokes
  • Port barrel
  • Lengthen forcing cones
  • Chamfer barrel
  • Chamfer Cylinder
  • Revolver action job
  • Auto action job
  • Install sights
  • Polish feed ramp

Stock Work

  • Cut stock to length of pull
  • Intall recoil pad
  • Glass bed action
  • Pillar bed action
  • Float barrel
  • Oil rubbed refinish
  • Checkering
  • FFL Transacations

This is just some of what we can do. Please contact me to see what we can do for you.