8mm Mauser Rifle Identification – Know Everything in Details

Remembering my youth days when becoming a skilled hunter is my only desire. I also bought an 8mm Mauser Rifle from an elderly person in my neighborhood and was entangled in the subtle issues of it.

This happens because I didn’t know about the country and era of that Rifle. Isn’t it obvious? If I can’t identify my firearm, how can I get expertise in it?

Now, I’m here to let you know about the ways of identifying the Mauser Rifle. So that you will never face the problems and issues that I had.

Firstly, let me give you some understanding about the Mauser Rifle.

About Mauser Rifle

About Mauser Rifle

Mauser was founded by Wilhelm and Paul Mauser in 1811. Their series of semi-automatic pistols and bolt-action rifles have been launched for German armed forces since the 1870s. Late in the 19th century, they launched their firearms in various countries for the military and civilians.

“MAUSER” German arms manufacturer, has established their name all over the world. They are among the top manufacturers of firearms. They attain hunting experience for over 140 years and prove to be a symbol of reality.

The most commended thing in their firearms is a double square bridge that captivates hunters all over the world. Moreover, today’s supporting bolt rifles like the 8mm Mauser Rifle originated from the Mauser Model 98.

However, they have a complete series of firearms like Military Rifles, Supporting rifles, Handguns, Shotguns, Cartridges, and automatic weapons.

Now, let’s discuss the types of Mauser Rifles.

Types of Mauser Rifles

Types of Mauser Rifles

MAUSER has launched Rifles of a different category from 1871 to now. The rifle of the 18th Century will not be available for you in the market. So, here we are discussing those types of Mauser rifles that are currently available in the industry.

  • MAUSER 18
  • MAUSER 18 Feldjagd
  • MAUSER 18 Wald Jagd
  • MAUSER 18 Stainless
  • MAUSER 18 LR Chassis
  • MAUSER 12 Pure
  • MAUSER 12 Expert
  • MAUSER 12 Max
  • MAUSER 12 Big Max
  • MAUSER 12 Black Impact
  • MAUSER 12 Extreme
  • MAUSER 12 Trail
  • MAUSER 98 Magnum
  • MAUSER 98 STD Expert
  • MAUSER 98 STD Diplomat

These are the types of rifles that are easily available in the market and you can also get them according to your need through their website “mauser.com”.

Now, it’s the turn of the identification process of the 8mm Mauser Rifle.

How to identify an 8mm Mauser Rifle Discussed

How to identify an 8mm Mauser Rifle

Mauser rifles have made a standard example for the rifles developing all over the world. Many companies also made copies of this Mauser rifle. However, countries like Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Turkey have made alternatives to the Mauser Rifles.

In these circumstances, the identification of nationality is very important and beneficial for the Mauser Rifle’s owner. So, for knowing the methods of identification, stay tuned with us.

Manufacturing Country

As said earlier, the Mauser Rifle designs vary from country to country. So, finding the original country of your 8mm Mauser Rifle is the first step.

Normally, the rifle’s caliber, model number, manufacturing year with the country is stated along the barrel. If your rifle is imported from another country then it will be stamped with the country’s federal regulation, which makes the process much easier.

In the next step, you have to examine the rifle’s receiver and stock to find any markings about the manufacturer or year of manufacture. If a Weimar-style eagle or Nazi-style eagle is shown, it will represent German Manufacturing. The figures like 1909 Argentine, Chilean 1895, Swedish 1896 will show the origin and model of a rifle.

Manufacturing codes

The codes on your rifle are from the manufacturer, which is important for identification. If you find two or three alphanumeric codes while examining the receiver of your rifle, then it will be referred to Mausers Gewehr 98k or Karabiner 98k.

These numbers are the ordinance cords of the German manufacturers and show their relationship with the standard designs of Mausers during the First and Second World Wars.

However, if your rifle is from the Mausers industry but not made in Germany then use the markings and caliber located on your rifle’s receiver to find the country. Or you can also look into Mauser’s rifle identification guide.

Mauser Action

Mauser action is the most fundamental feature of the Mauser Rifle. It is a kind of manual gun activity that is worked by straightforwardly controlling the bolt using a bolt handle placed on the weapon’s right-hand side. Paw extractor has an important rule in this activity for the dumping of rounds and positive stacking.

This pull-back pull function is only available in the Mauser rifles, which makes it different from others.

8mm Mauser Rifle Serial Number Identification

8mm Mauser Rifle Serial Number Identification

“bcd” and “43”, markings are written under the recovery, is the serial number mark. Sometimes this code can be a 4 digit number and sometimes it can be a 6 digit number. But most probably it is a 4-digit number.

These numbers show the manufacturers and year of manufacturing as here they show the Mauser’s manufacturer.

How to identify 8mm Mauser Rifles?

The 8mm Mauser rifle ammo is rimless bottlenecked cartridge. In its time, it was one of the most popular hunting cartilage in the world. It varies in size and color depending on the era and region.

The German one is full golden steeled from the bottom and has a silver touch on top. However, the Romanian one is black from the bottom and golden-red from the top. You can easily distinguish them.

People Also Ask

#1. What is the caliber of the Mauser rifle?

The caliber of the Mauser rifle is 7. 92×57mm or approximately 8 × 57mm as given by C. I. P. It was adopted by German Empire during world wars.

#2. Is the Mauser rifle good?

Yes, the Mauser rifle is excellent as it is highly appealing for its strength, outstanding accuracy, and reliability. Although in the market, other rifles are available that are legendary as well, the Mauser rifle is a standard even today.

#3. Is Mauser still making guns?

Mauser is still in business even today. Other gun manufacturers may have gone bankrupt but Mausers are still manufacturing guns that are seen as standard even today. They already have a series of best guns and are also moving forward to new ones.

#4. How much does an 8mm Mauser rifle cost?

The cost of an 8 mm MAUSER rifle varies with time. But we can tell you about the current average price which is $976.62 new. But if you buy a used rifle then the cost decreases and becomes $667.65.

#5. How much is an 8mm Mauser rifle worth?

The 8mm Mauser rifle is worth up to almost $976.62 if it is in new condition. However, if you move to buy a used rifle then it will cost you about $667.65. You can buy according to your needs.

#6. Is an 8mm Mauser hard to find?

It may not be as common as other guns, but by no means it is hard to find. You can buy it offline from any devoted gun store or either buy it online from ammo. If you move towards the easiest way then reach to its original website mauser.com and buy it from there.

#7. Is an 8mm Mauser a good hunting gun?

8mm Mauser has excellent penetration power and very good sectional diversity. So yes, it can be a very good hunting gun for deer, loins, beers, and other animals. Because Mauser never releases their quality.

Final Verdict

Mauser rifles are always different from the other ones. It doesn’t matter how many copies are made in the industry but the original remains the same. An identification of the country of the Rifle can be very beneficial for you, to check the quality and product.

Now, You don’t have to struggle for the identification of your 8mm Mauser Rifle as you can just follow the above steps and can easily determine the country, manufacturing year, and all about it. So, go and check it out.

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