About Us

David White has been building custom rifles and hunting handguns since 1983….

David builds barrels for the H&R break open single shots as well as T/C Contenders and
Encores by means of barrel stubbing. This has proven to be the most accurate way of
producing barrels for these guns. Rather than just welding a lug to a barrel, barrel stubbing
also allows us to use larger diameter barrels for increased accuracy…

Other work includes the building of complete rifles and hunting handguns as well as the
Ruger #1’s. He also does rebarreling, rechambering, muzzle brakes, trigger jobs and custom
scope bases. Besides the Contender and Encore, other handgun work includes the Ruger
Super Blackhawk and Super Redhawk…

David’s speciality for over 20 years has been the building of high accuracy long range bolt
action rifles for varmint, target, big game and dangerous game. Tell him what you want and
he’ll build it for you…

He has also built sniper rifles for various law enforcement agencies as well as the military.
His rifles are now being used by law enforcement in 36 states and are with the military in
many different countries…

See the “forum” for price list and additional information…or call (918)244-6284

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