American Flag Concealed Gun Compartment That Hangs on Wall

As a gun owner, you are entitled to huge responsibilities. Just knowing how to use a gun won’t make you a trusted gun owner. You need to know how to protect your gun and keep it out of the reach of people who don’t know how to use it.

You should always treat your guns like a newborn, which needs to be handled with care. As a gun owner, your prime job is to keep it in a safe and secure place.

To secure the gun, you should choose a place that is almost impossible to notice but easy to retrieve when needed.

Why Do You Need to Secure Your Guns?

Need to Secure Your Guns

For a long long time, the concept of securing your guns has evolved. If you look back in ancient times, people were not concerned about keeping their guns concealed or locked up in any safe or something.

They use to freely roam around having guns out in the open. Later, when accidents and crimes started to show up, they felt the urge to keep their guns safe and secured from the wrongdoers or those who don’t know how to operate them.

The main reason for you to use gun safes or secure your gun is to avoid unexpected accidents. If you live with your family and you have children in the house, keeping your gun in open would be a foolish act.

Children are very curious about everything and guns are a very good source of enticement. Not only children but also anyone who does not know how to operate guns should be kept away from guns to avoid unwanted accidents.

Again, your guns are subject to robbery. The last person you want to give access to your guns would be burglars or thieves. So, you need to secure your guns in such a way that they are easily accessible to you but not others.

Lastly, owning a gun means having insurance and paying taxes. Some countries also have certain laws regarding the use of firearms. The insurance company might ask you to secure your guns due to safety measures. Depending on your country, you also might get tax deductions on keeping a gun safe.

How Can You Secure Your Guns at Home?

Secure Your Guns at Home

What kind of storage you require to secure your guns entirely depends on what type of guns you use, what the purpose of using these guns is, where you live, and how much you can invest. These four factors are prerequisites to determine the best ways to store your guns safely.

A military base or professional fire range camps have professionals who are experts in handling guns and firearms. So, they have an entire room the size of an apartment to store their guns. But your home is a vulnerable place for guns to be secured. That is why you need to choose an optimized way to store them.

Here’s a list of the ways you can try to secure your guns-

Concealed Gun Compartments

Concealed gun compartments are a very reliable source of storing your guns. These let you secure your guns in such places where no one could think of finding a gun. You can also use it for storing other valuables that you don’t want anyone to know about.

Trigger Locks

Trigger locks will fit over the trigger guard of your guns which prevents the guns from firing. It is a two-piece locking mechanism that will lock the trigger guard, from where the bullets are being fired. This lock ensures any sort of misfiring, even when the gun is in the wrong hands.

Gun Vaults

Gun vaults or safes are a great option to not let people access your guns easily. They come with passwords and are made of heavy metals, which cannot be easily broken. There are different kinds of vaults. You can always customize your vaults or pick a suitable one from the options available at the market.

Biometric Gun Safe

Biometric gun safes are an upgraded version of normal gun safes. The unique feature it has is, opening by fingerprints. This concept of biometrics came as it was very easy to learn the passwords given manually by typing. That is why biometrics are used as every person has a unique fingerprint that would not match with anyone else’s.

We will be talking more about the gun compartments and how to use them in this article.

What is a Concealed Gun Compartment?

Concealed Gun Compartment

Concealed gun compartments are specialized to limit unwanted access to your guns. It remains hidden at a convenient place that is only accessible to you and anyone only you want to know about it.

Gun compartments are placed in such places at your home, where no one could think of finding guns. It can be your ordinary bookshelf, any wall hanging paintings or showpieces, behind your mirror, etc. They secure guns and enhance the beauty of your living room as well. It is a 2-in-1 deal for you.

Types of Gun Compartments

There can be many kinds of gun compartments installed based on the interiors of your house. Some common gun compartments are-

In-Wall Gun Compartments

These compartments can be attached directly inside your walls. It is not a portable type of gun safe. It can be controlled by different kinds of locks available. It can also be ambushed using the same colors of your walls so that no one can easily understand that there’s a compartment inside it.

Hidden Gun Compartments

These are called the hidden gun compartments because they remain hidden inside your home decors or regular use materials. The best example of hidden gun compartments is the concealed gun compartment that hangs on your walls as wall decors. Some can be hidden behind your picture frames, mirrors, etc.

Under Furniture Gun Compartments

These compartments can be fixed under your beds, sofas, couches, etc. Even the regular drawers of your tables can have secret gun compartments which cannot be easily found but easily retrieved by the owners.

Can You Make Your Own Concealed Gun Compartment at Home?

If you are considering purchasing a gun compartment for your home, you have several options to look at. Many companies are making different kinds of gun safes and vaults with upgrades available every year. Spending your money at a high-security-contained concealed gun compartment is always worth the price. You have another option, which is making your own gun compartment.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of making your gun compartment all by yourself. It involves certain risks and vulnerability that you should be aware of. But if you still want to give it a try then make sure to consider the prerequisites of making it on your own.

What are The Things That I Should Consider Before Making a Gun Compartment?

Before Making a Gun Compartment

The best thing about making a gun compartment all by yourself is that you can customize your compartments according to your wish and purpose. To fulfill your purposes, you have to consider a few things and a solid planning-

Finding Suitable Places

You must have some purpose to fulfill with your gun compartment. You would want your guns to be safe from your family members, especially the children, to avoid unwanted accidents. You also want to keep it safe from burglars and thieves.

Before finding a suitable place, try to imagine different scenarios in your head about how and where can you make the best use of your gun compartment at times of crisis.

You need to find a place that is very common yet impossible for someone to think of that there’s a gun hidden inside it. You also need to picture yourself retrieving the gun. That is how you’ll be able to find the perfect places for placing your concealed gun compartments.

Determining The Size and Capacity

After finding suitable places for your guns, you need to determine their sizes and their capacities according to the requirements of your guns. Now measure your gun length and determine the measurements for the interiors and exteriors needed in the compartment to fit your gun.

You have to make sure that your gun fits in your compartment perfectly. That is why take the measurements very carefully. If required, cross-check your measurements several times. You can also ask someone to help you take the right measurements.

Choosing The Correct Lock Type

There are many types of locks available in the market. For example, electronic locks, combination locks, biometric locks, keyed locks, etc. You have to determine which lock would be the best for your gun compartment.

Choosing The Correct Lock Type

Now, to determine the best option, you have to match every lock with the place where your compartment will be kept. Try to imagine an emergency event or a crisis like theft or robbery. Now, determine which lock would be near enough so that you would be able to retrieve your guns at the time of crisis or emergency.

Choosing The Best Security Level

Ensuring the perfect security level is very important. All firearms do not have the same security level requirement. It varies according to the configurations and specifications of a gun. The security level is not only to ensure the safety of your guns. It is also needed to make sure that your guns are covered against loss, by your insurance policy.

Make sure to consult with your insurance company or agent, so that you get yourself the security that the insurance company would cover.

Choosing Fire Rating

Your guns might get damaged due to excess heat or a high temperature. Or, there could be an incident of fire at your house, which would easily damage your house. In such cases you can protect your guns from damages by building a compartment that is fire-resistant up to certain degrees.

Usually, fire-rated gun compartments are made of thicker steel walls. So, you should use thicker steel walls for your gun compartments. Any hardware store would tell you how heat-resistant the steel you’re going to use is. Make sure to keep that in mind.

How to Make an American Flag Concealed Gun Compartment That Hangs on The Wall

Gun Compartment That Hangs on The Wall

In this piece, we are going to help you make your American flag concealed gun compartment at home. You are already aware of the prerequisites of making a gun compartment.

Now, let’s move on to the materials and supplies you need for making it.


Before getting your supplies, you must be well aware about their functions and why you need them for your product. The next thing you should check is the durability of the product.

Lastly, you should find a balance among the durability, appearance, and the cost of the supplies you are purchasing.

The basic supplies you need to make this gun compartment are:

  • Plywood
  • Common Board
  • Soft-close slides or drawer slides
  • Corner brackets for wood
  • Plain Steel bars
  • Polythene foam
  • Tack Repositioning Glue Spray
  • Spray Paints
  • Wood stain
  • Frog tape

Now that you know what supplies you need, make sure you know the right places to purchase all your supplies. You can ask a few different hardware stores and can also do your research using the internet.

Now, let’s get started with the process of making your American flag concealed gun compartment:

Step-1: Knowing The Right Measurements

The first step of this process would be taking the right measurements for your guns to fit in.

Start with measuring the place you want your gun compartment to hang to. If you wish to add anything to your gun compartment that requires power, make sure the place has a plug option nearby.

Knowing The Right Measurements

Now take a measuring tape and measure the length and width of your guns. Always make the compartment a bit bigger than your gun. In this article, we are going to tell you how to make a medium-sized gun compartment that would easily fit one handgun.

Step-2: Cutting out The Frame

For a medium-sized gun compartment, you need to take a 2’x2′ 23/32″ BC Plywood and a 2’x2′ 15/32″ BC Plywood. Now for the box frame, cut the ¾” plywood at 23 ⅞” x13” and the ½” plywood at 24”x13 ¼”.

Now take a 1/5x8ft common board and cut it according to the length of the plywood, which would flush with the outsides of the plywood. First cut two pieces horizontally and then cut the small vertical pieces to perfectly flush with the outsides of the plywood.

Now cut out pieces of the common board according to the inner measurements of the box frame to fix drawer slides in it. The pieces should not come outside of the box. Also, take the left small piece of the box which was cut horizontally and cut about a quarter from top of it so that the front side of the plywood could slide in.

Step-3: Nailing and Gluing The Frame

Once all the woodcuts are done now you can glue and nail them. Start by taking the back part of the compartment and glue the outer parts of the box except the left one.

Now glue the inner pieces of wood which are for the drawer slides. After gluing, fix every corner with nails using a nailer. You can use an 18-gauge brad nailer, which is quite popular at the market.

Now fix your drawer slides inside the box. Make sure to fix it properly so that you can open it easily. If you want to make two shelves inside the compartments, you can use small pieces of plywood and make sections insides the box.

Step-4: Painting The Compartment

Before painting your compartments make sure to do a few things. Firstly, sand the edges of your box so that the edges are smooth and the paints stick evenly. Also, sand the top or front part of your compartment to give it a smooth finish.

Now, use a propane torch and burn up the front piece of wood evenly. The burn finishes are required to remove any rough patches on the wood surface. This helps the paint to settle down evenly.

After giving the burned finish, take the front part and place an American flag star stencil template at the corner. You can get the stencil on Amazon or print it on your own.

For the stripes, use 1-inch frog tape or you can do it manually if you think you can draw the stripes evenly. Use wood stains for the stripes and the blue background of the union. You can test it on a piece of wood to check how many coatings of the wood stains you need to have a perfect coating.

Different colors need a different number of coatings. So, make sure to check them properly. For the starts in the union, use spray paint. Make sure to check the spray paint on another piece of wood before doing it in the union. Be very careful about placing the stencil as it might get displaced and ruin your paint.

After painting the flag, spray paint the back of it and the whole cabinet as well. If you want to keep the wooden texture then just use glue spray. Make sure to cover each part of the cabinet evenly using spray paint.

Step-5: Putting The Parts Together

Now that you’re done painting, let’s put the remaining parts together. First fix the other parts of the drawer slide to the back of the front wood piece. Make sure to use longer screws as they have more strength and can hold up much longer.

Now you may face some problems with your slides if your woods are warped. If your woods are warped, your slides won’t work because of the higher edges. Here you can use flat washers to fix it.

Now fix your front slide of the compartment to the box frame carefully. Make sure that every part is evenly fitted at every corner of the box. Now take your foam and cut it according to the shape of the box. Then outline your gun and cut out the foam again. Fix it to the box.

The last step is fixing your gun compartment to the wall using hooks at your convenience. This was just a beginner’s lesson to provide you with the basic knowledge of making your gun compartment. But you can modify your compartment by adding locks and fire ratings into it.

What are The Benefits of Having Concealed Gun Compartments?

You might not feel the urge of having a gun compartment right now. But guns are vulnerable when kept openly at your home. So before having to deal with any sort of crisis, it’s better to have ensured the safety of your guns. Some significant benefits of having a gun compartment are-

Ensuring The Safety of Your Family

Guns can be mishandled anytime by anyone who does not know how to use it. Especially, children are very curious about guns. So, it is better to keep your guns away from them for their safety.

Protecting Your Gun from Damages

If you keep your guns openly at home, they may get damaged due to high temperature, fire accidents, frictions, etc. That is why gun compartments are essential to keep the guns free from damages.

Preventing Your Gun from Getting Stolen

You never know when you might have your guns robbed if you keep them openly at your home. Guns are expensive and valuable. From records, you can see that there are several cases of guns going missing and causing accidents. So, having a gun compartment is very much important to prevent guns from getting stolen.

Saving Some Extra Space to Store Other Valuables

Gun compartments are also very useful for saving other valuables you want. There are many valuables that you don’t want other people to access. Gun compartments let you store these values along with protecting your guns.


With great power comes great responsibilities. Having a gun is indeed having great power at your hand. So, make sure to use this power wisely by protecting your guns and keeping them safe. There are many ways to secure your gun and you have to choose them wisely according to your needs.

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