10 Best 22 Pellet Rifle For Hunting in 2021 – (Guide and Comparison)

If you want to have the fun of shooting, but you don’t have an actual gun, then an air rifle will have your back. An air rifle uses compressed air while shooting the pellets. It serves multiple features, and you can choose according to your preference.

If you’re passionate for hunting, pest controls, and fun shooting, then a .22 caliber pellet rifle will be a good choice. However, choosing the best 22 pellet rifle isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to understand all the basics of an air rifle, know its types and features.

If you buy one air rifle that doesn’t match your preference, you will lose a considerable amount of time and money. But don’t worry! I will be discussing the market top 22 Pellet Rifle to reduce your time choosing it and make sure you’re buying the perfect one.

Comparison Chart of 22 Pellet Rifle

Product Name

Key Features

Gamo 611006325554 Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Cal.

● Whisper Fusion technology.

● Single cocking.

● 5 years warranty.

Benjamin Marauder BP2264S Synthetic Stock Air Rifle.

● Filling up is quite easy.

● Synthetic stock

● PCP Powered

UmarexRuger Impact Max .22 Caliber Air Rifle with Scope.

● Ruger is more accurate comparatively.

● Silencer.

● Comfortable buttpad.

Beeman QB78-22 Air Rifles.

● Excellent barrel.

● Lightweight.

● CO2 powered.

Sig Sauer AirgunVirtus ASP .22 Caliber Air Rifle.

● Semi-auto.

● Less velocity.

● Stock is synthetic.

Benjamin 392S .22-Caliber Air Rifle.

● Bolt action.

● Cross bolt.

● Easy carrying.

Top 10 Best 22 Pellet Rifle For Hunting Reviews

I am really cautious when I start to choose a particular rifle. Here I have made a list of top 10 .22 caliber pellet rifle reviews after having lots of research about their accuracy, durability, and ability to do the job efficiently.

All of these rifles have different regular and special features. Just make sure which one feeds your job.

1. Gamo 611006325554 Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Cal

Gamo Whisper .22 Air Rifle

Do you know that one of the top quality 22 pellet rifles is made in Spain? Yes, you heard it right. Gamo is a top-notch quality air rifle that is very famous around the US for its accuracy and Whisper Fusion technology, is produced from Spain.

The amazing GamoFusion air rifle comes with a single break barrel that’s so easy to cocking and loads the pellet in seconds. The barrel is made with 100% PBA platinum that makes it ultra-durable. Moreover, for a smoother cocking it is made with a gas piston.

Key Features:

  • Quietest rifle with the very best whisper fusion technology.
  • Single cocking with the automatic safety system.
  • Inert Gas technology with pneumatic cylinder.
  • RRR enabled Scope for better accuracy in targeting and Safety from recoil.
  • 5 years long warranty.


Noise reduction technology: Gamo 611006325554 has the world’s best noise reduction technology known as whisper fusion technology. This technology is invented and patented only by the Gamo brand.

Scope: For better accuracy, it has a built-in scope. So, if you’re a newbie in the air rifle world then it would be a great choice for you as it comes with a Recoil Reducing Rail feature enabled scope. So no more worries about shooting the target accurately.

Weatherproof: Weatherproofing is another excellent feature of the Gamo 611006325554. No matter what the weather is, let’s have some fun outside with your lovely beast. Even the heavy rain can do nothing harmful to your air rifle for its weatherproofing feature.

Warranty: You will get a 5-year precious warranty for the Gamo! That sounds crazy! Right? Not many brands offer that long warranty service. That’s another beauty from the Gamo!


  • It’s a bit pricier than other best .22 pellet guns. But considering its features, you will not pay a penny higher than the market rates.

2. Benjamin Marauder BP2264S Multi-Shot Air Rifle

Benjamin 22 Pellet Rifle

A hunting air rifle must have some mandatory features like being quietish, greater in speed, stock and many others. Guess what? Benjamin Marauder BP2264S is the best .22 pellet rifle for hunting with so many features. Along with it, who does not want their rifle to have an adjustable trigger?

Moreover, it is very easy to carry while hunting as the weight is lighter than others. Additionally, the refilling is so easy to do this while hunting you will have the most of the fun.If you’re in search of a rifle with such features then this is the right article for you.

Key Features

  • Very quitish in nature.
  • Greater in speed.
  • Effortless to fill up through a hand pump.
  • Trigger is adaptable and smooth pull too.
  • Synthetic stock.


Light-weight: For a hunter carrying a rifle for hunting is obligatory. A light-weight gun meets the demand at that point. It is a perfectly balanced rifle for bearing it into any area.

Quickly refilled: While hunting if a rifle needs time to refill then one might lose the target. But that’s not going to happen in the case of Benjamin Marauder as it is quite smooth and quicker to refill.

Speed: The speed of it is upto 1000fps. Due to its high speed it gives great service during prey shooting, pest management, mini- mini-entertainment hunting for fun.

Zero sound: Due to the presence of the baffles the only sound one can hear when the pellet hits the target . Thus for hunting it is good to go.

Synthetic stock: One of the greatest and demanding features of it is having synthetic stock. The presence of it satisfies the demand of the rifle’s longevity. The wood of it is highly maintained through the stock present in the rifle.

Smoothness: Benjamin Marauder has two levels in it. In addition, it is quite easy to regulate and the trigger system is top notch which allows the user to have very smooth hunting.

Multi facilities: One can have bolt action, various shots , PCP- powered through it.


  • A bit sensitive if not treated well.
  • Fps will have to adjust, but that’s not a big issue.
  • Hand pumps can get older sooner yet it depends on the user.
  • No weaver rails.

3. Umarex Ruger Impact Max .22 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Umarex 22 Caliber Pellet Rifle

If you are looking for the best 22 hunting rifle which takes care of you while shooting then, UmarexRuger 22 pellet rifle will seize the deal. As it ensures the safety of the user by giving a rubber buttpad makes it the best one than others. Let us discuss a bit more to understand why you should buy it.

A rifle which ensures your safety must also give you smooth shooting. SilencAir 5 the latest feature guarantees you that. A perfect package within 1050 fps .

Key features

  • Hardwood stock.
  • Speed 1050 fps.
  • Caliber of 0.22.
  • Less noisy.


Caliber: Caliber is a unit of the measurements of handgun bore and cartridges. And the caliber of the UmarexRuger Impact Max is 0.22.

SilencAir 5-chamber: Nowadays everybody wants a rifle with silencer attached to it. In the UmarexRuger Impact Max .22 Caliber rifle the presence of a constant SilencAir 5- chamber carefully balances the noise and does not let it come out.

Comfortable rubber buttpad: Rubber buttpad ensures the safety of the shooter. So that while shooting the shooter remains safe by recoil in the shoulder.

TNT power system: Tnt means Turbo Nitrogen Technology which ensures that there is less noise. Presence of the TNT power system guarantees the chances of trouble-free, easy shooting one after another.

Scope: Scope acts as a medium in between a rifle and sighting system. UmarexRuger Impact Max .22 Caliber rifle has 4x32mm air rifle scope and scope mounting rings to balance the heavy gun.


  • Trigger is heavier. But that is not a big issue.
  • A bit of target variance.
  • Needs a bit of adjustment.

4. Beeman QB78-22 Air Guns Rifles

Beeman 22 Air Guns Rifles

Lightweight air rifles are one of the most demandable features that shooters want. Beeman QB78-22 is a very lightweight air rifle. If you are looking for the most powerful.22 air rifle for your next hunting, then it is your thing.

The amazing Beeman is not only light in weight but also claims to have a hardwood stock. Hardwood stock balances the rifle when the user can focus on the target.

Key features

  • It is possible to have both indoor and outdoor shooting through it.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Hardwood stock.
  • Runs on (2) 12-gm CO2 Cartridges .


Stock: A stock is a support for the barrel, through it the barrel remains connected. This factor is kept in mind by Beeman QB78-22 Air Guns Rifles, Black and they ensured that the quality of stock is hardwood and good.

Barrel: The length of the barrel is 21.50’’. And the style of it is rifled.

Caliber: Caliber of the rifle is 0.22. That ensures that approximately the bullet will be able to cross 1.5 metres away.

Air gun: The air gun mechanism is CO2. But due to the lower force of CO2 in the rifle it is not much louder.

Velocity: Like any other rifle it has a velocity too . 650 fps lets you have a shot of good quality with ensuring accuracy.


  • No scope. Users might have to add a scope on their own.
  • Can make a noise after a few shots as the pellets fall at slower speed.
  • Barrel is loose. Needs to adjust.
  • Not very powerful .

5. Sig Sauer AirgunVirtus ASP .22 Caliber Air Rifle

Sig Sauer 22 Air Rifle

While users want to have a rifle which automatically sets the new round by themselves then this semi auto feature of Sig Sauer AirgunVirtus ASP .22 Caliber rifle can be on their top list. This rifle sets up the deal as it allows the customer to focus on their target.

In comparison to other air rifles, it gives you two kinds of air gun power type. Not only that, to have a smooth shooting, this best survival pellet gun includes a super-efficient scope. Most importantly, this rifle sets up the deal as it allows the customer to focus on their target easily.

Key features

  • Stock type is synthetic.
  • It has MAGS.
  • Shoots accurately.


Semi-Auto: Semi auto provides you the allowance to shoot a new round every time when you pull the trigger. Thus the only thing the user will have to do is to ensure the tank is fully charged.

Stock: The stock type of this air rifle is synthetic. Thus it ensures that the air guns are light in weight and the gunstock balances.

Bore diameter: The 22 caliber pellet rifle has a 5.6mm diameter of the bore which helps to achieve your target easily.

PCP: In airguns one of the newest features is having a PCP into it. PCP full form is pre-charged pneumatic which ensures that it hits the target on point. Great ability to not let shoot any dangerous animal.

Ammunition: The ammunition type of this rifle is pellet.

Velocity: The muzzle velocity provided by the astounding gun is 700 fps.


  • Does not come with a pellet.

6. Benjamin 392S .22-Caliber Air Rifle

Benjamin 22 Caliber Rifle

If you are looking for any latest products with the most delicate features, Benjamin pellet rifle .22 will be one of the best options for you. Why is it the best? will be the first question of yours. Obviously , the one which provides you bolt action within 0.22 caliber is a great option to choose.

Let us dive more into the details. Benjamin brand has always maintained the quality by giving some multi dimensional features. As in this rifle not only provides you the best shot experience but also takes care of your safety.

Key features

  • Trouble-free carrying.
  • Durable.
  • 500-800 fps velocity.
  • Light weight – 5.5 pounds.


Barrels and Stock: Benjamin 392S .22-Caliber Bolt Action has a barrel which is rifled. That does not let the bullet spin slowly. Whereas, the synthetic stock keeps the air rifle lightweight and keeps it stable in action.

Bolt Action: In an air rifle having a bolt action ensures that the user gets the comfort while using the manual firearm action.

Adjustable: A shooter needs an adjustable rear sight so that according to their preference they can fix it. And get a clear shot while shooting. Benjamin 392S .22-Caliber Bolt Action ensures that rear adjustable sight.

Caliber: With a 0.22 caliber it stands in the market.

Cross bolt: For the user safety insurance a cross bolt comes with this multi featured air rifle. It ensures that the user gets to do shooting with a secured grasp.

Ammunition: The ammunition in it is genuine crosman pellets. Preference of the user is the kind of ammunition which gives a perfect shot and pellets provide that.


  • Plastic frame material.
  • Extra installation of optics.

7. Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot Pellet Rifle

Gamo 22 Pellet Rifle

While users want to get a rifle which ensures multi-features but most importantly the one which gives you a smooth shot Gamo 22 pellet rifle is the one then. As it has IGT with 0.22 cal provides the user the flexibility. Within a 3 year warranty it will be one of the best choices.

In comparison to others it has separate machinery so that there is less noise. Sadly, the magazine might cause some issues but that is fixable obviously. A rifle with 1000 fps, pellets ammunition and with other hundreds features can be your next choice.

Key features

  • Noise decreasing machinery.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • Has shock wave absorber.
  • More compact.


Break Barrel: Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal has a brake barrel which makes it unique in itself. And it maintains the ability of compressing the chamber. Through simply breaking the barrel after loading the pellet it comes into placement.

Scope: The scope has criteria of being shockproof and fog-group with mounts. The manufacture of it is in such a way so that when users will use it they can get the exact shot along with perfections.

IGT (Inert Gas Technology): This air rifle has IGT. IGT ensures that the user is able to get higher velocity considerably up to 1300 fps. Along with that while shooting the rifle is not vibrating much. Lastly, it ensures that the user gets a smooth powerful shooting.

Custom Action Trigger: When the user wants something which gives the user a liberated choice to adjust the trigger into the two stages through CAT. According to preference the user can fix and adjust it makes it more desirable.

Adjustable: Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal consists of SWA recoil pad . This has detachable absorption cells. Three absorption cells one will get with the air rifle. The user gets a pleasant shot.


  • Scope is not that good.
  • Magazine has some issues.

8. Benjamin Akela BPA22W .22-Caliber Hunting Air Rifle

Benjamin 22 Caliber Air Rifle

Everyone loves hunting and hunting gets fun with a Benjamin Akela BPA22W air rifle. This air rifle is not only budget friendly but also it is best when coming into features. Let us discuss more.

Talking about the features, it is very quiet in nature with a PCP powered into it. The Alloy steel barrel material ensures that users get most of it while hunting. If you are someone who wants to get a powered air rifle with other features included above this is the gun you should look for once.

Key features

  • Adjustable trigger.
  • Quiet in nature.
  • Budget friendly.
  • .22 caliber rifle.


Barrel and Stock: The barrel of this stylish gun is shroud rifled steel. Stock is part of a gun which acts as a medium to support the air rifle. And if the rifle has Turksh walnut stock then it will provide such a balance in your gun. Moreover, it gives well adaptability.

Magazine: If the ammunition depot is a bit stylish like a rotary and benefits the user by including 12 shots then it gets more fun to use. The rotary style adds a color to the gun in its looks. Thus one can have a feeling of having a hunt with a brand.

PCP powered: Benjamin Akela BPA22W rifle has a PCP powered into it. Makes the air rifle more desirable due to the filling of air into it.

Ammunition: Pellet is the one used here. In per fill at 3000 psi it ensures that users get shots like 60 at least.

Velocity and Caliber: In a budget friendly air rifle with 1000 fps and 32 fpe within it is definitely a good deal. Moreover, the caliber provided in here is .22.


  • Scope not included.
  • Sometimes it might not hold air.

9. Sig Sauer MCX Virtus .22cal PCP Air Rifle

Sig Sauer 22cal Pellet Rifle

If you are thinking of adding a rifle which lets you have fun in strategic shooting then this is what you should look once. You might have been wondering what makes it suitable for a strategic and military sector rifle. Well, the stock is the reason.

In addition, it consists of a decent power with such high range mags. In the midst of other rifles this one can be the one which will ensure you have two kinds of air gun power type. Lastly, a rifle which ensures you will have fun is surely this one.

Key features

  • Sport category used in defence and strategic.
  • Velocity 700 fps.
  • Top rail.
  • Flip up or folding sights.


Semi auto: A semi action makes the user have a comfortable shooting. As they do not have to worry about cycling the cartridges it can do it by own self. It allows the user to have more fun shooting.

Air Gun Power Type: MCX VIRTUS PCP rifle not only gives a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) but also it gives a CO2 air gun power type. Combination of having two kinds of air gun power enhances the beauty of it.

Rail: It provides an accessory rail M1913.

Magazine: The magazine of air gun rifle MCX VIRTUS PCP gives 30 rounds. It gives the user a better quality while focusing on shooting.

Ammunition: SIG Rapid Pellet type of ammunition used in this air rifle.

Stock: This air rifle has synthetic stock. Synthetic rifles are comparatively stronger than others. Also it ensures that however the weather it keeps the rifle balanced.


  • Trigger is a bit heavier but not dreadful.
  • Sometimes jammed.

10. Crosman CS2SXS Shockwave .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle

Crosman 22 Pellet Air Rifle

Crosman 22 caliber pellet rifle is a powerful rifle with the most powerful NITRO PISTON TECHNOlOGY. If you are someone who wants to have a lighter but a synthetic stock then this deadly combination rifle is surely for you.

Adding more spice into the features, it will provide you a scope of 4x32mm . Not only that it hasultra shockwave technology used so that the sound does not disturb you. Many other features to look on let us see them too-

Key features

  • Lighter.
  • 950 fps performance.
  • Comparatively powerful pellet rifle.


Scope: This rifle provides you with a 4x32mm scope. Along with that as it has an open sight even if your scope gets broken mistakenly open sight will save your back.

Barrel and stock: Rifles with synthetic stock are blessing to be honest as it enhances the longevity of the rifle. In addition to it, the barrel of it is a brake barrel of which material type is alloy steel.

Shockwave: This rifle has shockwave within it which helps to decrease the recoil so that whenever the shooter is shooting it does not let the shooting cause any sort of sound.

Trigger: If the trigger is not convertible according to preference it gets frustrating. Thus Crossman CS2SXS shockwave ensures that users can adapt it into two stages.

Accuracy: As it is a nitrogen piston the claim of getting an exact shot while shooting is provided. You don’t have to worry about whether the shot is either straight or not.

Air gun power type: Crosman CS2SXS Shockwave has a gas filled cylinder. Thus when you cock the gun more force is applied to it even though due to having gas filled it is already in pressure.


  • Open sights are plastic.
  • A bit heavy but not a issue though.

Buying Guide for 22 Pellet Rifle

Everybody loves to look out on the internet while buying anything online. Same goes for buying an air gun. No matter if the buyer has rifles already or a completely new user who is thinking of buying one.

22 Pellet Rifle

Looking for the features and choosing the correct product according to the preference helps the user to purchase. Some basic features they should look after while purchasing.

Durability and Safety

Even though most of the air guns are for hunting, ensuring the safety of the rifle is obligatory. One should look for a rifle which has the ability to provide safety. More importantly , an air rifle is not brought every now and then so one should purchase the one which is durable in nature.

CO2 and PCP

There are various guns which are powered by either CO2 or PCP or by both. This feature ensures that the shooter gets a full power while shooting only by activating them once. Ultimate result is enjoyable for the users as it helps them to get powerful and more shots.


One of the innovative substitutes for live ammunition is the air gun. According to your rifle the scale and price of it varies. But you can get it mostly at a good cost.

Telescopic Sights or “Scopes”

Having a scope gives the user a clear picture. The scope also adjusts according to rifle structure. Besides this , the lens of it depends on how clear a view it can provide. It might feel a bit of a hassle but totally worth it.

Budget Friendly

Out there there are various rifles which not only have great features but also are very budget friendly. Obviously in comparison to the real gun, having an air gun within a good deal can be a plus point. But that does not mean that all air guns are of low cost.


Calibers are more interlinked with the user. Because a caliber is dependent on what type of shooting the user will do. Calibers vary according to that. There are multiple calibers like a .22, .25, .177 etc.


It might seem like that if velocity is high then that rifle is good. It is completely a misconception. In air rifle one should look for the one which provides you the lower velocity. Because the lower the velocity the perfect shot you get while shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can a .22 kill a deer?

Answer: By all means, it can. For a beginner shooter, it might be costly to buy a bullet gun. Here comes the pellet air rifle to minimize the cost. If you can target a deer accurately with your .22 airgun and hit in the perfect spot, then surely you can kill a deer.

#2. Can a .22 stop an intruder?

Answer: Yes, it can. You can cause significant damage to the intruders with the .22 caliber air rifles. In many reports, it is shown that it harms more than any other air rifle cartridges. So, to stay safe from an intruder, hit on the perfect spot and stop the intruder.

#3. Can .22 kill coyotes?

Answer: .22 does have the ability to kill a coyote. It varies though it will ensure that you can get a more profound pierced shot. If the shot doesn’t hit perfectly at the exact point, you might lose the coyote. It will start to run soon. So always aim towards the head of the coyote to get the desired accuracy.

#4. Which is better, .22 or .177 air rifle?

Answer: While choosing the best air rifle keeping in mind to buy the right caliber is a must. Some choose .22 calibers, and some choose .177. Well, a .177 provides you higher velocity, deeper piercing.

Whereas.22 has higher accuracy. Furthermore, .177 is most used in pest controls and .22 used in hunting and shooting games.

#5. What is the best full auto air rifle?

Answer: When it comes to the best full auto air rifle, mentioning Crosman DPMS SBR is mandatory. This rifle has some excellent features, ensuring that you don’t miss the fun of not having the original one.

Talking about features, it provides you 430 fps with a 30 round magazine, a CO2 air gun type with top rail, fully automatic or can be shifted to semi-auto as you want. All these features and so many others make it one of the best full auto air rifles.

Final words

A 22 caliber air rifle is a blessing for the shooters who love fun shooting and simple hunting. There are so many variations among the manufacturers. Some rifles might have higher or less power, some have different calibers, some might have scope and some don’t.

If you don’t look at their features properly then you might end up having the wrong one. That will definitely put you in frustration. So it is wise to select your gun according to your usage and feature preference.

Hope this best 22 pellet rifle review will get you along with your experience.

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