Best 22 Pistol for Suppressor – Top 7 Picks Reviewed & Buying Guide 2021

One of the guns that most start their shooting adventure with is the .22 firearms. Even though many people upgrade to a centerfire or heavyweight firearm, most want to return to rimfire because of how fun they are to shoot. However, fun is not the only thing that these excel at. They are highly reliable too.

In fact, these are a go-to option for plinking. But most are pretty loud and are not compatible with suppressors. Well, if silence is your priority, then the best 22 pistol for suppressor would be the wise pick. These would be highly reliable and deadly silent at the same time.

Our Recommended Best 22 Pistol for Suppressor

You might already know that the .22 rounds are pretty old. However, most of the brands are still pushing out new models that utilize these rounds. For that reason, the market is pretty much saturated with pistols. To make things easier, we have extensively tested the top-rated ones. Among them, we selected these:

1. Crosman American Classic Multi Pellet Air Pistol

Crosman American Pellet Air Pistol

The number of options will surely make it hard to choose the top 22 pistol for suppressor. However, thanks to brands like Crossman offering units like this one, that process has become a little easier.

The first thing that makes this 22 caliber pistol stand out the most is the synthetic grip. That grip has the same shape as most of the rifles that you might already be used to. Also, it has a reasonably ergonomic shape, which will enable you to hold it for a prolonged amount of time without facing any fatigue.

Even the barrel has a proper design. It is made of steel, making it achieve the sturdiness and durability needed to fire .22 bullets. Also, this firearm comes boasting a variable pumping mechanism. That will offer good control of the velocity. You can turn it all the way up to 460 FPS.

Another thing that makes this handgun the best 22 pistol for silencer is the bolt action mechanism. It utilizes the single-shot bolt action system that will offer you the ability to easily cock and load the barrel. This one even has cross-bolt safety. That will ensure you can properly handle the gun around.

Additionally, the front sight has a fixed blade design. Also, the rear sight is fully adjustable. Thanks to the adjustable nature of the sight, it would be possible for you to tune it according to your preference.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports a synthetic grip.
  • It packs a variable pump.
  • Utilizes a single shot bolt mechanism.
  • Has cross-bolt safety.
  • The rear sight is adjustable.

2. Benjamin Marauder BP2220 PCP Air Pistol

Benjamin Marauder Air Pistol

Among all of the options, the accurate.22 pistols are the ones that utilize a proper stock and grip. And an offering that would be the perfect example of a unit such as that would be this one.

As we have mentioned, this firearm bundles with a synthetic stock. The stock is reasonably durable, thanks to utilizing high-quality materials for the overall construction. Also, it has an ergonomic shape, which will make it both comfortable and increase the overall accuracy of the gun.

One thing that is a prerequisite for the best silenced pistol is the barrel. Luckily, its 12 inches barrel is shrouded for reducing the overall noise. That barrel does such a proper job that we will not even hesitate to state that this one is the quietest 22 pistol available in the market right now.

Apart from being exceptionally quiet, the unit utilizes a fairly powerful air compressor. The compressor has a 3000 PSI rating, and it holds the ability to deliver up to 700 FPS. And the good thing about the compressor is that it is fully adjustable. You can adjust the FPS accordingly.

This threaded 22 pistol also utilizes the bolt action mechanism. However, it has an 8-shot magazine, which will eliminate the need to reload the firearm with bullets frequently. Also, the trigger has an overall ergonomic design.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes a synthetic stock.
  • Features an ergonomic design.
  • It has a shrouded barrel.
  • Exceptionally quiet.
  • The compressor can offer up to 700 FPS.

3. Umarex Strike Point Multi-Pump Pellet Gun Air Pistol

Umarex Strike Air Pistol

On the hunt for the best suppressed 22 pistol that has the ability to maximize the overall stealth? Well, we might have found the right unit for you. And yes, it is being offered by Umarex.

So, what makes this silenced .22 pistol capable of maximizing stealth? The direct answer would be the 5-chamber sound dampening system. This system has a permanent placement on the air chamber. And it works like magic in terms of reducing the overall noise. Eventually, it increases the overall stealth.

Other than being exceptionally silent, this one features a single-shot pumping mechanism. However, for the multiple pumps that it features, pumping it will not be an issue. You would be able to get the same power of ten pumps by pumping it only three times.

Apart from the pumping mechanism, it offers a good amount of control over the power. Thanks to the energy output controller, it would be possible for you to tune the power accordingly by considering the range. With the maximum power, it holds the ability to shoot pellets at up to 520 FPS, which is reasonably high.

The firearm also sports a set of fiber optic sights. Those will make it easier for you to acquire and track targets. The frame is relatively durable as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts a 5-chamber dampening system.
  • Reasonably easy to pump.
  • Offers good control over the power.
  • Can shoot up to 520 FPS.
  • Utilizes fiber optic sights.

4. Crosman 2240 Bolt Action CO2-Powered .22 Pistol

Crosman CO2-Powered Pistol

One of the brands that are a go-to option for many when it comes to picking the best silenced 22 pistol is Crosman. But what makes Crosman 2240 bolt action co2 powered pistol so much popular? To know the answer, you should go through the review.

Firstly, the thing that makes this suppressed .22 pistol stand out the most is the compressor it utilizes. Unlike the other options, this one opts for the 12-gram CO2 cartridge. This compressor is highly accessible and, most importantly, holds a good amount of power.

Other than the compressor, the bolt action mechanism of the firearm is better than most of the other models. This improvement is because of the redefined design the manufacturer has opted for. As a result, it should be fairly easy for you to cock the rifle with bullets.

Even the grip of the model features an ergonomic design. It should fit in your hand perfectly, and you should have a firm grip over it. Also, the ergonomic nature of the grip will ensure that you can grab it for a long amount of time without facing any discomfort. Plinking for a prolonged amount of time will finally be possible.

It also has the ability to shoot pellets at up to 460 FPS. That means you would be able to make your shots land on fairly distant targets.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses highly accessible CO2 cartridge.
  • Features an improved bolt action.
  • It comes with an ergonomic grip.
  • Comfortable to hold onto.
  • Can shoot at 460 FPS.

5. Benjamin BP2220-AP .22-Caliber Pellet Pistol

Benjamin BP2220-AP Pellet Pistol

If you are on the lookout for the best 22 cal pistol, then you can stop your search right here because this one from Benjamin is probably the one you were looking for all this time.

To begin with, it utilizes the PCP multi-show mechanism. That mechanism is combined with the redefined bolt action mechanism. For that reason, it should be capable of offering a smooth overall operation during the loading process. There will be no need to go through any intricate processes to load the barrel.

It also integrates a rotary magazine. The magazine has the ability to hold up to 8 rounds. For that reason, you might not have to reload it that frequently. It integrates a two-stage trigger. The trigger is adjustable, and you would be able to adjust the pressure required to activate it.

Additionally, this 22 pistol with silencer bundles with a shoulder stock. The stock is of synthetic material that is pretty high in quality. Therefore, it would be able to last for a prolonged amount of time without showing any issues.

Even the sight that it bundles with is high-end. The Multi-Tac Quick aim sight will let you acquire and shoot targets quickly. Also, it can shoot pellets at a staggering 800 FPS.

Highlighted Features

  • Packs PCP multi-show mechanism.
  • Utilizes a rotary magazine.
  • The magazine holds eight rounds.
  • Includes a shoulder stock.
  • Bundles with a Multi-Tac sight.

6. Isaazon 5.5mm 22 Caliber Pistol Air Pellet Gun

Isaazon 22 Caliber Pistol

Though there are a plethora of options out there, there are only a few that can shoot with 7.5 joules of energy. Well, this one from Isaazon is one of those few, making it a worthy pick for the best 22 semi auto pistol.

Let us first talk about the overall design. It features a wooden handle. The handle has a shiny finish, which is surely going to make it stand out. Also, it has an ergonomic shape. So, you can hold it comfortably for longer time periods.

Apart from the handle, the overall form factor of the unit is pretty compact. The barrel length is just 180 mm, and the overall length is just 329 mm. Thanks to the compact form factor, it should be pretty easy to store. Also, it is fairly light in weight too. It weighs just 1.1 to 1.3 kg, which is 2.20 pounds.

The one area that this one shines the most at is the power. For the unique design, it is capable of shooting the pellets at a staggering 7.5 joules. Considering that the overall size of the firearm, that amount of energy is considerably high. It would be possible to land your shots reasonably far for that reason.

Lastly, the unit is highly adjustable. It will offer the ability to change the sight. You can adjust it to the way you like it.

Highlighted Features

  • Can shot at 7.5 joules.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Sports a wooden handle.
  • The sight is adjustable.
  • Reasonably accurate.

7. Hatsan Sortie Tact Semi-Auto PCP Air Pistol

Hatsan Sortie Air Pistol

Among all of the available options, the best 22lr target pistol would be the semi-automatic ones. And this one from Hatsan is one of them.

As we have mentioned above, the shooting mode of the unit is semi-automatic. The magazine holds ten rounds, which means you would be capable of shooting ten rounds without having to reload the gun manually. And it bundles with two individual magazines.

Apart from the magazines, this one features a unique 22 pistol threaded barrel. The barrel is choked, which lowers the overall amount of sound produced. And thanks to it being fully shrouded, it would be capable of offering a higher level of precision. Your shots should land right on target.

Additionally, the unit is reasonably powerful. It can shot pellets at a staggering 700 FPS. That number is reasonably high, considering that most usually hovers around 600. And for offering that high FPS amount, it would be pretty easy for you to land shots on moving targets. The 62CC cylinder is pretty easy to fill as well.

Lastly, the sight on it is proper as well. It is also highly adjustable, which means you would be capable of finely tuning it. The handle has an ergonomic shape. It will allow you toget a firm hold pretty easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Semi-automatic.
  • The magazines hold 10-rounds.
  • Features a silent barrel.
  • It offers a good amount of precision.
  • Can shot at 700 FPS.

22 Pistol for Suppressor Buying Guide

22 Pistol for Suppressor

So, you want to get the greatest 22 pistol for suppressor, right? Well, for that, going through the reviews will not be enough. You would also have to keep some of the important factors in mind. Wondering what factors we are actually referring to here? Well, those are as follows:


The first thing that you should consider is the compressor. Most of the .22 suppressed options skimp on this factor. For this, you need to check the PSI rating. The higher the PSI rating, the more powerful the compressor would be. And with the powerful compressors, it would be possible to get the shots to land pretty far.

Additionally, do check the type of compressor. If you happen to get something that uses a proprietary compressor, it would be pretty hard for you to find replacements. And if the compressor is empty, the gun would not be functional. So, we would highly recommend the ones that are highly accessible.


One of the important things for the suppressed .22 pistols is the barrel. The better the chambers are on the barrel, the more silent the pistol is going to be. For that reason, our recommendation would be to get the ones that integrate multiple chambers in the barrel. Those would be able to dampen the sound effectively.


Another thing that should be in your consideration is the FPS. For this, you basically need to consider whether the FPS is adjustable or not. Also, our recommendation would be to get the ones that can reach a reasonable high FPS. Those would be able to eliminate moving targets easily.


Suppressor Buying Guide

The handle is another important component of these handguns. This is where your hands are going to be. Considering that, the handle needs to be comfortable. Usually, the ergonomic ones are the most comfortable ones to hold onto. The chances of fatigue occurring when holding them remain significantly low too.

The Sight

Aside from the handle, it would be best if you also considered the sight. Make sure the sights are adjustable, or else it would be pretty hard to fine-tune it for the type of range you want to shoot. Also, check how accurate the sight is. An inaccurate sight means the shots are not going to land accurately on the target.


Last but not least, consider the stock. However, not all of the offerings are going to bundle with one. But the ones that do come with one will be capable of increasing the overall stability and the accuracy of the gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes some of the .22 handguns silent?

Answer: They rely on the air compressor and have a unique barrel design that makes them capable of shooting by making a minimal amount of noise.

2. Why are .22 rounds so expensive?

Answer: Generally, .22 rounds are high in demand. And because of the high demand, many hoarded them before and made the store’s shelves empty. For that reason, these usually are a bit costlier than they have to be.

3. Are .22 pistols worth it?

Answer: Yes, they are 100 percent worth it. They are not only reliable and silent, but many of them are also reasonably powerful.

4. Is a .22 round deadly?

Answer: It will depend on the power of the pistol. If the pistol has an average amount of power, it will not be able to do that much damage.

5. Can I change the handle of a .22 pistol?

Answer: Not really. However, if you want to improve the overall grip of the handle, you can always opt for gun grip tapes.

Final Words

If plinking is all that you want to do and you want something that is deadly silent, you should not settle for anything other than the best 22 pistol for suppressor. And among all of the units we looked at, our best pick would be Crosman American Classic. It has a synthetic grip, and it features a unique bolt action too.

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