Best .25 Caliber Air Rifle: Top 5 Recommendation for 2021

It is no wonder that, 25 caliber air rifles are beast in performance and ballerina in design with reliable feature. If you are into hunting and want to have an air rifle with perfect shot placement, then the 25 caliber air rifle is definitely for you.

 A .25 caliber can be under your selection list to make your past-time more enthusiastic and enjoyable on hunting. You can hunt as much as you want if you have the right gun.

Several famous brands are producing top-notch .25 caliber air rifles. Some are also coming up with a scope for better accuracy.

Therefore, choosing the best .25 caliber air rifle is hectic sometimes I”ll be putting together all the details including how you can uncover them in the wilds.

In the 25 caliber air rifle reviews, get a good blood trail from the exit to make your selection journey easy and wise.

  • Caliber: 0.25
  • Item Weight: 9.5 Pounds
  • Frame Material: Plastic
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  • Caliber: 0.25
  • Item Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Frame Material: Plastic
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  • Caliber: 0.25
  • Item Weight: 11 Pounds
  • Frame Material: Plastic
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  • Caliber: 0.25
  • Item Weight: 8.26 Pounds
  • Barrel Material Type: Alloy Steel
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  • Caliber: 0.25
  • Item Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Frame Material: Plastic
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Comparison Chart of .25 Caliber Air Rifles

Product Name

Key Features

Benjamin Marauder BP2564S Hunting Air Rifle.

● Bolt action.

● Comb raiser.

● 8 shot rotary magazine.

HatsanBullboss .25 Caliber Air gun (HGBullBoss-25).

● PCP powered.

● 970 fps.

● 9 shot rotary magazine.

HATSAN Torpedo 105X Vortex Underlever Air Rifle.

● 105x Vortex Scope.

● Synthetic stock.

● Gas piston.

Benjamin Kratos BPK25W .25-Caliber Side Lever Air Rifle.

● Walnut wood stock.

● 60 shots.

● 10 round rotary magazine.

HATSAN Model 125SN Airgun (HC125SN25).

● Shock absorber.

● Break barrel.

● 800 fps lead.

Top 5 Best .25 Caliber Air Rifle Review in 2021

I choose all the top-notch .25 air rifles with outstanding features. All my picks are market best with a very budget-friendly price.

Here you will get to know about top quality brands and their best productions. Moreover, after reading the article, you can choose your desired air rifles with ease.

1. Benjamin Marauder BP2564S Bolt-Action Hunting Air Rifle

Benjamin Marauder .25 Caliber Air Rifle

Benjamin Marauder BP25645 is the top .25 caliber air rifle for hunting. Yes, you have heard it right! If you want to buy a rifle for hunting birds or a larger animal, this can be the perfect one for you.

Do you know this rifle has a comb raiser along with a stock? Not only that, it has 900 fps speed, multi-shot chances, foster fitting and many other exciting features. Most importantly, it ensures users have fun with accuracy. Get the best deals on .25 Caliber Air Rifles from amazon.

Key Features

  • Synthetic stock.
  • Less noise.
  • Twice adjustable trigger.


Comb-raiser: Having a synthetic stock along with a comb raiser is like one of the multi advantages one can have in their air rifle. A comb raiser makes sure that you don’t lose the target when the gun stock becomes very low.

Bolt action: Air rifles are mostly used for hunting. And an air rifle with bolt action ensures that the user gets the chance to have the exact shot they want due to its property of providing exactness along with giving the power to manage to load speedily.

PCP-POWERED: Benjamin Marauder BP2564S air gun powered type is PCP. PCP is storage for compressed air.

Magazine: It provides you in total about 8 rounds magazine. The magazine helps you to store the ammunition, not yet fired pellets. So with an 8 round magazine, you are good to go.

Dovetail Mounting rail: The dovetail mounting rail is called tip-off mounts too. If the user wants to take on or off the sight, then through this, it is possible.

Barrel: It gives you a break barrel which helps you keep the barrel in position while loading the pellet.


  • Bolt action can be a little hard for the user, but that is not a big issue in front of accuracy.

2. Hatsan Bullboss .25 Caliber Airgun (HGBullBoss-25)

Hatsan Bullboss .25 Caliber Airgun

Everybody who is into hunting wants to buy a PCP-powered rifle, but the cost often becomes an issue. But the brand Hatsan has sorted that out by launching their latest one, HGBullBoss-25, which is super budget-friendly. On the other hand, it gives you an accurate shot with its max energy.

HGBullBoss-25 is the best .25 air rifle that has side lever action and gives users multi-shot features too. If you are into hunting, this can be your next purchase.

Key Features

  • Nine hundred seventy fps lead.
  • energy is 42 ft. lbs.
  • Multi-shot.


Barrel: The barrel of this air rifle is fully shrouded. Due to being fully shrouded, it lets the user something to clutch on while the rifle is being cocked.

Silencer: A quiet energy moderator acts as a silencer in this rifle. Thus due to this, the rifle is quieter than others.

Caliber: HatsanBullboss (HGBullBoss-25) has a .25 caliber. It provides the user a chance of long target shooting.

Magazine-9: shot rotary magazine to maintain and keep your ammunition ready for the next shooting. Also, comes with 2 rotary adjustable magazines.

Air gun type: It’s a PCP-powered air rifle that comes with the lowest price. This rifle ensures that you don’t miss a rifle of compressed air with a friendly budget.


  • It’s a little heavier than other rifles in the market.
  • It might leak while pumping after getting old.

3. HATSON Torpedo 105X Vortex Underlever Air Rifle .25 Caliber

HATSON .25 Caliber Air Rifle

Any shooter who wants to have a shooting with the newest outstanding features, then HATSON Torpedo 105X Air Rifle will be on the top of the list. It comes with an extraordinary 105x Vortex scope so that you can shoot your target from yards away—moreover, the bolt action with 22 ft. lbs. Max energy will be a great choice for you.

In addition to it, the HATSON brand has given a durable product with a synthetic stock which can be a great option to look for. Moreover, a trigger that gives a 2-stage adjustable Quattro can be the chance for a greater experience.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and effortless.
  • Shock absorber system.
  • Accessory rail.


Air gun power type: The air gun power type of the rifle is a gas piston. It gives the user the chance to have a target shooting within a single pump.

Break barrel: HATSON Torpedo 105X is the most powerful .25 break barrel air rifle that ensures the pellet is kept on the spot. Thus the rifle does not spin to other positions while you are firing.

Stock: HATSAN Torpedo 105X Air Rifle ensures your ambidextrous stock. Ambidextrous stock makes sure that both sides balance, whether it is right or left-handed to the user. Moreover, the synthetic stock is lighter than any wood stock.

Velocity: This rifle has a 650 fps velocity. The lower the velocity, the higher it increases the chances of accurate shooting.


  • Recoil might knock around much.

4. Benjamin Kratos BPK25W Multi-Shot Side Lever Hunting Air Rifle

Benjamin .25 Caliber Hunting Air Rifle

Benjamin 25 cal pellet gun has come up with the walnut wood stock in it. Yes, indeed, it’s true. Walnut wood stock is preferable to many users. If you are someone like that, you are on the correct article.

Besides having wood stock, this rifle gives you up to 60 shots per fill at 3000 psi. Moreover, the mobile cheek piece and many other notable features make it smooth and perfect for hunting. Hunting is really fun with such standard rifles.

Key Features

  • 900 fps with 46 fpe.
  • Picatinny mounting rail.
  • Power accommodated knob.


Stock: A walnut wood stock is the most wanted one due to its ensuring more extended durability and a managed rifle. And walnut stock gets more priority in front of any other wood stock.

Barrel: Benjamin 25 caliber air rifle is a shrouded barrel rifle and the remarkable properties of repressing the sound by integrating sound systems.

Air gun power type: It’s a PCP-powered air rifle. It adds the perfect compressed air gun for your hunting.

Magazine: Magazine provides you the clarity so that you don’t get out of the zone. This rifle gives you a 10 shot rotary magazine.


  • It doesn’t come with a scope.
  • Screws sometimes show issues.

5. Hatsan Model 125SN Airgun HC125SN25)

Hatsan .25cal Airgun

The Hatsan Model 125SN, 25 caliber pellet gun, gives you an integrated moderator with 31 ft. lbs. energy on it. Moreover, a synthetic stock adds more value to the rifle. If you are thinking of adding a rifle that lets you adjust the features according to your preference while keeping you safe, then this might be the one for you.

With this in mind, the rifle features are also to ensure automatic safety, along with anti-bear traps are exclusive. In the same way, the Tripod rubber recoil shoulder pad provides you comfort while shooting. Thus with this much power, comfort and security, shooting can’t be more perfect.

Key Features

  • 800 FPS lead.
  • 31 ft. lbs. Energy.
  • 11mm and 22mm optics rail.
  • Integrated Moderator.


Stock: Besides wood stock, a synthetic stock gets more priority over others due to its capacity of providing a more durable and lightweight air rifle.

Adjustable: If you like to adjust their rear sight, this rifle ensures it by giving you adjustable rear sight. Along with it, a Truglo fiber optic open sight becomes the game-changer.

Break barrel: Hatsan Model 125SN (HC125SN25) gives a break barrel. It can be a little harder than other barrels, but that is not definitely an issue over time.

Shock absorber: Nowadays, the shock absorber is a must. As it takes care of that, there is no noise issue while you are shooting.


  • Breaking the barrel might be an issue as it is too hard.

Buying Guide for .25 Caliber Air Rifle

Hunting is fun with a .25 caliber air rifle. But here comes the challenge while buying the accurate rifle with exact preferable features.

.25 caliber air rifle

However, when there is a buying guide available, even if you are a new purchaser choosing the right one becomes effortless. Therefore, there are some features that one should check out while purchasing a 25 caliber air rifle online.


Price is a significant factor when you’re on a budget. A .25 caliber air rifle is a bit more costly than a .22 caliber. And the reason is very obvious as .25 caliber is more prominent than .22 caliber. The larger the caliber is, the more lead the caliber needs. Due to this, the price of the .25 caliber is more than any smaller caliber.


The maximum energy of a .25 caliber is much more than another caliber. Being the larger caliber ensures that you get a powerful shot while hunting or in pest control. The power becomes twice in comparison.

Durability and Safety

There are numerous rifles out there for hunting. But some brands are genuinely concerned about the user’s safety which is why they have installed a buttpad and many other features. If you are looking for something which can provide safety, then yes, there are some, just look for it.

Air Gun Power Type

Obviously, as it is an air rifle, it should have an air gun power type, whether PCP, CO2 or gas piston. You should look after the one which is suitable for you. And purchase it according to how powerful you want your rifle to be.


Most of the rifles provide a scope with their rifle. If you want better accuracy, you should purchase the one which has a scope on it. The number of scopes is adaptable too, which is a great feature to look after.


In the market, there are different sizes of caliber. There is a bigger one which is .177, comparatively more destructive. If you are someone who is into medium-sized caliber along with hunting, then go for .25. However, you can have a .22 caliber too, though smaller in size, but it works excellent for hunting small games and many others.


The force or power of a rifle is very important when you are into target shooting. Therefore, checking how much velocity and maximum energy it has is a must. But a little fact here is that some rifles have more significant velocity up to 1500, and this much is not necessary. Lower velocity can do the job for you as they tend to be more exact.

People Also Asked:

#1. What can you hunt with a .25 air rifle?

Answer: .25 caliber air rifle gives you the ability to hunt various animals. You can hunt animals like squirrels, turkey, mongoose, raccoons, coyote, pigeons, dogs, fox, deer, hyrax, bobcat, quail and so many others. With the perfect air rifle with a .25 caliber, you can easily hunt all of this.

#2. What caliber air rifle is best for hunting?

Answer: It will be .25 caliber. Due to its market availability as you can almost everywhere. For hunting, availability is also necessary. Moreover, it is faster than others. In nature, it is quieter. Thus if you want to hunt small mammals, .25 caliber will be the best one.

#3. Is a .25 caliber lethal?

Answer: Obviously, a .25 caliber is lethal. It has the ability to kill so many small mammals. Moreover, its centerfire-case design makes it more harmful than other calibers. Many people even love to use this caliber as a personal defense handgun.

#4. Is a .25 caliber a good gun?

Answer: Definitely, the .25 caliber is a good gun and a very dangerous one too. Because the way it is designed makes it so powerful, we can see that through this .25 larger caliber, one can shoot various animals, either smaller or larger in shape.

#5. Is a 25 caliber bigger than a 22 caliber?

Answer: It is bigger. If we consider them in metric, then the .25 will be 6.35mm, whereas the .22 caliber will be 5.56 mm. Therefore there is a slight difference between these two, making the .25 caliber bigger than a .22 caliber.

Final Word

I discussed the best .25 caliber air rifle with extraordinary and basic features. An air rifle with a .25 caliber can be one of the most powerful rifles for hunting. In addition to that, we know that an air rifle consumes many other features with a .25 caliber.

It definitely depends on the user what they prefer more. A detailed discussion about it increases the chances for you so that you get to choose the perfect one for you. To sum up, adding a .25 caliber with the latest features can be one of the best decisions for your hunting fun.

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