7 Best Air Rifle for Groundhogs in 2021 (Complete Guide)

Groundhogs are a pain in the butt who dealt with them and know it already. They are not only annoying but also can cause real damage to the garden, even at home. Even after trying many ways, they aren’t leaving your place, and you’re fed up.

The time has come, and you have taken the wise decision of finally getting yourself an air rifle and getting rid of them by yourself. They won’t even hear the sound of these guns, and with that accuracy, you can easily hit your targets.

You may face the problem in choosing the best air rifle for groundhogs with different features that might help in your situation. That’s why, for your ease, I have narrowed it down to a list of air rifles that are perfect for hunting groundhogs.

Comparison Chart of Air Rifle for Groundhogs

Name of the Air Rifle


Raptor Whisper Air Rifle.

● Compatible with 0.177 caliber pellets firing up to 1300 FPS with PBS platinum pellets.

● Has IGT (Inert Gas Technology), Whisper noise reduction technology with synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock.

● Comes with a 4x32 shockproof scope and has a smooth action trigger.

Crossman 1077 Air Rifle.

● Long-Lasting Water Resistant Synthetic Design with All Weather Synthetic Stock.

● Features A 0.177 Caliber Pellets shooting Up To Max 780FPS with a rifled steel barrel.

● Crossbolt Safety With Adjustable Rear Sight, Fiber Optic Centerpoint Sight And Blade Front Sight.

DPMS SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle.

● Fueled By 2x12-Gram CO2 Cartridges And Fires 4.5 steel BBs Up To Max 430 FPS Velocity.

● Adjustable in 6 positions and has an AR Compatible Pistol With Thumb-Selector Safety.

● Up To 1400 Rounds Every Minute With 25-Round Drop Out Magazine.

Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle.

● Vintage Build; Great Quality Material Construction and stock and forearm molded with Checkering and Woodgrain.

● Fires 0.177 caliber pellet or BB ammunition up to max 800FPS Velocity with steel rifled barrel.

● Multi-pump pneumatic action rifle with convertible rear sights and Crossbolt Trigger Block.

Bear River TPR 1300 Air Rifle.

● Fires 0.177 caliber pellets up to max velocity 1350 FPS with Attached Suppressor with Spring Piston Technology.

● Includes 4x32 Scope with covers and a 6” Picatinny rail.

● Has adjustable sights ,Smooth Trigger Pull, and High Powered Break Barrel action.

Winchester 1977XS Air Rifle.

● Robust Construction; Composite Forearm and Stock with rifled steel barrel.

● Dual ammunition; features 0.177 caliber BB or pellet with max velocity of 1000 fps with alloy pellets.

● Includes a 4x32 scope and open sights.

Umarex Fusion Air Rifle.

● CO2 powered rifle with Pellet Ammunition.

● Has the SilenceAir Technology.

● Shoots Over 70 times when fueled by 2x12 gram CO2.

Top 7 Best Air Rifle for Groundhogs Reviews in 2021

Choosing air rifles for a specific purpose is a bit tricky and time-consuming. And when it comes to shooting the groundhogs, you won’t compromise on selecting the perfect one.

Therefore, I had gone through tons of air rifles and chosen below rifles that would definitely serve your purpose

1. Raptor Whisper Air Rifle for Groundhogs

Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

A powerful weapon with advanced technologies for maximum efficiency, Raptor Whisper Air Rifle is the firearm. This excellent Rifle comes with the current specifications enabling you to use this in any case, like hunting even. It can fulfill your tactical needs.

This well-constructed machine shoots 0.177 caliber pellets with 1300 FPS as max Velocity with the PBS platinum pellets. With the synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock, it features IGT and Whisper noise reduction technology. It includes 4×32 shockproof Scope for accuracy. It has a one-year warranty even.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with 0.177 caliber pellets shooting up to 1300 FPS with PBS platinum pellets
  • Has IGT (Inert Gas Technology) and synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock
  • Features the Whisper noise reduction technology with a smooth action trigger
  • Include 4×32 shockproof scope, one year warranty


Caliber and Barrel: Raptor Whisper Air Rifle is compatible with 4.5mm pellets. Its highest Velocity is 1300 FPS with PBS platinum pellets. The barrel’s material is steel. The speed is uncanny compared to the other similar firearms.

Build: The air rifle has a modern build. It is designed to be lightweight. The shock wave absorber is a recoil pad for durability. The frame material is plastic. We can say that it is meant for rough usage.

IGT: IGT stands for Inert Gas Technology. It is mainly a gas piston replacing the spring. It helps the Rifle to deliver more Velocity, use more power, fewer vibrations, and consistency.

Whisper Noise Reduction Technology: At present, modern rifles have the Whisper Noise Reduction Technology. It reduces the external noises letting you concentrate easily. It is an auditory system proven to be very helpful for users.

Trigger: This excellent firearm has the SAT, known as a smooth action trigger. It allows you to maximize the accuracy of the pinpoint with a crisp, clean feeling.

Scope and Warranty: To ensure maximum accuracy, it includes a 4×32 scope that is immune to shocks. It offers a one-year warranty in case of dysfunctions.


  • Raptor Whisper Air Rifle features 0.177 caliber pellets firing up to 1300 FPS with PBA Platinum Pellets and comes with a steel barrel.
  • This fantastic accessory has modern technologies like IGT and Whisper Noise Reduction Technology which helps you use the gun efficiently.
  • The rugged firearm has a smooth action trigger for maximum accuracy.
  • The air rifle includes 4×32 shockproof Scope for your convenience and offers a one-year warranty.


  • It offers only a one-year warranty.

2. Crosman 1077 RepeatAir Semi-Automatic Pellet Air Rifle

Crossman 1077 Air Rifle

Crossman 1077 Air Rifle is perfect for those who’ve been searching for a weapon to practice target shooting, backyard plinking, and pest control. It has an eye captivating and sustainable synthetic design which is water-resistant. This easy-to-use weapon is a viable option for anyone.

The well-constructed weapon shoots 0.177caliber pellets with the780 Maximum Velocity. It is a semi-automatic CO2-powered pellet rifle with adjustable sights making it more accessible. For safety, it even included crossbolt safety with all-weather synthetic stock, perfect for transporting.

Key Features:

  • Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Synthetic Design
  • Featuring A 0.177 Caliber Pellets Up To Max 780FPS
  • Crossbolt Safety With Adjustable Rear Sight, Fiber Optic Centerpoint Sight And Blade Front Sight
  • Semi-Automatic Rifle Powered By CO2
  • All-Weather Synthetic Stock With Rifled Steel Barrel


Material: Crossman 1077 Air Rifle is a weapon with excellent build. It can sustain in unfavorable conditions effortlessly. This air rifle has a durable synthetic design. The exterior is even made resistant to water, and the frame material is plastic.

Caliber and Barrel: The efficient weapon can fire 0.177 caliber pellets with the maximum Velocity of 780 FPS. The barrel is made of steel which is considered a tremendous durable substance.

Sights: The air rifle has the most accessible sights for your convenience. The rear sights are convertible. With the fiber optic Centerpoint sight, the front sight is the blade.

Ammunition: This powerful weapon is compatible with 4.5mm pellets. This Rifle is CO2-powered, making it a sturdy machine.

Action: The compatible rifle is made to be as efficient as possible. For this, it comes with a semi-automatic system. It will help you to control your shooting and shoots very fast as you pull the trigger simultaneously.

Resistant: The design in the external part is made to be water-resistant. The stocks are also made all-weather synthetic with an exceptional design.


  • Crossman 1077 Air Rifle has a long-lasting water-resistant synthetic design with all-weather synthetic stock.
  • This excellent Rifle is semi-automatic and CO2 powered for increasing power and consistency.
  • The well-built weapon has convertible rear sights, blade front sights, and fiber optic Centerfront sight.
  • The compatible firearm shoots 4.5 mm pellets with 780 FPS as maximum velocity.


  • Crossman 1077 air rifle is a fine weapon, but due to the resistance of the parts, it may get delivered to you as very dry.

3. DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

DPMS CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

An excellent air rifle that can be adjusted as you need and can survive rough usage, DPMS SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle is the robust Rifle. This rugged beast has a long-lasting synthetic design with a steel barrel and plastic frame. You can adjust it and a great grip.

This well-constructed gun is fueled by 2×12 gram CO2 cartridges shooting up to max 430 FPS. This affordable accessory has 0.177 caliber ammunition firing steel BBs with thumb selector safety. From tactical needs to storing safely, it fits all the criteria that one can have.

Key Features:

  • Durable Synthetic Design; Plastic Frame And Steel Barrel
  • Fueled By 2×12-Gram CO2 Cartridges And Fires Up To Max 430 FPS Velocity
  • Adjustable, AR Compatible Pistol Grip And 6-Position Butt Stock
  • Up To 1400 Rounds Every Minute With Thumb-Selector Safety
  • Has 0.177 Caliber Steel Bbs Ammunition With 25-Round Drop Out Magazine


Material: DPMS SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle is a well-built rifle. It has the durable synthetic design. The frame’s material is made of plastic. This material makes it last longer while having a modern design.

Caliber and Barrel: The elegant Rifle shoots 0.177 caliber steel BBs. The shot pellet’s highest Velocity can be 430 FPS. The barrel of the gun has steel as its material. Steel is considered an excellent material for barrels.

Ammunition: The potent weapon is CO2 powered, as said in its name. 2×12 gram CO2 cartridges fuel it. It gives you additional power and makes the gun a powerful one.

Action: The air rifle is made to be efficient. It is quick and can quickly shoot 1400 rounds per minute. You can control your shooting with it and practice also.

Positions: The gun is built to help you access it in every way possible. For this, the compatible Rifle comes with an exceptional feature. It can be adjusted in 6 positions, making it relaxing for your hands and shoulder.

Sights: While building this unique weapon, the priority was your convenience. That’s why the sights are removable and adjustable as per your need.

Safety: Accidents are widespread regarding using firearms. To minimize this mishappen, it has the Thumb-Selector Safety for safe handling. For ensuring a better grip, it is made AR compatible pistol grip.


  • DPMS SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle has a stiff build with a synthetic design. The plastic frame and steel caliber make it last longer.
  • The air rifle shoots 0.177 caliber steel BBs with 430FPS as maximum velocity. It is a fast machine firing up to 1400 rounds per minute.
  • This compatible weapon is powered by 2×12 gram CO2 cartridges enabling the rifle to be more powerful and efficient.
  • For ensuring safety and accessibility, Thumb-Selector Safety and AR compatible pistol grip are present. It also can be converted into six different positions.


  • DPMS SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle is fun to shoot with, but the loader is comparatively slower than the other guns.

4. Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle

Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle

An affordable, rugged firearm with an old vintage design and suitable for hunting, Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle is the one you’ve been searching for. This elegant firearm has the highest quality material build with stock being molded with Checkering and Woodgrain. It is excellent for collecting and hunting.

The powerful weapon fires 0.177 caliber pellets or BB up to 800 FPS at max Velocity. It is a multi-pump pneumatic action rifle for those who are weapon enthusiasts. For safety, this handy gun features Crossbolt Trigger Block for saving you from accidents.

Key Features:

  • Rugged Construction; Highest Quality Material Construction and stock molded with Checkering and Woodgrain on the forearm
  • Features 0.177 caliber pellet or BB ammunition firing up to 800FPS as Maximum Velocity with steel rifled barrel
  • Can capacitate up to 50 shot BBs or a single shot pellet
  • Multi-pump pneumatic action rifle
  • Adjustable rear sights and fiber optic from sights with Crossbolt Trigger Block.


Construction: Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle is a well-built machine. It is made with great quality material. The stock and forearm are molded with checking and wood grain on a Monte Carlo style, making it a collectible and a well-functioning gun.

Caliber and Barrel: This well-built gun offers a 0.177 caliber pellet or BB ammunition. It can shoot up to a maximum of 800 feet per second which is good. The barrel has steel as its material making it durable.

Capacity: This elegant firearm is a single-shot pellet gun and can hold up to 50 shot BBs.

Power: The action rifle is a powerful gun. You can adjust its influence with the pumps as it is a multi-pump pneumatic rifle.

Sights: The rear sights on this fantastic Rifle are adjustable. You can remove and adjust them as per your need. The front sight is fiber optic, great for hunting.

Safety: Accidents are familiar with using a firearm. To minimize the possibility of it, the compatible weapon comes with a Crossbolt Trigger Block.


  • Daisy Powerline 880 is a rough air rifle made from excellent material. On a Monte Carlo style, the stock and forearm there is molded with checking and woodgrain.
  • The compatible weapon has crossboit trigger block for avoiding accidents.
  • This multi-pump pneumatic action rifle fires 0.177 caliber pellets or BBs with 800 FPS as maximum velocity.
  • This well-built rifle has adjustable sights and is a single shot pellet gun holding up to 50 BBs at most.


  • Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle is a vintage good functioning rifle, but the loading pellets into it can seem a bit time-consuming.

5. Bear River TPR 1300 Suppressed Hunting Air Rifle

Bear River Hunting Air Rifle

A powerful rifle with an integrated suppressor perfect for hunting and target shooting, the Bear River TPR 1300 Air Rifle is your choice. This durable weapon has a user-friendly design with maximum accuracy. This excellent air rifle is made for optimum performance.

The strong Rifle shoots 0.177 caliber pellets with FPS up to 1350. An 18″ rifled steel barrel features a smooth trigger pull with high-powered break barrel action. The best part about this amazing rifle is that it comes with 4×32 scope with covers and a 6″ Picatinny rail for your accessories.

Key Features:

  • Durable; Metal Frame Material and an 18” rifled steel barrel
  • Can shoot 0.177 caliber pellets shooting up to 1350 FPS with Attached Suppressor
  • Includes 4×32 Scope with covers and a 6” picatinny rail
  • Has a Smooth Trigger Pull with Spring Piston Technology
  • Features High Powered Break Barrel action with adjustable sights


Build: The Bear River TPR 1300 Air Rifle has a robust build. It has a metal frame material. The design is modern and user-friendly for your convenience.

Caliber and Barrel: This beautiful rifle can fire0.177 caliber pellets up to 1350 FPS. It also has an 18” rifled steel barrel. For this, it can hit the targets effortlessly and offer maximum accuracy.

Trigger: The air rifle features a smooth trigger pull technology to avoid accidents and for your ease.

Spring Piston Technology: This powerful weapon air rifle has spring piston technology. It results in a more negligible effect on the barrel, and so it has less recoil than average. As a result, it increases power and makes it consistent.

Barrel Action: This handy weapon contains the high-powered break barrel action. It makes the firearm compact and offers more leverage than regular rifles.

Silencer: The well-built Rifle has an integrated silencer. It enables you to be quiet during the hunting and backyard plinking even.

Adjustable Sights: The robust firearm offers the convertible fiber optic sight. These help you to get the fit you want.

Scopes and Ring: The compatible firearm consists of a wide range of functions. To make it function correctly and for your ease, it includes 4×32 Scope with covers and a 6″ Picatinny rail.


  • Bear River TPR 1300 Air Rifle features 0.177 caliber pellets firing up to 1350FPS and an 18″ rifled steel barrel with a rugged build.
  • The powerful weapon has a smooth trigger with spring piston technology for enhancing the power and consistency.
  • The accessible firearm consists of the high-powered break barrel action with the integrated silencer.
  • This compatible Rifle comes with 4×32 Scope with covers and a 6” Picatinny rail for maximum efficiency.


  • Bear River TPR 1300 Air Rifle has a wide range of features, but the optics might be a little hard to adjust.

6. Winchester 1977XS Dual Ammo 1000 FPS Air Rifle

Winchester Dual Ammo Air Rifle

A robust build with dual ammo letting you access and take it anywhere, Winchester 1977XS Air Rifle is the beast you have been searching for. This 0.177 caliber BB or pellet gun can shoot accurately. It even features a good set of functions according to your needs.

This excellent multi-pump air rifle is a single-shot gun with 50 pellets or BBs. The Rifle has a rugged build that can sustain rough usage easily, making it great for hunting. It includes 4×32 Scope and open sights for optimum accuracy, which fits nicely and can be adjusted as per your need.

Key Features:

  • Rugged Construction; rifled steel barrel, and Composite Forearm and Stock
  • Dual ammunition; features 0.177 caliber BB or pellet
  • Multi-pump single shot pellet air rifle
  • 1, 000 FPS with alloy pellets
  • Can capacitate up to 50 BB and pellet
  • Includes 4×32 scope and open sights


Construction: Winchester 1977XS Air Rifle has a rugged build designed to be used efficiently. The air rifle consists of a rifled steel barrel and composite forearm and stock. The Winchester did not compromise with its design at all.

Power: The compatible weapon is not just strong but also decisive. It is a single-shot pellet gun and a multi-pump air rifle. You can set the power-up as per your requirement.

Ammunition and Caliber: This fantastic weapon is dual ammo. It features a 0.177 caliber (4.5) that can shoot BBs or pellets smoothly. It is excellent for hunting and backyard plinking, without a doubt.

Capacity: This handy Rifle has the capacity of 50 BBs and pellet. It relieves you to an extent and lets you shoot quickly.

FPS: The powerful air rifle can kill animals like groundhogs quickly. It has 1000 fps with allowed pellets. It is quite a lot compared to other guns.

Scopes and Sights: The Rifle can offer shots with optimum accuracy. But for your ease and ensuring maximum accuracy, it comes with 4×32 scope and open sights.


  • Winchester 1977XS Air Rifle is a dual ammo weapon shooting 0.177 caliber pellets and 4.5mm BBs.
  • This strong Rifle has a strong exterior with a rifled steel barrel, composite forearms, and stock.
  • The multi-pump air rifle is a powerful weapon. It is a single-shot rifle with a capacity of 50 BBs.
  • For optimum accuracy and your convenience, this compatible weapon includes open sights and 4×32 scope.


  • Winchester 1977XS Air Rifle is an accurate rifle, but the loading area is slightly smaller than the other similar rifles.

7. Umarex Fusion .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Umarex Fusion Gun Air Rifle

A fantastic accessible rifle that can be used easily and perfect for hunting, Umarex Fusion Air Rifle is a complete compact gun. This air rifle can change your perspective about hunting because of its unmatched silenceair technology. It can easily make a place in your go-to items.

This unique Rifle can shot over 70 times on 2×12 gram CO2 and can be handled safely. This 0.177 caliber gun is accurate and silent, resulting in an excellent backyard plinking and hunting weapon. You will be delighted after using it because of its precision, weight, and affordable price.

Key Features:

  • Pellet Ammunition Type with CO2 Air Gun Power
  • Features a 0.177 caliber
  • Has SilenceAir Technology
  • Can Shoot Over 70 times on 2×12 gram CO2
  • Has 4×32 Scope Included


Caliber: Umarex Fusion air rifle is a user-friendly rifle. It features a 0.177 caliber that can shoot BBs smoothly. You will have no problems reloading this weapon and using it for different purposes.

SilenceAir Technology: SilenceAir Technology is rare and comparatively newer in air rifles. This SilenceAir muzzle device enables your air rifle to be as quiet as possible. It will be highly silent and lead you to hunt or do the backyard plinking with your neighbors even noticing it.

Shots: This amazing Rifle can effortlessly shot over 70 times with 2×10 gram CO2. You can guess by now that it is a CO2-powered air rifle. You can pack along 88-gram CO2 tanks and a few pellet tins for a shooting day.

Scope: This budget friendly weapon can shoot accurately with even trying hard. But, for ultimate accuracy, it includes a 4×32 scope. It will fit perfectly and help you shoot where you want.

Power: This handy rifle is a CO2 powered air gun. You can easily access this gun for this.

Bolt Action: The bolt action works fine and for this, this compatible gun is flexible, and very easy to use. It will allow you to free float the gun barrel if required.


  • Umarex Fusion Air Rifle is a compatible gun shooting over 70 shots with 2×12 gram CO2.
  • This handy gun has a SilenceAir muzzle device causing you to be exceptionally quiet while using it.
  • The air rifle can shoot accurately, but for your ease and maximum accuracy, it has a 4×32 scope included.
  • The budget-friendly weapon is a pellet ammunition type featuring a 0.177 caliber.


  • Umarex Fusion Air Rifle is overall a well-performing gun, but it might leak the lube.

Things To Consider When Buying an Air Rifle for Groundhogs in 2021

Air rifles are potent weapons used by thousands of people for various purposes. Specifying your need might help you to get the Rifle you always wanted. But, there are some specific criteria while buying any air rifles.

Air Rifle for Groundhogs

The air rifles that can be used for eliminating the groundhogs have to meet some requirements. For this, we have listed the minimum requirements that the air rifle has to meet for your convenience.


Here, ammunition stands for the minimum requirements for a pellet or BB. Weight plays a significant role. Because of the weight, its speed will vary. The rate should be able to penetrate the target at least. Usually, the pellets or BBs with larger diameters can’t penetrate the mark, making the gun not fulfill your purpose.

There are also other factors like the wind, which can affect the shot. For groundhogs, a 20 or 22 caliber BB with min 1000 FPS can be enough. Overall, the ammo has to meet the bare minimum, at least.


Air guns and regulars are different. Both rifles have varied specifications and qualities. It can be possible to spend very little on a regular weapon and very high also at the same time. The best way to choose the gun down is to think about the air rifles’ needed purpose.

Precision and Power

The groundhogs are not a stable target. They will run around. For that, maximum accuracy is needed for hitting the target. The steady Velocity of the air rifle will play a significant factor. It would be best if you also considered the power of the gun. But the power is not much required compared to precision.

Durability and Safety

While buying anything, you want a good product that can stay and serve you through the thick and thin. Durable firearms are always better as they will mainly stay at your home.

You don’t want any accidents to take place. Durable guns usually don’t cause such accidents. A newer gun comes with a safety mechanic or option for the user’s convenience and safety. You should try to remember that.

Scopes and Sights

Many air rifles are coming with included scope. It fits easily into the gun and helps you secure optimum accuracy. The sights also help you ensure maximum precision. These make your shooting a bit easier.

Charging System

The charging system is solely needed according to your usage. For killing groundhogs, you won’t need the larger tanks, so stay aware of that.

Spring Piston

The spring piston mainly makes a massive difference in lock time and recoils. The gas pistons are newer and can perform the function smoothly. It ensures a faster lock time and less recoil making the gun last longer.


As it states, it means to suppress the noise as much as possible. Groundhogs might hear your Rifle’s shots and hide. It will make your work more challenging. For this, the silencer or suppressor is much needed.

Will a 22 Air Rifle Kill a Groundhog?

For killing any groundhog, the main factor of an air rifle is its bullet, cartridge, the place it has been shot at, etc. Groundhog has to be shot perfectly or in the perfect place for it to give up its life. The .22 air rifle has enough power to kill a groundhog.

The .22 Rifle will prove to be more than enough if the shot placement is proper and precise. It depends on the aim and accuracy of the gun. With great precision and purpose, any animal, along with groundhog, will give its life up.

How to Sneak Up on a Groundhog?

The groundhogs are just animals like any other. But they might cause harm to you and your belongings. For this, you must sneak upon them. Here is an explained step-by-step procedure for your help.

Step.1: If you want to find the groundhog, you have to think about what groundhogs like and eat. They usually stay in dark and confined places. For this, the best site is to look for them in the holes and manufactured structures. They come out of their home when they need food or water. You have to identify the time and place.

Step.2: To identify the place and time, you can use accessories and trails. You can even set up a camera for your convenience. You can even spread out flour. You can follow their footprints and know the timing and place accordingly. But keep in mind; they do not come out in unfavorable situations. It will help you know which hole and which way they use the most.

Step.3: Once you identify the places, you can quickly get into the position. It can help you to sneak up on the groundhogs easily and make you hunt them.

Step.4: You can set up traps and cages for them to get stuck at. You can do it using greed, like using foods they like to eat and frequently go places with a cage opened up. Whatever you’re comfortable at.

What is the fpe for Groundhogs?

FPE can be changed by changing the weight of the bullet or BB or the projectile. It plays a crucial role in eliminating a groundhog. The well-placed 30 FP shot can get them done quickly.

People ask if the 50 FPE is enough, but honestly, 30 foot-pounds are more than enough. But it is for groundhogs; that’s why the FPE is less. The FPE will be greater if the target is more significant and lessens it to smaller.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Will a .22 pellet kill a groundhog?

Answer: A .22 pellet air rifle usually has a great configuration. You can use it at ease when you need it. Any gun working and aiming accurately can kill a groundhog. For a .22 pellet to kill a groundhog, it will need its firearm to be more accurate and precise with good power.

A well-built .22 caliber rifle can shoot this pellet and effortlessly eliminate the groundhog if the shot is placed in the perfect place.

#2. How many foot-pounds does it take to kill a groundhog?

Answer: Foot pounds of energy, also known as FPE. It affects the targets and changes according to the shift in the projectile’s weight. Placement is the deal-breaker here.

Nonetheless, 30 FPE is more than enough to eradicate a groundhog. People ask if 40 FPE is enough, but in reality, it is more significant than needed.

#3. What gun do you use for a groundhog?

Answer: For hunting a groundhog, you would need a gun with excellent specifications. It will require you to know your purpose and needs. It may also cause you to get rid of other animals or pests too.

You need to choose the best gun for hunting the groundhogs. The list of the firearms that will match your needs and even budget are:

  • Raptor Whisper Air Rifle.
  • Winchester 1977XS Air Rifle.
  • Airforce Condor SS PCP Air Rifle.

#4. Will Diphacinone kill groundhogs?

Answer: Diphacinone is used as an active ingredient for attracting pests and animals. It can be known as the ideal product for rodent species. They usually want to eat this poison.

You can place it around your yard carefully and wait peacefully. It takes days for the groundhogs to die using this method. Rat poison also can do the job perfectly.

#5. How do you lure a groundhog out of its hole?

Answer: For luring a groundhog, you have to know what he likes and where he stays. He usually wants to stay in confined and dark places. For this, you have to get it out of its hole.

You can place ammonia or garlic, or talcum powder around its pit. They hate their smells and won’t enter that path. For bait, you can use cantaloupe as they like this fruit very much.


Groundhogs can be very annoying. They can even damage your belongings and place. For this, you have to stay aware of them. There are many ways to eradicate them. But if none of them works, you can use a gun to eliminate them. we are try to give you an idea about best air rifle for groundhogs in this article.

The air rifle has to meet your requirements and budget at the same time. The list contains all types of air rifles with different precision, power, propulsion methods, and whatnot. All the air rifles in this list are the market top. You can choose one according to your budget and needs.

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