Best BB Gun Rifles for Great Shooting Experience in 2021

Remember those childhood times, when you’re running behind your friend dressed as a cowboy holding a gun in your hand? Shooting at your friend what the best part of that time, don’t lie. Well those BB guns were a huge part of our memories as they gave us the sense of law enforcer. Also gave the sense of the other side, the lawbreaker.

In my childhood, I mostly played the lawbreaker part, while being a rebel was the coolest thing. My friends weren’t as happy as I had the gun with the longest barrels. Ah, those times?

Wait, are you nostalgic? Well, I don’t blame you, even I was. And this is why I start to wonder, what the best ones currently available in the market are. And I made of list of 10 which I believe are the best.

So today I present my top ten list of best bb gun rifles which will bring you back to the era of your cowboy life, when life was simpler, just riding horses, drinking beers, and winning duos were the only life.

Comparison Chart of BB Gun Rifle

BB Gun Rifle


Barrel & Caliber




DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

Durable plastic frame Very well detailed

Stainless Steel Barrel .177 Caliber

Two modes full automatic and semi-automatic

Removable popup front sight Adjustable rear sight

4.5 BB

Crosman M4-177 Tactical Style Rifle

Meets the demand AR platform Durable plastic frame

Alloy steel barrel .177 Caliber

Full-Automatic Pump-Action powering system

Two aperture-sized rear sights Fixed front sight

4.5 BB.177 Pallets

Bushmaster BMPWX Full Auto MPW CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

Looks like a real AR Rifle Plastic Build Well Detailed

Smooth bore type barrel Made from steel .177 Caliber 

Full-Automatic Rapid fast

Comes ith a red dot sight Features Picatinny rail for attachments

4.5 BB

Barra Airguns Sportsman 900 Air Rifle

Looks like a sniper ABS plastic Build Attractive design

20 inch barrel length Made from stainless steel Aluminum barrel shroud inside .177 Caliber

Bolt action mechanism multi-pump pneumatic powerplant

4×15 scope, adjustable

4.5 BB .177 Pallet

Umarex Steel-Strike Automatic

Short barreled designed Plastic build Durable

Short Barrel .177 caliber

Spring loaded action 6 shooting modes

Flip up front and rear sights Rail for additional attachments

4.5 BB Magazine Capacity: Up to 900 BBs

Our Recommended Top 10 BB Gun Rifles Reviews in 2021

In order to give you the maximum convenience and the best possible experience, all our selected BB gun rifles are chosen with precise evaluation. Here you will find the sense of versatility, depending on the purpose you need.

Do bear in mind that, the action as well as the features need to align with your needs for the best possible outcome. Also, check out the scope along with the rifle capabilities, whether or not those meet your demand.

1. DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

DPMS Full Auto BB Air Rifle

An officially licensed rifle that brings excitement from seniors to juniors, the DPMS™ SBR is a full auto beast. From tactical to sport needs, this rifle is meant for high performance. Besides, the number of features it provides, makes it top-choice in a number of perfect BB gun rifle reviews.

From safe handling to adjustable as well as removable sights, this rifle is made to give you the best of the experiences. Additionally, it even got realistic weights as well as actions to give you the sense that you are indeed holding a real gun. Hence, this is great for shooting training too.

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong and durable; made from plastic.
  • Features a .177 caliber.
  • 2 modes; fully automatic and semi-auto automatic.
  • Comes with adjustable and removable front and rear sights.
  • Fires 1400 rounds in a minute.


Design: You will have no complaints when you will see the design of this beautiful rifle. Crosman has not compromised at all when they tried to design this masterpiece. Frame made from plastic, this full-sized rifle lightweight and portable too.

Barrel & Caliber: Steel, yes! Steel has been used to construct the barrel of this rifle. Moreover, this barrel features a .177 caliber that can shoot 4.5 mm BBs ever so easily.

Action: This rifle is automatic and therefore a spring-loaded design is used to do that. This system is so fast that this rifle can shoot 1400 rounds, in just 1 minute. Additionally, you are not just left with a fully automatic system, but also with a semi-automatic system, which can help you to control your shooting.

Scope: About scope, this comes with a popup sight in the front. You can easily adjust the sight according to your preference. Besides, the rear sight is adjustable.

Ammunition: For ammo, you can go with the most traditional ones, the 4.5 BBS. This is rather powered with a 12-gram CO2 cartridge that can give you additional power which makes this a very powerful BB rifle.


  • Considerably heavier.

2. Crosman M4-177 Tactical Style Rifle

Crosman M4-177 BB Air Rifle

Synthetic design or better call it plastic made and durability doesn’t go together. However, it was an issue until now, as plastic can be as durable as metal too and the Crosman M4-177 ensures that. Along with strength, water resistance is also provided, and therefore this is the second-best bb air rifle on this list.

The interesting part of this rifle is you have to pump to power this rifle, yes the pump action. The number of pumps will provide you the level of fps, the more the high. Additionally, adjustable front and rear sights along with stocks make it more convenient.

Highlighted Features:

  • Barrel is made from steel; features .177 caliber
  • Comes with two aperture rear sight.
  • Pump action to increase velocity.
  • Can shoot pallets too; comes with a Firepow’s 5-shot pellet clip.
  • Plastic build; highly adjustable.


Design: To meet the demands of the AR platform, this rifle serves the need look-wise. Made of plastic, this rifle is strong, like really strong. Besides that, its adjustable features make it quite easy for the users to use and shoot.

Barrel & Caliber: Made from alloy steel, the barrel is very strong. This barrel features a .177 caliber which will let you use any 4.5 BBs o .177 caliber pallets.

Action: Just to meet the looks of an actual AR, this comes with an automatic action system, or you can say spring-loaded action. This makes it very easy to use, as it cocks it by itself. However, you do need to pump the rifle in order to increase the velocity.

Scope: Like most other rifles, it features rear and front sights. However, the rear sight has a twist to it. There are two aperture-sized sights in the back which you can flip according to your needs.

Ammunition: For ammo, you are not just limited to BBs. You can even shoot with pellet rifles. Besides, it comes with a Firepow’s 5-shot pellet clip which makes it quite convenient. If not pallet, you have your reliable 4.5 BBs to get the job done.


  • Accuracy could be better.
  • Stock mount is rather weak.

3. Bushmaster BMPWX Full Auto MPW CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

Bushmaster BMPWX Full Auto BB Air Rifle

What? Your BB guns are making louder sounds and you’re getting caught. What? You need something that makes fewer sounds so that you can remain undetected. How about anything with a suppressor?

While louder sound cannot be a real thing for a BB gun, but a suppressor is surely real. The Bushmaster BMPWX Full Auto MPW is a great rifle with a mock suppressor. Additionally, this multi-purpose weapon holds a ton of features to meet the demand, which makes it one of the top BB guns.

Highlighted Features:

  • Looks like a real AR rifle.
  • Smooth Bore Barrel; made from steel.
  • Comes with a .177 caliber, which shoots 4.5 mm BBs.
  • Features a Picatinny rail.
  • Magazine capacity is 25 BBs.


Design: plastic; or rather use a fancier term, nylon fiber, this rifle is constructed with exactly that. For the stocks, plastic is again used to keep the cost and weight low. When it comes to looks, this rifle sure does look like a real AR rifle with all the details that makes it more compelling. 

Barrel & Caliber: Its smooth bore type barrel is made from steel. This makes the barrel more robust and durable. Just like most other BB rifles, this also features a .177 caliber that can shoot 4.5 mm BBs, which you can find so easily.

Action: For action, this rifle is an automatic one, and therefore, this is spring-loaded. Its spring will cock the rifle with the reverse motion of the shooting power. This action is fast, like rapid fast. You can shoot up to 1400 BBs, in just a minute.

Scope: Targeting will not be an issue with this rifle as it comes with a red dot sight. In any case, you are not happy with the red dot, you can mount additional scopes to its Picatinny rail.

Ammunition: Even though it is quite versatile, it doesn’t shoot pallets. So you are only limited with BBs to shoot. Load the magazine with 25 BBs and shoot like a pro, without any hesitation. Besides, with the fuel of CO2 cartridges, you can feel the pace of lighting while shooting.


  • CO2 cylinders are prone to leak.
  • The sight could be better.

4. Barra Airguns Sportsman 900 Air Rifle

Barra Airguns BB Gun

Ever wonder how will it feel to shoot BBs with a sniper? Well, your wonder is ready to meet the reality as the Barra has come with a rifle that is equivalent to real rifles. The only different part is, it shoots BB or pallets.

With a real bolt action mechanism, this rifle holds plenty of power. The power is generated from the pumps you give, with its multi-pump pneumatic powerplant. This is the best pump BB gun we have tested till now.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a design similar to a sniper; thus acquires targets at a greater range.
  • Features a stainless steel barrel that features .177 caliber.
  • Comes with a 4×15 scope.
  • Bolt action rifle; multi-pump pneumatic powered.
  • Can hold 50 BBs at once.


Design: The look of this rifle is just sublime, from front to rear. Barra has gone with ABS plastic to make it more pocket-friendly. However, the ABS is not that fragile either, rather has good integrity that can withstand a good range of impact.

Barrel & Caliber: Despite the whole construction is made from plastic, its 20-inch barrel is made from stainless steel for better strength. Along with that, you will find an aluminum barrel shroud inside, just to make things more strong. Let’s also focus on the caliber which is .177 and can shoot at up to 800 fps.

Action: When it comes to action, it has a multi-pump pneumatic powerplant. This lets you power this big boy. That goes for power, but for the shooting action, this uses a bolt action mechanism. The fun part is, the action is so realistic that you will be confused with a real one. No wonders why this is one of the best bolt-action BB rifles.

Scope: With the barrel, you will also find it equipped with a 4×15 scope along with adjustable fiber optic sights. This will let you hit the target at a much longer distance; just like a sniper.

Ammunition: You can use 4.5 BBs or pallets to use with this rifle. For capacity, 50 BBs can be equipped, or pallet. Depending on the number of pumps you enter, both of them can be shot at 900 fps.


  • Lacks accuracy in longer range.
  • Quite difficult to load pallets.

5. Umarex Steel-Strike Automatic .177 Caliber | Best BB Gun Rifle

Umarex BB Gun Air Rifle

Designed to give the feel of an actual centerfire AR, the Umarex Steel-Strike Automatic is a great replica. Giving a sense of modern type short-barreled rifle, this got some of the advanced features.

From looks to performance, the level of quality is remarkable. Additionally, you will be left with the ability of attachments, which this rifle generously offers, so that you can have the most fun.

Highlighted Features:

  • Short barreled design.
  • Has 6 shooting modes; Full automatic to burst modes.
  • Has .177 caliber which shoots BBs at a max fps of 400.
  • Can hold up to 900 BBs in one magazine.
  • Uses CO2 Cartridges for faster shooting.
  • Features non-adjustable flip-up sights.


Design: About design, this has a striking one! This AR-looking BB gun will give you the sense of holding an actual AR rifle, which is a great feature if you really love such rifles. However, you may find it a bit less impressive due to the plastic build quality, compared to all metal ones, it is surprisingly durable. This is true of the high quality bb guns available in the market.

Barrel & Caliber: Because of its very unusual design, the barrel of this particular rifle is very short. However, the barrel does feature a .177 caliber which is well sufficient to shoot 4.5 BBs.

Action: This rifle is an automatic one and therefore spring-loaded action. The fun part of this rifle is, it has 6 shooting modes, from full automatic to burst ones. This feature makes it one of the most fun BB rifles in the market.

Scope: For your scope queries, this comes with rear and front sights which are flip-up, quite interesting, isn’t it? Sadly, these are not adjustable. Besides, you do get rail where you can attach additional optics. So what’s the need for front and rear sights, anyway?

Ammunition: Capable of shooting 4.5 mm BBs, this rifle has a huge magazine space. For your information, you can store as much as 900 BB inside a single magazine, WHAT! Besides, the additional power from CO2 cartridges makes it rapid fast, while shooting.


  • CO2 cartridge are not included.
  • Sights are not adjustable.
  • CO2 cartridges have leaking issues.

6. Crosman CAK1 Full or Semi-Auto BB Air Rifle

Crosman CAK1 BB Air Rifle

Crosman is well renowned for its high-quality BB rifles. They put quite a lot of effort to come up with such products which are worth the hype and the Crosman CAK1 is a great example. This semi-auto rifle gets the power from CO2 and shoots BBs like a real gun.

Good news for you if you don’t like the semi-auto segment, it can shoot at full-auto. Coming with a Quad Mountain Rail System, this rifle can allow quite a few attachments. Furthermore, adjustable buttstocks will give you the convenience you want.

Highlighted Features:

  • Well detailed and made rifle; plastic made.
  • Its .177 caliber can shoot at a max velocity of 430 fps.
  • Spring-loaded action; full or semi-automatic.
  • Features Picatinny optics rail for additional attachments.
  • Magazine includes CO2 cartridges for rapid-fire action.


Design: Crosman went with the all-time classic looks, and they excelled fascinatingly. Made from plastic, this rifle is lightweight and portable. Besides, to give the real feel of actual rifles, it is in full size, which makes it even more compelling.

Barrel & Caliber: Crosman has used steel to manufacture the barrel of these rifles. This smooth bored type barrel has a .177 caliber which shoots BBs at a max velocity of 430 fps. About the cycling rate, this rifle will give you 1400 rounds, in just 1 minute. Now! Isn’t that fast?

Action: This is a fully automated rifle, which means it is spring-loaded. Its spring can cock it by itself and therefore, you can have a fully automated shooting experience. Just pull the trigger once and see the unleash of thunder!

Scope: For accuracy, this comes with a fixed front sight whereas the sight at the rear is adjustable. Besides it features a Picatinny optics rail, which will allow you to attach a wide range of optics for your enhanced convenience.

Ammunition: 4.5 mm ammo is to be used with its 28-round dropout magazine. What makes the whole concept more compelling is the inclusion of a CO2 cartridge within the magazine which makes the fire action rapid fast. Being one of the best CO2 bb gun rifles in the market is well deserved.


  • Made of plastic.
  • The magazine has some feeding issues.

7. BBTac Airsoft Gun Package

BBTac Airsoft BB Pellet Gun

What about you don’t need a gun but GUNS! for all of your homies? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a whole package when you get rifles, shotguns, SMGs, and mini pistols? Well, there is a good option for you.

BBTac has come up with a whole package where you get all of these, altogether. No need to seek for each of them as you can buy as a whole. Buying a whole package is quite economical as they save a little cash, and this is no exception.

Highlighted Features:

  • Package includes a spring rifle, a shotgun, two SMS and two mini pistols.
  • Additionally, a bag of BB pallets are also provided.
  • Well detailed and made from plastic.
  • Shoots 6mm BB pellets.
  • Features fast loading.


Design: Made from plastic, all of these fun guns are lightweight and portable. What makes them interesting is the details they have for each type. Besides, all of these are featured with fast loading, which makes the reload fast and easy, much needed in the shooting competition when you are much in need of changing the magazine.

Action: Speaking of action, each gun its own type. The shotgun is equipped with a pump-action whereas the rifle is fully automatic. Furthermore, the Airsoft Spring SMS Guns are also fully automatic, which gives enhanced combat feel while using these shooters.

Scope: For sights, only the rifle comes with an additional scope, which is also detachable. This scope can be used to hit the target easily. Other guns come with rear and front sights which are both adjustable and fixed, based on the type of gun we are talking about.

Ammunition: For ammo, you can use.12g BBs for your gun. With these, you will have a velocity of 300 fps, which is quite sufficient. Additionally, the package comes with a bag of 6mm pellets ammo, which gives you the ability to use the rifles right away, without the need for buying any additional.


  • Made of plastic.
  • Less durable.

8. Umarex Legends M1A1 Blowback Automatic .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Rifle

Umarex Legends M1A1 BB Gun Air Rifle

Holding a history of 100 years, Thompson M1A1 is a staple in the full auto segment. Ever wondered about holding this legend in your hands and shooting for fun. Well, an actual one may not be safe, but a replica gun that shoots BB will serve the need for the most.

The Umarex Legends M1A1 Blowback Automatic .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Rifle is the replica you need for your needs. This gun not only shares the same looks but also has the realistic weight, recoil and of course, performance, will BB. Looks and performance checks the standard.

Highlighted Features:

  • Classically styled; a replica of legendary M1A1.
  • Fully Metal Frame; wooden details.
  • Shoots in fully automatic and semi-automatic modes.
  • Features blowback action.
  • Has a .177 caliber.
  • Comes with a 30-drop free magazine with CO2 cartages.


Design: Looks is the biggest point of this gun as this shares the same design as an actual M1A1. From the barrel to stock, the sense of the history is well maintained. Additionally, this gun is quite durable as it is made of metal. This lets you use this gun anyway you want, uplifting the fun even more.

Barrels and Caliber: .177 yes, this gun comes with a barrel of that. Made from metal, this barrel can easily shoot 4.5mm BB at a very high velocity.

Action: When it comes to action, this rifle feels extremely close to the actual firearm. Its blowback action will leave you in awe with its automatic capabilities. This fully automated rifle will cock by itself and fire constantly, just like the real M1A1 rifle.

Scope: For scopes, Umarex has gone with a much simpler. This comes with a fixed blade front sight that can be used to shoot accurately. However, this sight may feel quite an old school but that the point of this gun as this is aiming to get the most classic look possible.

Ammunition: You can use 4.5 BB for this rifle. This comes with a 30-round drop-free magazine that can hold a sufficient amount of your ammo for the ultimate fun. There are several types of BBs available in the market and each may serve a different level of velocity. The CO2 housed in the magazine gives extra power to the ammo for much smoother automatic action.


  • Not very durable.
  • Quite difficult to load.

9. Daisy Adult Red Ryder BB Gun

Daisy Adult Red Ryder BB Gun

 Since your children, you have grown with a lot of things. And if your parents are fond of shootings, I can presume that you have seen a BB shooting rifle. Yes, the Daisy Adult Red Ryder BB Gun was that exact rifle.

Being an iconic symbol of the American classics, the Daisy Adult Red Ryder BB Gun is a great rifle to start a journey in this area of shooting sports. Excelling the game for more than 80 years, people at Daisy have come with a full-size version, which they feel so proud of, as it is one of the best cheap BB guns.

Highlighted Features:

  • Study and reliable; an adult-sized rifle made based on a Model 1938 Air Rifle.
  • Uses a .177 caliber which is made of Smoot Bore Steel; Uses 4.5 mm BB.
  • Features a Lever cocking spring air action.
  • Comes with blade and ramp front and adjustable rear sights.
  • Has a maximum velocity of 350 fps; a maximum distance of 195 yards.


Design: Looks exactly the same as the Model 1938 air rifle, this rifle just has one extra addition, an adult-sized stock. Look-wise, its retro vibe will keep your game even more aesthetic. Besides, it’s sturdy too, with the combination of wood and metal.

Barrel & Caliber: Daisy has gone with Smooth Bore Steel for the barrels. This gives the barrel the integrity to shoot BBs. Talking of shooting, this barrel also features .177 caliber. This is well capable of shooting 4.5mm BB easily.

Action: A very interesting shooting action, Lever cocking spring air action is used for this air rifle. There is a level next to the trigger, which is used to cock the rifle, and there is a spring inside for action.

Scope: For accurate targeting, you will get a blade and ramp front sight as well as an adjustable rear sight. However, there is no rail for additional attachments. 

Ammunition: You can use any 4.5 BB with this rifle. The BB will leave the barrel at 350 fps at max and will go at a maximum distance of 195 yards. From house rant hunting to shooting practices, these rifles get you cover easily.


  • Lever made of plastic can break easily.
  • No rails for attachments.

10. Remington R1100 Single-Shot 1100 Variable Pump .177-Caliber

Remington R1100 BB Air Rifle

This list is filled with Crosman and I don’t see the reason not to. It’s because of the level of performance and convenience they give with each and every product of them. The Remington R1100 is a great example of Crosman’s quality and reliability.

While shooting ammo at a velocity up to 700 fps, this shotgun packs a punch. With the number of features this rifle provides while costing so low, this is easily one of the best bb pellet rifles in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed based on the Crosman 760 Platform.
  • Has a .177 caliber with variable velocity, ranging from 300 to up to 700 fps.
  • Equipped with a multi-pump pneumatic action.
  • Can hold up to 1000 BBs, while able to shoot lead pallets.
  • Comes with fixed front and adjustable rear sights.
  • Has a large forearm for enhanced stability.


Design: Based on the Crosman 760 platform, this BB rifle took similar design cues from its big brother, the Remington Model 1100 Shotgun. Additionally, for enhanced stability, a large forearm grip is added.

Barrel & Caliber: Made from alloy steel, its barrel is well equipped with a .177 caliber, or call it 4.5 mm caliber. Due to its size, this BB is accepted at all formal target competitions, regardless of its caliber.

Action: This rifle has an interesting and fun action system, a multi-pump pneumatic action. Just pump the rifles with multiple stokes and experience the sheer power. With two-stroke, velocity can go as high as 300 fps, whereas 12 pumps can shot ammo at a speed of 700 fps.

Scope: For your accurate targeting, this rifle is well equipped with a rear sight notch along with a front side notch. You may adjust the rear sight, but the front one is fixed.

Ammunition: Speaking of ammo, this rifle can hold up to 1000 BBs, loaded in the buttstock. Besides, call it versatility or convenience, this rifle has the capability to shoot lead pallets. However, you will have different velocities, depending on the type of ammo you use.


  • Quality is not that impressive as made from synthetic material.
  • Loading BB in this rifle is quite complicated.

BB Gun Rifle Buying Guide

Buying a BB Airgun can be both quite frustrating as well as confusing. Just imagine, you went to the make and splash a hefty amount on something that is not good at all. BB rifles of high quality are defined by some of their key features which make them stand out from others, based on the level of performance as well as convenience.

BB Gun Rifle

Below, those factors are discussed so that you know which one is better while buying your favorite one.


How it looks is a huge factor as it will give you the sense of using a real firearm. Always seek a rifle that resembles your favorite firearm, if it is an assault or a shotgun. Check the details, as well as the construction materials. An easy carry and lightweight rifle is always welcomed.

So check for the level of adjustment of the rifles. Fixed ones are less convenient as you can’t change anything. Adjustable ones give you the luxury to change parts in order to satisfy your customization.

Some others do design in a more retro way, just like the Daisy Adult Red Ryder BB Gun. This is a retro-designed rifle that will give you a sense of the early 1900s.

Barrel & Caliber:

Barrels are quite important and this is where the bullets exist. This is why buy a rifle with stainless steel or metal barrel. Also, check the caliber. Most of the better quality BB guns come with .177 calibers, which can shoot 4.5 BBs. 4.5 are available everywhere, so getting something which can these makes it quite easy to use.


Different types of guns come with different types of actions. It’s your call to get the one you like. However, if you get a fully automatic rifle, you will have the most fun. As some carry such high power to shoot 1400 BBs in just a minute, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Furthermore, check your rifle whether or not has a pump action. This lets you adjust the velocity as a higher amount of pumps will give you a higher velocity. And higher velocity will go the longer range. This is why the Barra Airguns Sportsman 900 Air Rifle on this list has the highest velocity of 900, much higher than any other option; as this is a sniper. With this, you can hit the target at a much longer distance.


Some rifles come with scopes and some others come with sight. If you think the scope is important get the one with scopes. However, there are a few of the option which offers a rail to attach additional scopes. This is very convenient.

You can add different types of scopes according to your likings, from zoom ones to red dots. Red dots are great for close encounters where the zoom scope gives you the ability to hit a target at range. Some do come with a pre-loaded zoom scope, just to aid you to hit distant targets.


Most of the BB rifles use one type of ammo and which is BBs. However, the materials of BB may different as some may use plastic ones where others use steel ones. That your preference. However, there are some others that can shoot pallets, making your adventure more compelling.

Do you think getting one that shoots pallets a bad idea? Well, BBs and pallets have their own pros and cons, so, therefore, it is your own preference which one you will choose. But getting one that can shoot both is surely convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What Are BB guns used for?

Answer: BB guns are used for several purposes. However, in most cases, they are used for practicing and training. As they closely resemble a real firearm, they give the same level of experience. Additionally, people use BB guns for competitions as well as hunting

As BB shoots are discovered to be less harmful to humans, this has been used in sports for entertainment, such as war games. For several recreational events, they serve insightful performances.

#2. Can BB guns hurt you?

Answer: In some cases, BB guns can literally kill you. Even though, these guns are rated to be harmless fun more powerful ones are fatal. Any BB gun that has a velocity higher than 350 feet per second (FPS), has the ability to cause you trouble.

So it’s always advised to handle these weapons with high caution, especially when there are children around. Even anyone under 16 years is advised not to use a high-velocity BB gun as they can harm someone.

#3. Are fully automatic BB guns legal?

Answer: Yes, they are legal. Why? Because, they are not considered as firearm. However, the problem you will face to get one is the less availability of these guns in the market, due to the complexity, unfortunately.

Yes again, there are a few available on amazon which are great in looks, performance, as well as, features. Do buy with time as bad products are also available.

#4. Can I use a BB gun for self-defense?

Answer: No, you can’t. It’s not made for that purpose at all.

Firstly you need to understand the purpose of a BB gun. BB guns are meant is for practice, training, sports, and other recreational activities. Secondly, these guns are meant to be used for entertainment needs, not to help you in danger.

And finally, most of these guns (apart from higher powered ones) won’t even do much to the attacker, so won’t help you much.

#5. Can a BB gun pop a tire?

Answer: Well yes, however that is highly dependent on the level of pressure it has. In order to pop a truck tire, you will need at least 3000 psi inside your gun which will create enough power to do such a phenomenon.

BB guns are fairly strong when the pressure is really high. This is why, while buying, it is always advised to use these guns with care because they can bring your trouble. Besides, you surely don’t want to hurt anyone.

Final Verdict:

So here we are, at the last phase of our list. BB guns are great as they are mostly harmless. Besides prior to your real firearm adventure, it’s always ideal to rather starting to practice with a BB one first, just to keep you and anyone around you safe and sound.

Additionally, these guns have become quite popular in sports as well as in competitions. Hope my list of best bb gun rifles gave you a clearer idea about which is the best options that are currently available in the market.

All of these are great buys with different types of particular benefits. Now it’s your duty to find the exact one which will serve you the exact need.

Up Next: Get a good quality air-powered rifles to hunt squirrel.

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