10 Best Break Barrel Pellet Rifles in 2021

Hunting is not always about winning the biggest games. Some of the greatest achievements can be achieved by just catching the smallest and rarest games. One particular type of gun can prove to be particularly useful for this task, and that is the air rifle.

Air rifles come in different forms and a break barrel is one of them. The fact that these shooters are relatively heavier does not diminish their ability to win small and medium games. It is quite fun to do the task with their power and facilities.

Break barrel air guns come in different forms, with different features and facilities. You will find them to be convenient depending on the type you get. Taking into account their features and facilities, as well as some other significant factors, we have compiled the list of the 10 best.

With the top 10 best break barrel pellet rifles, you’ll always be able to find the most needed performance that you’ve always desired. Find out which are liked and which are loved!

Comparison Chart for Break Barrel Pellet Rifle





Main Feature

Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle.


Up to 1300 fps.

4X32 Shockproof.

● Noise Reduction Technology.

● Inert Gas Technology
Sat Smooth Action Trigger:

Black Ops Sniper Rifle S.


Up to 1250 fps.


● Power Piston Technology.

● Robust Build.

● Convenient Bipod.


Ruger Air Magnum Break Barrel Spring Piston Air Rifle.


Up to 1000 fps.

4x32mm Air Rifle.

● Weather-Proof.

● Magnum Power.

● Mount Lock.

Crosman Air Rifle.


Up to 950 fps.

4x32 mm Precision.

● Attractive Design.

● Adjustable Trigger (2-stage).

● Easy Cocking.

Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle.


Up to 1250 fps.


● Eco-Friendly.

● Tough Stock.

● High Accuracy.

Swiss Arms TG-1 Break Barrel 4.5mm/.177 cal Pellet Air Rifle.


Up to 900 fps.

Swiss Arms Premium 4x40

● Convenient Stock.

● Adjustable Sights.

● Lightweight.

Benjamin Trail XL Magnum.


Up to 1100 fps.

CenterPoint Optics 3-9x40mm .

● Stunning Design.

● Rifled Steel Barrel.

● CenterPoint Optics Scope.

Umarex Forge 490 FPS .177 Pellet Air Rifle.


Up to  490 fps.

4x32mm Air Gun.

● SilencAir 5-chamber Noise Dampener.

● Umarex TNT Power System.

● Rifted Barrel.

Ruger Air Hawk Combo Spring Piston Break Barrel Air Rifle.


Up to 490 fps.

4x32mm Air Rifle.

● Combo Bundle.

● Muzzle Breaker.

● Fiber Optics Sight.

Ruger Air Hawk II Break Barrel AIrRIfle.


Up to 490 fps.


● Convenient Design.

● Modern Features.

● Quality Construction.

1. Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

In the air rifle community, Gamo has historically been one of the most popular brands. It was the long-serving and highly successful air rifles they produced that brought them fame. Once again, they did not fail to impress with their newer model, the Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle.

As implied by the name, it sounds as if the rifle is whispering. Have your neighbors been nagging you? Get this to give them the impression that you’re throwing rocks in your backyard, but you’re actually hitting targets like a pro. With all the highly practical features, in essence, the best break barrel pellet rifle out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features WHISPER Noise Reduction Technology; sounds similar to whispering
  • Comes with Inert Gas Technology (IGT); enhances the velocity
  • The single cocking break barrel supports .177 caliber
  • Can shoot at a velocity up to 1300 fps
  • Includes 4X32 Shockproof scope; better accuracy in the longer range
  • Equipped with Sat Smooth Action Trigger; more precision with smoother pull
  • Has adjustable air rifle shock absorber; 74% more shock absorption
  • Extremely lightweight; weighs only 5.64 lbs.

Main Features:

Noise Reduction Technology: The noise reduction technology of this air rifle is no joke. Despite holding extensive power, this rifle makes sounds very little. If someone is not noticing, that person will think you are just throwing rocks for fun. No complaints from the neighbors anymore.

Inert Gas Technology: Most of the air rifles have springs inside them, to shoot the pallet. However, this comes with an exception. Rather than a spring, this air rifle is loaded with a gas piston known as IGT (Inert Gas Technology), which increases the velocity quite significantly. Besides, your accuracy will become much better as there is very little vibration.

Sat Smooth Action Trigger: For your smoother pulling action, the Gamo break barrel pellet rifle comes with a very handy Sat Smooth Action Trigger. Besides the pulling action, this feature will also enhance your capability to hit each shot precisely.


  • The included scope could be better.

2. Black Ops Sniper Rifle .177 Caliber Break Barrel

Black Ops Sniper Break Barrel

The power of the thunder, as the Black Ops USA wanted to claim. This Sniper Rifle S is a description of tremendous power while remaining quite attractive at the same time. Ever taken a picture of the thunder in the night sky? The same is here, but only in black. 

Talking of power, this packs some extreme force, as much as 1250 fps to be exact. Besides, this will shoot with that level of energy for a long time, thanks to the Power Piston Technology. Combine this power with a 4×32 scope and you will end up with a beast that hits targets at a remarkable range.

Highlighted Features:

  • Frame made of metal; highly durable
  • Fires .177 Caliber Pellets
  • Has a velocity of up to 1250 fps
  • Comes with an adjustable bi-pod
  • Features a 6-inch Picatinny rail
  • Equipped with Power Piston Technology; extremely consistent
  • Suppressor attached; very quite

Main Features:

Power Piston Technology: The Black Ops have engineered this masterpiece with their high-performing Power Piston Technology. This modern technology enables this powerhouse to produce a force to hit targets at a velocity of 1250 fps. What more intriguing is that this can high that force on a continuous basis. Now isn’t that impressive?

Robust Build: Most manufacturers don’t put a lot of emphasis on the building of any air rifle. However, this breaks the chain of stereotypes and features a highly durable metal build. No matter how rough you go, this will give a sense of extreme durability.

Convenient Bipod: Close to the forearm, you will find the most convenient feature, the bipod. With the adjustable 8” to 10” legs, you can adjust the whole rifle when you are prone. And when you don’t want it, just fold the legs and start running. Break barrel pellet rifle bipods are undoubtedly a huge advantage, which you will know if you have ever used one


  • Due to the nature of a sniper, versatility is rather limited.

3. Umarex Ruger Air Magnum Break Barrel Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Ruger Air Break Barrel Pellet

Shoot when the sun’s up, shoot when the sun’s down! Shoot during pouring rain, also shoot even on snowy terrain! Bring the Ruger Air Magnum Break Barrel Spring Piston Air Rifle for all-weather accomplishments.

This rifle happens to the best .22 break barrel pellet rifle we’ve come across in a long long time and wait for us to tell you why. Just don’t be fooled with the subtle plastic construction, the max 1000 fps velocity states rather something else. And shooting is very easy, thanks to the very practical synthetic stock along with a very convenient rubber recoil pad.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of plastic; weighs only 10.7 pounds.
  • Features a long barrel that can shoot .22 caliber pellets
  • Can sustain in any weather condition
  • Spring-piston powered; max velocity up to 1000 fps
  • Includes fiber optic rear sight; adjustable front sight
  • Comes with a 4x32mm air rifle scope on a scope mounting ring
  • Great for any type of target shooting, pest control, or even small games

Main Features:

Weather-Proof: Have fun on your next adventure, no matter what the weather brings. This all-weather gun is made to sustain any demand, even in rain or snow. And the best part is the grip, which remains unchanged even when the weather is planning differently.

Magnum Power: Shoot at the speed of a magnum. This air rifle packs some of the biggest punches and the inside mechanism proves that. Shoot any .177 pellets or the .22 ones. What you will get, is a velocity ranging from 1200-1400 fps.

Mount Lock: The frame may be made from plastic but not the mount. Umarex thought why not they just reinforce the rather neglected part and replace the material with metal. This durable and sturdy mount will let you lock your scope on the rail; no more creeping!


  • Umarex should focus on their packaging more.

4. Crosman Air Rifle

Crosman air Rifle

Here comes the brand that some of you came here to just see if we are adding or not. There are quite a few great Crosman air rifles out there and they enjoy plenty of fan support. But why so love? Let’s prove this!

The Crosman Air Rifle is one of a kind rifle with the most retro design. Apart from the very attractive build, what will impress you is the trigger which is adjustable. Additionally, the light cocking will ensure you fewer struggles and faster shooting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from plastic & wood; attractive & sturdy
  • Powered by spring; shoots .22 pellets at a max velocity of 950 fps
  • Comes with a 4×32 mm precision scope, that locks in the center for better targeting
  • Cocking needs light force and very fast
  • Adjustable trigger; 2 stages for a better experience
  • Very handy for pest control as well as any target shooting competition

Main Features:

Attractive Design: At a first glance, you will surely be impressed by how pretty it looks. With a plastic frame sandwiched between hardwood, it’s not just attractive but quite comfortable to use as well. Besides, the aesthetic it gives will bring you back to the 19 century where cowboys used to duel.

Adjustable Trigger: They are many who claim they are not just happy with their rifle’s trigger. Crosman paid good attention to the claim and came up with a much logical solution; an adjustable trigger. Now, go low or go high, pulling action will be at your most convenient position.

Easy Cocking: Convenience is quite high with this air rifle as it features another convenient feature. With minimal effort, you can easily cock this break barrel pellet gun air rifle. Guess what, this time, there’s no more fighting with the barrel.


  • The woodwork makes it quite heavy.

5. Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle

Gamo Varmint Air Rifle

If you are fed up with your previous air rifles which didn’t last long, consider this option. Designed to last you more than you have ever expected, the Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle is a champion. The spring piston is made to last more than years of use.

Will only lasting long help if the power is not there? Again this rifle excels with a velocity of 1250 fps. Besides, if you are concerned about the accuracy, better remain tension-free. This break barrel pellet rifle’s accuracy tends to be very high, almost perfect.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a barrel that shoots .177 caliber pellets
  • Comes with a very durable spring pistol that will last very long
  • Can shoot at a velocity up to 1250 fps
  • The barrel is made from Fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel
  • Also features a grooved cylinder rail for attachments
  • Equipped with an all-weather synthetic stock
  • Durable and lightweight

Main Features:

Eco-Friendly: Eco-friendly does not sound quite conventional with an air rifle, does it? The rifle, however, has been made in an environmentally friendly manner, which will help sustain the environment. Besides any wood dust that came out while sawing wood, is recycled for better sustainability.

Tough Stock: If you are the nagging one who constantly complains about the quality of the stock, you’ll just love this. This ambidextrous stock is extremely durable and well made. No matter how hard you go, the stock will remain strong and sturdy.

High Accuracy: Not just the power it produces is impressive, but also the accuracy. With the included 4X32 Scope, you can shoot those pests out of your sight. However, it’s highly recommended to get an additional scope, just to uplift the capabilities.


  • Gamo should really consider upgrading the scope they give with this rifle.

6. Swiss Arms TG-1 Break Barrel 4.5mm/.177 cal Pellet Air Rifle

Swiss Arms Pellet Air Rifle

Are you a big fan of AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum)? This air rifle disguise may not replicate the real gun, but in the long run, it’s close enough. The Swiss Arms TG-1 Break Barrel Air Rifle is made for those AWM fanboys who want a similar look and experience.

What it does better than an actual AWM is the sound, which is quite low. Additionally, the durable ABS plastic construction will let you go extreme without the chance of breaking. It also fires .177 pellets at 900 fps, so it won’t let you down in terms of power.

Highlighted Features:

  • Construction of ABS polymer along with metal; highly durable and long-lasting
  • Barrel shoots .177 caliber pellets
  • Comes with a Swiss Arms premium 4×40 scope
  • Equipped with noise-reducing spring; can shoot up to a velocity of 900 fps
  • Also has a tactical stock for better accuracy

Main Features:

Convenient Stock: Unlike most other brands, Swiss Arms has put quite a lot of effort to make the stock more comfortable. In order to do that, they have added chin rest so that you can be in the most pleasant position when prone. Additionally, what more convenient is that the chin rest is adjustable, which means regardless of your body structure, you will find comfort.

Adjustable Sights: From front to rear, you will be embraced with the level of adjustments. Adjustment is a great feature as this makes the rifles more personalized according to you, and this rifle excels at that. Besides, the sights are fiber optics which are quite high quality.

Lightweight: Break barrel air rifles can get quite heavy as they feature some of the largest barrels out there. However, this constitutes an exception, since the considerable lightweight is present. Especially made to take part in competitions, this rifle will give you the portability edge over other contenders who are holding the best break barrel pellet pistols.


  • Just because of this being too lightweight, it’s too prone to breaking.

7. Crosman Benjamin Trail Air Rifle with Hardwood

Crosman Benjamin Trail Air Rifle

Another handsome fella from the Crosman, the Benjamin Trail XL Magnum is a beast. Blessed with hardwood details, this checkered rifle is designed to turn heads. With a fascinating color combination of brown and black, this stands tall as one of the most beautiful pieces out there.

Let that good looks don’t overshadow the power it holds. With a velocity of up to 1100 fps, this can shoot bullets that can travel great distances. With the added benefit of 3-9×40 mm (Adjustable Objective) scope, targets will find it very tough to run away.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very attractive wooden design
  • It’s long barrel shots .177 caliber
  • Stock is made of hardwood
  • Can shoot at a velocity of up to 1100 fps
  • Includes a CenterPoint optics which is 3-9x40mm
  • Ideal for any sport events

Main Features:

Stunning Design: Just like the previous piece from the Crosman, simultaneously another eye-catcher. Crosman sure knows how to make masterpieces and therefore you will have glittering glimpses of such in this. What makes this more attractive is the color scheme which gives the vibe of an actual shooter, which other brands tend to fail to offer.

Rifled Steel Barrel: The barrel is made from rifled steel. The steel of this type is notorious for absorbing a high amount of vibration, which is clearly evident here. You will notice a reduction of up to 70% in noise from this barrel, as fewer vibration results in lower sounds.

CenterPoint Optics: When it comes to break barrel pellet rifle scopes, even the most popular ones fail to meet the expectation. However, here we have an exception as it features a high-quality CenterPoint optics scope. The scope comes with adjustable features as well as a range estimating reticle so that you can have the perfect shot.


  •  Not good at close-range shooting.

8. Umarex Forge 490 FPS .177 Pellet Air Rifle

Coming at number 8 is another edition from well-known brand Umarex. This time they have come with a classically designed break barrel air rifle that has a high-quality scope mounting system. This system is so good that no matter how hard you run or move, vibration will be minimal.

Besides, making noise is not the thing for this rifle as this features a SilencAir 5-chamber noise dampener. Additionally, the Umarex TNT Power System that this rifle has is one of a kind. All these features make this rifle a strong contender for best break barrel pellet guns.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powered by gas-piston
  • The long barrel can shoot .177 pellets
  • Features Umarex TNT Power System; a smoother shooting experience
  • Includes enhanced SilencAir 5-chamber noise dampener; very quite
  • Equipped with nucleus integrated optics platform; reduces vibration
  • Comes with a 4x32mm air gun scope

Main Features:

SilencAir 5-chamber Noise Dampener: Making sound is not the best capability for this rifle and the credit goes to the very useful noise dampener. The SilencAir 5-chamber Noise Dampener drastically reduces the sound that comes out of the muzzle. This a great feature to keep you hidden.

Umarex TNT Power System: This rifle is packed with immense power. Shooting with this rifle becomes more powerful and reliable due to the Umarex TNT Power System. As an added bonus, the smoothness and simplicity of the rifle’s features will make you happy as well.

Rifted Barrel: As explained before, rifled barrels are very good at reducing vibration. No matter at what power you shoot, your rifle will make less vibration, thus making it easy for you to shoot at high accuracy. With the additional help from the hardwood, targeting won’t be a big deal.


  • The claimed velocity turns out not to be correct.

9. Ruger Air Hawk Combo Spring Piston Break Barrel Air Rifle

It can be quite tiring sometimes when you have to buy pellets additionally. How about buying a combo where you get those pellets included? Consider getting the Ruger Air Hawk Combo Spring Piston Break Barrel Air Rifle, which comes with a pack of pellets while holding excellent shooting power.

This spring-powered shooter may not have the highest level of velocity, but accuracy is there. On top of that, the ambidextrous sock makes shooting quite easy and entertaining. With the additional benefits of an adjustable trigger as well as a muzzle breaker, this rifle is made to shoot.

Highlighted Features:

  • The barrel has the capability to shoot .177 caliber pellets
  • Powered by spring
  • The stock is ambidextrous
  • Has a velocity up to 490 fps
  • Includes rubber recoil pad for enhanced convenience
  • Comes with a 4x32mm air rifle scope
  • The bundle also features 500 pellets

Main Features:

Combo Bundle: Once you have purchased this product, the most convenient aspect will be no more need to purchase pellets separately. This already includes 500 pellets so that you can start shooting right from the start. No more delays anymore.

Muzzle Breaker: Muzzle breakers are quite popular as they can drastically reduce the recoil. When you will use this particular rifle, you will notice how little recoil you are facing. This will let you acquire targets with minimal effort.

Fiber OpticsSight: The included fiber optics sight makes it quite convenient to use. Fiber optics are a reliable option as they are flexible and less prone to break, compared to a glass optic. Despite the rifle falling, you shouldn’t be concerned.


  • Comparatively less shooting power.

10. Ruger Air Hawk II Break Barrel AIrRIfle

In this case, there is no combo bundle with this product; the only difference from the previous.. And there is no problem with that as few people tend to get want they think is more preferable for them.

This spring-powered air rifle is excellent when it comes to versatility. No matter what handed you are, right or left, you can use this rifle, thanks to the ambidextrous hardwood stock it has. Additionally, the comfortable grip it offers will surely keep your hands feel pleasant.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long break barrel can shoot .177 caliber pellets
  • Powered by sping-piston
  • Features an all-weather ambidextrous hardwood stick; ideal for any handed use
  • Has a maximum velocity of 490 fps
  • Comes with a 4x32mm scope
  • Features rubber recoil pad for better stability

Main Features:

Convenient Design: First you will notice after holding this air rifle is how smartly Ruger made it. For any practical use, you will find this to very convenient. To name a few, the automatic safety lock, as well as the buttery smooth action it comes with, can be mentioned.

Modern Features: Air guns may not have all the modern facilities that any firearms have. However, this rifle does feature some of them. In particular, an ambidextrous stock, a muzzle break, as well as optic sights, are the reason why this gets frequent features in break barrel pellet rifle reviews.

Quality Construction: Air guns are made to be tough, and this sticks to the test. The composite construction may seem quite nimble at first but will give the test of time. Besides that, the weight will not be an issue for you as it doesn’t weigh much.


  • The scope is quite troublesome.

Break Barrel Pellet Rifle Buying Guide

Break Barrel Pellet Rifle

Getting your favorite break barrel air gun can be your entry into the world of wilderness. We all know how it feels which you’ve already decided to get that fire piece to make a mark. However, in the first place, the problem you will stand in front of, is not how you use it, but what to choose?

Yes, the market is flooded with hundreds of options, and getting the best one can be as challenging as hitting a target. Just like a target, consider it, as an illustration, there can be certain factors you should focus on while buying.


At first, start with the design. Notice how well-designed the rifle is. Also, check the materials. Even though most of these rifles come in plastic, looks particularly for any ABS or composite build as they tend to remain stronger. To be sure, shoot few rounds to observe the vibration.

Additionally, also check what the barrel is made of. Any material other than metal or stainless steel is a no-no! Moreover, check the stock, along with the trigger. See how comfortable they are; don’t overlook them. Lastly, consider the weight as a considerable factor as you are going to carry this for a longer period.


For the next step, check what powers the rifle. In most cases, you will encounter rifles with spring-piston. Being the most common one, this markedly provides convenience. Some others do come with CO2-powered.


Coming to the next step, what you will be checking is nothing but the caliber. Most rifles feature .177 caliber pellets. While being the standard, there is no problem with this as .177 pellets are enough to get the job done. Some others do shoot .22 caliber pellets currently, just adds another beneficial feature.


Eventually you need to pay some heed to the velocity of the rifle. When we speak of velocity, we mean the speed at which the pellet leaves the barrel. The higher the velocity, the further the pellet will go. Here is where you need to consider your need.

If you want something that will get your job done at a closer distance, apparently a lower velocity rifle will get the job done. If you are planning to engage in sniper shooting, you need something that can shoot at least 1000 fps. Then see if the accuracy is correct.


And finally, the scope. Even optics can be extremely vital. Double-check the quality of the included scopes and optics. Examine if they show the correct view or not. Never go with the looks just for the sake of looking cool. You are going to use this, so get something that is going to work.

With these in mind, check everything according to your desire. Never put hope on something you never wanted, as they won’t serve you in the long run. You should choose a product that best suits your needs. Also, you can check the best break barrel pellet rifle, as all of them ticks all the criteria.


1. Is a break barrel air rifle accurate?

They are quite accurate. However, the level of accuracy does depend on where you are using it.

If you are only doing the hunting and any informal shooting, this can be quite accurate. Even you may find it more precise than you expected. But, the accuracy may fall under the level of requirements if you are willing to take this to any match. They are not that highly accurate, especially for any competition.

2. What is the quietest break barrel air rifle?

For those annoying neighbors, grab something that will never trigger them

To aid you to find the quietest break barrel air rifle, consider checking out the Raptor Whisper Air Rifle. This rifle does make sounds, only whispers, as the manufacturers claim. They are not lying either, as with the noise reduction technology it has, sound finds it tough to remain. This helps the rifle to reduce sounds drastically. Good for your ears.

3. What is the effective range of a .22 cal air rifle?

The effective range of a .22 Caliber Air Rifle is 45-50 yards.

Among all the types of calibers, the .22 has a certain type of drawback. This has the shortest range. However, this caliber is extremely strong at shorter ranges. All you need to do is to good quite close, within 50 yards to be exact, and pull the trigger. Your target will be acquired.

4. Can a 177 pellet gun kill a deer?

Yes, you can possibly kill a deer with a .177 pellet gun.

There will be a few more steps than with any other firearm. The power of an air gun. is quite impressive but not as great as a firearm. As a result, acquiring the target will be quite a challenge. When you have a perfect aim, the perfect placement, and the perfect range, you can expect a deer to die from a .177 pellet air gun.

5. Why does my air rifle not fire?

Maybe there is a problem with your inner mechanism.

In order for air guns to work, they use complicated internal mechanisms. This somewhat complex system is likely to fail at some point. There are several factors that may cause this problem, including wear, debris, and too much lubrication. A faulty air rifle can suffer even more complications due to incorrect servicing.

Final Word

Break barrel rifles are a perfect addition, that can enhance your collection. They are masters at their own abilities, although they just may look cool inside your cabinet. From shooting pellets at very high velocity to being very strong and robust, they are made to hunt the smallest naggers.

In the list of 10 best break barrel pellet rifles, several rifles have been featured. These guns have the utmost capabilities to get any job done, from hunting pests to winning games.

Furthermore, they all come with their own and distinct benefit which may offer you the most convenience. All in all, use this article as a guide and get your break barrel to take home the trophy you want.

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