Best CO2 Pistol in 2021 : Top 10 Picks and Buying Guide

Suppose you want to protect yourself by using a gun. But you don’t know how to operate one. Wouldn’t it be better if you could practice shooting targets before buying a real one?

Don’t be worried. A CO2 gun helps you practice the whole process, from holding a gun to accurately making a target. This comes with additional features allowing you the exact experience of operating a real gun.

You may not have the slightest idea about which brands of CO2 guns are convenient for you to purchase. Here, we will show you the best CO2 pistols available to clear your confusion. Let’s jump right in!

Comparison Table of Top 10 CO2 Pistol

Product Name

Velocity (FPS)

Item Dimension (Inches)

Frame Material


Sig Sauer M17





Crosman CRVL357S SR357 Full Metal





Air Venturi Springfield Armory XDE 4.5″





Crosman SNR357




Black/ Grey

Sig Sauer We The People 1911





ASG Dan Wesson 715





Wearable4U Glock 17





WG Airsoft Metal M9





ASG Ingram/Cobray M11





HFC HG-171 Tactical 1911




Black/ Silver

The 10 Best CO2 Pistol of 2021: Most Powerful Reviews

To help you make a decision easily, we brought up the reviews of 10 of the most powerful CO2 pistols.

The reviews will feature how fast each of the products can run with their size and appearance. Furthermore, you’ll see the additional qualities the brands come up with.

1. Sig Sauer M17 CO2 Air Pistol

Sig Sauer CO2 Air Pistol

Do you want to use a CO2 pistol that even a criminal wouldn’t know the difference? Sig Sauer Pistol brings you the exact experience!

This pistol has similar materials to the US Army M17 Pistol. This one can feel like the actual M17 pistol if you didn’t know better.

The pistol has the feature of excellent blowback action. You can easily shoot thanks to this feature. This gives you a real-life shooting experience, making this one the best CO2 air pistol. In every shot, you’ll feel it’s worth it.

In one pistol, there is a 20 round magazine in a pallet. It means you can shoot 20 rounds at once by using this model.

Due to the feature of building up the velocity to 430 fps, this pistol can shoot and kill with its pellet magazine.

The material includes polymer and plastic, making it look like a real pistol. However, the finishing of this product is relatively poor compared to other pistols. The coat starts to vanish after a couple of uses.

The CO2 is placed on the magazine; hence you can remove the magazine comfortably. The cartridge allows the gun to not have any pressure whatsoever as the pressure can cause damage to your pistol.

Highlighted Features:

  • Similar materials to US Army M17 Pistol to give you real-life experience.
  • Features top-class blowback action while you’re shooting.
  • Velocity up to 430 fps to make the gun work faster.
  • Includes 20 round magazine pallet for easier usage.

2. Crosman CRVL357S SR357 Full Metal CO2-Powered

Crosman CO2-Powered Air Pistol

Using a pistol can be dangerous if you don’t have previous experience. Crosman BB Revolver comes with a pistol with directions for usage. The directions are included in the package.

This gun is fully coated with metal and heavy weighted, just like a real gun. You’ll feel as though you’re using a .357 magnum. Therefore, make sure you don’t use this in front of the police.

The velocity goes up to 450 fps which is huge for a revolver air pistol. The bullet can go through solid materials such as cupboards and tin cans.

It involves 6 cartridges to make target shooting easier. You can use the cartridges as much as you want, thanks to the feature of reusable BB cartridges. The revolver can be fired both as a single or double action.

By using too much, the cartridges can get weak. Nonetheless, you can simply put a new one in by using the given directions.

To acquire the target accurately, you can fix the front and rear sight of the gun. The front and rear sights are flexible and adjustable. The bullet can pass through the toughest of materials with just 6 shots.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with directions to place and use the gun accurately.
  • Includes 6 cartridges for easier target shooting.
  • Fully coated with heavy metal and weight to make you feel the actual shooting experience.
  • The speed is up to 450 fps to go through the toughest of materials.

3. Air Venturi Springfield Armory XDE 4.5″ CO2 Pistol

Air Venturi CO2 Pistol

A pistol should have a distinctive feature to attract you. This one includes the unique ability of both the single and double-action trigger.

This means, when you pull the trigger, you can choose between a single action and two actions.

If you want to purchase a gun to practice easily, this one comes with extraordinary features with genuine details. That makes it perfect for practicing.

Air Venturi Springfield Armory features flexible front sight operation, including red dot optic and two-dot in the rear sight. This gives you the accurate direction of where you want to target.

Additionally, this can go up to 380 fps of velocity. With the feature of 18 rounds, this can be a long-term pistol for you to own.

The setting up process of this gun can be troublesome to the users. The BB has to load into a hole that is very tiny compared to other models.

Nevertheless, after the set-up, you’ll have a smooth experience for its two-handed safety feature and untroubled release of the magazine. This can be used by a variety of shooters who have a passion for shooting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes the single and double action trigger to give you options.
  • Comes with a red dot and two-dot in the rear sight for you to have accurate targeting.
  • The power goes up to 380 fps for faster shooting.
  • Features ambidextrous safety so that every shooter can comfortably and safely operate this.

4. Crosman SNR357 CO2-Powered Snub Nose Revolver

Crosman SNR357 CO2-Powered

You have to take safety measures when using a pistol. If a gun includes the feature to ensure safety, you wouldn’t have to worry at all.

This model from Crosman comes with the slide safety option to make you handle the pistol carefully.

The purpose of a BB gun is to target the shot accurately. You can do this due to the feature of fixed blade front sight and adaptable rear sight.

This model comes with a fully coated metal body. 2 pounds of weight makes the gun heavy to weigh. By this feature, you’ll feel as though you are carrying a real pistol.

You’ll have the desired pressure on this gun thanks to the feature of a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. Furthermore, it includes 6 rounds of shot in a cartridge cylinder.

You may experience problems holding the plastic grip onto the gun. It can also be called the best CO2 pellet pistol in the market for unique features and accurate targeting sight.

The pellets can go up to 500 fps, and BBs can go maximum at 400 fps, making this one of the fastest guns available.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes slide safety option for safer usage.
  • Comes with a fixed front sight and flexible rear sight to target shots accurately.
  • Features 12 gram CO2 cartridge for maintaining the level of pressure.
  • Velocity goes up to 400 fps for BB guns and 500 fps for the pellet ones.

5. Sig Sauer We The People 1911 CO2 BB Pistol

Sig Sauer CO2 BB Pistol

This model was inspired by the well-known “We The People” full-size centrefire gun from 1911.

You will find 25 stars on each side of this BB pistol for representing the USA. Furthermore, you will find “We The People” and “1776” carved on the pistol.

Hence, this model shows distressing color to represent that it is from 1911. We already talked about the looks of this product. Let’s now move on to the features.

The weight of this gun is similar to the original ones. The frame and slide are covered with full metal. It can easily be called the real pistol. The velocity goes up to 340 fps which is convenient for a permanent shooter.

You can practice using this one in your backyard. The blowback after targeting feels light and fun.

This doesn’t come with the typical 12 gm cartridge. But you can buy a new cartridge and reload the new one in the pistol with some BBs.

The slide safety option is available on this model. However, you should make sure to wear safety goggles and protective clothes while using this for the first time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features carved “We The People” and “1776” to make you have real-time experience.
  • Blowback action is light and fun to use.
  • Power goes up to 340 for convenient usage.
  • Comes with heavy weighted fully coated metal material just like the real ones.

6. ASG Dan Wesson 715 2.5″ 0.177/ 4.5mm Caliber

ASG Dan Gun Revolver

Do you want a pistol that you can shoot smoothly? Look no further. The Dan Wesson BB gun comes with the feature of a comfortable trigger pull. Meaning, you can shoot the trigger as light as you can.

This is designed especially for convenient usage for your hand and thumb. You can perfectly and accurately have a grip of this on your hand.

This model includes a speed loader, and you can load the 6 cartridges back to back. Due to the feature of the integrated tool, the cartridge can tighten up C02 and lower the pressure of the gun.

Pulling the trigger is easy, but the gun is weighed heavier. Because of the 1.2 kilograms weight, this model is similar to look like a real heavy firearm.

Additionally, this one features a double-action revolver. You can shoot two times after pulling the trigger in this pistol.

For an airgun, the velocity can only go at a maximum of 344 fps. Hence, the power is low compared to other air pistols. This replica includes all the features you need to have in an air gun despite the low velocity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes a speed loader and 6 cartridges for fast reload.
  • Features integrated tool to tight up CO2 and lower the pressure.
  • Weighed 1.2 kilograms to make you feel like you’re using a real firearm.
  • Designed for gripping the gun perfectly by using the thumb.

7. Wearable4U Umarex Glock G17 Gen4 C02 Blowback

Wearable4U Umarex C02 Blowback

Glock 17 is acknowledged all over the world as a leading brand in this industry. This model from Glock 17 brand comes with intense blowback action for you to get attention.

Due to the feature of numerous grip situations, you can easily hold the gun and aim for the target. Shooters can have a lifetime experience using this one. The control systems are super realistic.

This model is covered with full metal. It looks like a steel replica version of a real sidearm. The safety slide is designed as a full metal feature as well. This quality makes the experience trouble-free and practical.

The magazines are released freely with their 18 round pellet loader. The Gen4 fans will love this model. These features and abilities make Glock 17 the best CO2 BB pistol among the other ones.

In some models, the accuracy of the direction can be of low quality. Thus, you may have to aim higher than your target. This won’t impact as it features blade front sight with the fixed rear sight.

This unit comes with a manual that states the steps of how to use this model ideally. This gun can be used for fun or practicing when you’re at home or in the backyard.

Highlighted Features:

  • Intense blowback action for a comfortable shooting experience.
  • Includes 18 round pellet loader to make the BB pistol long-lasting.
  • Features Gen4 systems that can give the genuine fans’ relief.
  • Comes with a metal safety slide for a secured event of a shooting.

8. 500 FPS WG Gas CO2 Hand Gun Pistol

Gas co2 Hand Gun Pistol

Do you want to have a CO2 pistol that will last for a lifetime? The WG airsoft delivers impressive performance. The power level is enormous; it can go up to 500 fps!

This is huge compared to the velocity of other pistols. Due to the feature of a higher power, this can be considered the most powerful CO2 pellet pistol. Along with the other features, this one also can be long-lasting.

The accuracy of your shooting will be perfect due to the inclusion of a flexible rear sight option along with fiber optic sights. Additionally, the new generation blowback system is fun and relaxing to use.

It is designed as an M9 military firearm. Hence, the hand gripping system is comfortable for you to hold the pistol.

The safety slide is sometimes loose, making the shooting event a little troublesome. You have to set the slide up accurately for an exceptional experience.

You can attach a laser or flashlight to this model thanks to the system of tactical rail. This gives the gun a place to hold accessories.

Highlighted Features:

  • Velocity goes up to 400-500 fps, making it one of the most powerful CO2 pistols.
  • Comes with a flexible rear sight option for accurate targeting.
  • Features new generation blowback system for comfortable usage.
  • Includes tactical rail system to hold a flash of light in the pistol.

9. ASG Ingram/Cobray M11 .177 Caliber Steel

ASG BB Air Pistol

This model comes as a replica of the M-11 gun with the actual features from the original one. It adds the surrealism of using a real gun, making the experience more fun and everlasting.

You can use and shoot this gun for hours in a backyard! This machine includes a 27 round magazine to load the pistol faster and smoother.

The power goes up to 394 fps; thus, when you shoot, and it will hit the target quicker. This model is often used in sports, entertainment, or just for fun.

You can use over 1000 shots in one day, and still, the pistol wouldn’t cause any trouble. The front sight is fixed and made of iron. You can accurately target the shot through the sights.

If we move to the drawbacks, this unit doesn’t include a blowback system. This can make the target hit in less action.

The loading of the trigger gets simpler due to the feature of a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. A 4.5 mm BBS made of steel gives the gun a nice punch after pulling the trigger.

Highlighted Features:

  • A replica of the M-11 version with the exact features and abilities.
  • Comes with 27 round of pellets making the magazine to load quicker.
  • Provides more than 1000 shots for fun or entertainment usage.
  • Features 12 gram cartridge for easier and freeloading.

10. HFC HG-171 Tactical 1911 CO2 Blowback Pistol

HFC HG-171 CO2 Blowback Pistol

Wouldn’t it be better if your gun had a place to hold lasers or lights? This unit comes with an accessory rail to pick and hold the lasers and lights. It makes things easier for the shooter to have accessories in the pistol.

This model includes blowback action to make you experience the real event of using a firearm. Therefore, practicing with this pistol can help you in the long term.

The safety slide is included with a full front and rear notch. You can be assured of being safe while using this one.

This fits in nearly every type of holster that exists in the market. Thus, you can even travel with this airsoft pistol.

The 12-gram cartridge is used to reduce the pressure level on the pistol. This model is loaded with 27 rounds for longevity and durability.

The incorporated front and rear sights are not a high profile in this unit. Thus, accurate direction to the target can be hectic by using this one.

The gripping system is made of non-polymer. This means the pistol won’t slip while you’re using it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features accessory rail to hold lasers and light for comfort and ease.
  • Includes realistic blowback action to experience real-time usage of an actual gun.
  • Provides full front and rear slides to ensure safe usage.
  • The non-polymer gripping system helps you to grip the gun perfectly and strongly.

Things You Must Look into When Buying CO2 Pistol

If you’re buying a CO2 pistol for the very first time, you must have vague information about which one you want to purchase. Obviously, you would want to buy the top CO2 pistol that is convenient for you.

CO2 Pistol

Now, we’re going to cover some of the factors you should consider before you go out to buy a CO2 pistol.


In a CO2 pistol, you have to shot a target that can be a tin can or a cupboard. But, the velocity of the shoot should be at a higher level to acquire the target accurately.

In an average BB gun, 350-400 fps is convenient. However, 400-500 fps is the one you should target to buy as it will produce a faster and clear shot.

This can put a negative impact as well because more power requires louder noise. Therefore, make sure for what reasons you want to buy the pistol and decide based on your preference.

Sight Features

You have to point the gun precisely to shoot the target. For that, you have to watch the target clearly through the sight features.

If you want to adjust the sights according to your need, buy a pistol including adjustable rear sight. The front sight can have multiple features as well.

This feature will allow you to do your work carefully and thoroughly. You can also learn how to prey on the target using these operations.

Overall Appearance

The CO2 pistols come with various types of appearance. The replicas can be made of plastic, metal, or steel.

Furthermore, the length and weight of the pistol matter. You want to achieve the actual experience of using a real firearm or sidearm.

Those firearms are heavy to hold. Thus, the CO2 pistols should be heavily weighed for you to have the exact real-life experience.

Safety Options

In some BB guns, there are slides made of metals to ensure safe usage. If you’re a newbie of using pistols, you can look over if the gun has safety slides or not.

Some guns are easy to set up and use. You don’t need safety features in these types of pistols. Hence, you should see through all the features a gun is providing. If the included features feel necessary for you, you can decide to buy one.


You may want the pistols to last long. Thus, you should buy a cartridge with a high number of reloading abilities. In this case, the gun will last long after the first trigger.

A stand-out cartridge can also lower the pressure of your gun. This prevents the pistols from damaging. Moreover, you can go through the cartridge and reload the ability a gun has to offer before buying the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are CO2 pistols loud?

Answer: CO2 pistols aren’t that loud like real guns. However, it makes sounds that can disturb your neighbors.

The CO2 pistols can make a pop sound when it’s been shot. This depends on the type of gun nonetheless. Some guns sound louder than action, whereas some don’t.

2. What’s the difference between an air pistol and a CO2 pistol?

Answer: An air pistol holds the air at a higher level of pressure than a CO2 holds. On the other hand, a CO2 pistol can shoot numerous times without being to load again.

An air pistol only shoots pointed pellets. In contrast, CO2 guns can fire pellets which are made of steel and flat pellets.

3. How long will a CO2 cartridge last in an air pistol?

Answer: If you have small CO2 tanks, then they will last longer based on the weightage of the CO2 cartridge. The small tanks will let the gun cool down quicker.

Regarding large CO2 tanks, the cartridge will take much time to cool down. You have to take a break after shooting a few of the pellets.

4. Can you use compressed air in a CO2 BB gun?

Answer: A CO2 pistol will run quickly and freely if it is made on compressed air. With the compressed air feature, the air will flow independently, making the pressure decreased heavily.

This will make the gun work smoothly. Therefore, you can use compressed air in a CO2 BB gun.

5. Can you use a BB pistol for self-defense?

Answer: BB pistol is only for the purpose of practicing or fun, not for attacking. The BB gun is not designed for self-defense. You can use the gun in your home or backyard by shooting at cupboards or cans.

Moreover, you cannot use this one for self-defense.

Final Words

Safety should be the first priority in one’s life. You should do whatever it takes to ensure safety for you and your family. No one can guarantee your life, but you should always have backup to protect yourself. Thus, having a pistol can be a perfect solution.

In this guide, we covered the reviews of the best CO2 pistols that you can use to practice in order to get real-life experience of an actual firearm.

Furthermore, we have seen the factors such as how fast the pistol works, how it is made, and the additional features that should be looked over before you buy one. Lastly, we like to conclude with the line you should never forget by – “Better be safe than sorry.”

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