Best Fingerprint Gun Safe Reviews | A Complete Guide in 2021

We have said multiple times that the right place to store your firearm is the gun safe. It is the place where you only will have access. However, not all of the safes can offer quick access to the inside. But it is pretty important because having immediate access to your firearm can turn a critical situation around.

Well, that is where the best fingerprint gun safe steps in. There will be no fuss to open the doors of these. In fact, some will open up almost instantaneously. As a result, you would be able to have quick access to the inside. Also, they offer a reasonably high amount of security from intruders and thieves as well.

What Is a Biometric Gun Safe?

Before we get into the reviews, we would like to ensure that you know what biometric gun safes are. As the name suggests, these will rely on the biometric data for the locking mechanism. And for the fingerprint gun cases, you would have to input your fingerprint on the locking mechanism.

In the setup process, the mechanism will scan your finger. It will look for unique patterns of the fingerprint, which are the loops, arches, and whorls. The mechanism will scan these and store them in the built-in memory.

After the setup process, with each press on the fingerprint scanner, it will scan the finger and try to match the unique patterns with the saved ones. If the patterns match, the gun case will unlock, but it will stay locked if the patterns do not match.

On that note, thanks to the speed of the scanner, the whole process will take a few seconds.

Top 10 Best Fingerprint Gun Safe Reviews

Although there are numerous options available in the market, not all of them will offer a praiseworthy performance in terms of offering quick access and a good amount of security. And for your convenience, we have vigorously tested the top-rated ones and picked the ones that do offer those criteria. They are:

1. Fingerprint Hand Gun Safe Firearm Case Box

Fingerprint Hand Gun Safe Firearm Case Box

One of the factors we checked in a unit to crown it the best fingerprint gun safe is the ability to offer quick access. And this one from Moutec has managed to impress us in that regard.

The first thing that makes it stick out is the number of locking mechanisms it has. There is a rapid keypad, a key locking mechanism, and finally, a fingerprint scanner. You would be capable of letting your family member or trusted person access the inside even when you are not around the safe because of those locks.

Additionally, each of the locking mechanisms of this fingerprint safe for gun can open up exceptionally fast. The fingerprint lock takes only one second. Also, there is a good amount of space inside. It should be able to carry two pistols or one pistol with a couple of magazines inside. And the door of the unit is pry-resistant.

Other than being pry-resistant, the unit is reasonably durable. It features a construction of reinforced solid steel. The hinges are comparatively thick, and they can offer a maximum level of protection from break-ins. It even has a durable coating on the exterior, which will make it look good for a long time.

Lastly, it has a silent mode. When activated, it will not make any noise when you press the keypad.

Highlighted Features

  • It has three different locking mechanism.
  • The scanner is exceptionally fast.
  • Boasts a good amount of capacity.
  • The door is pry-resistant.
  • Sports thick hinges.

2. Verifi Smart Gun Safe with Fingerprint Lock Security

Verifi Smart Gun Safe with Fingerprint Lock Security

Among all of the available options, the best gun safe with fingerprint lock would be the ones that have a longer lifespan. And a perfect example of that would be this unit.

This fingerprint pistol safe boasts an automatic self-diagnostic mechanism. That mechanism will perform tests and check whether the batteries and the sensors are working adequately or not. And it conducts these tests every 24 hours. If it finds any problems, it will show you the report the next time you access it.

Other than that, the fingerprint sensor on this is quite advanced. It holds the certification from the FBI, which means it would be capable of offering the highest amount of security. Also, thanks to the large sensor area and TouchChip technology, it holds the ability to offer super quick access to the inside.

It even has an LCD display on the front. That display will offer information regarding the battery percentage. It will produce an audible beeping noise when the battery level is too low. Also, the LCD will provide tamper alerts. So, when anyone tries to get inside, it will let you know.

There are pre-drilled holes on the inside. Those will make it easier to mount the unit on walls and other places. Also, it has an adjustable LED light.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports a self-diagnostic mechanism.
  • FBI certified fingerprint sensor.
  • It has a large sensor area.
  • Boasts an LCD on the front.
  • Offers battery and tamper alerts.

3. Moutec Quick Access Fingerprint Long Gun Safe

Moutec Quick Access Fingerprint Long Gun Safe

While looking for the best biometric gun safes, you might want to opt for something large in size and that can hold multiple firearms. Well, in that case, this one should be in your consideration.

Let us first talk about the overall size of the gun safe with fingerprint. It can hold rifles that are up to 50 inches long. And thanks to the deeper compartments, it would be capable of accommodating the rifles with optics attached to them. Also, there is space for 5 to 6 rifles inside.

Apart from having a good amount of capacity, the unit can offer a praiseworthy level of protection as well. The door is pry-proof and tamper-resistant. And as the body is of high-quality steel, it will be pretty hard for someone to break in. Even the fingerprint scanner is highly reliable too.

On that note, the scanner can hold 100 different patterns. That means you would be capable of offering access to your family members or the people you trust. It even has a keypad lock and a backup key lock, which you can use when you can not access the other locking mechanism.

Other than that, the installation process should be easy for this one. It has five pre-punched mounting holes.

Highlighted Features

  • Reasonably large in size.
  • Can hold 5 to 6 rifles.
  • The door is pry-proof.
  • Made of high-quality steel.
  • The fingerprint scanner is highly reliable.

4. Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification

awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification

If you were on the lookout for the best handprint gun safe that has a smooth door, you could stop your search right here because this one from awesafe is offering that feature.

Unlike some of the other options, this one utilizes a gas strut on the hinge. That strut will instantly and quietly open up the door. And thanks to that gas strut, you should be capable of opening the door using one hand only. Also, it has a LED lights inside, which will come in handy when the room’s lights are off.

In addition to that, the gun lock box fingerprint has an advanced fingerprint scanner. This scanner will offer the highest amount of protection while letting you get access to the inside quickly and smoothly. Also, there is a keypad and a backup key locking mechanism.

Apart from the locking mechanisms, the unit is reasonably small and compact in size. The compact nature of it makes it highly portable. Also, thanks to the lightweight nature of the unit, you can set this one up almost anywhere. It works well as a nightstand safe too.

Besides that, the capacity inside is more than enough to carry a handgun. It can even contain few magazines along with the pistol.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a gas strut.
  • Offers smooth and quick access.
  • Sports LED lights on the interior.
  • Has additional keypad and key-locking mechanism.
  • Small and compact.

5. Best Choice Products Steel Electronic Storage Rifle Gun Safe

Best Choice Products Steel Electronic Storage Rifle Gun Safe

Own multiple rifles that require a safe storage space? Looking for the top fingerprint gun safe with good enough capacity? Well, you should keep this one in your consideration.

First of all, the unit has a spacious inside. There is space to accommodate up to 5 large-sized rifles. And thanks to the padded interior, the chances of them getting scratched will be considerably low. The padding will also work exceptionally well in keeping the moisture down.

Other than the interior, the exterior is pretty praiseworthy as well. The construction is of heavy-duty solid steel. Because of that material, it achieves a higher level of toughness, which will basically make it hard for the intruders to break into it. Also, it is highly resistant to prying and tampering.

It has multiple locking mechanisms as well. There is a fingerprint scanner that can offer quick access to the inside. Also, it has an 8-digit keypad and two different manual key locks. Those will enable your family members to get access to the inside when you are not around.

Besides that, the installation process is pretty simple. It includes sleeve anchors, which will securely bolt the safe down into the wall and floors. Also, it has internal lockboxes. Those will let you keep ammo, keys, and other valuables safe.

Highlighted Features

  • The inside is spacious.
  • Has padding inside.
  • Constructed of heavy-duty steel.
  • There are multiple locking mechanisms.
  • Easy to install.

6. RPNB Gun Safe, Quick Access with Biometric Fingerprint

RPNB Gun Safe, Quick Access with Biometric Fingerprint

You might relate to cheap things being incompetent. However, that is not entirely true. There are some cheap options out there that are better than the higher-priced options. And this best cheap fingerprint gun safe can illustrate that properly.

To start with, this pistol safe with fingerprint lock has three different locking mechanisms. One is the biometric fingerprint scanner, which can offer rapid access to the inside. And the other is the quick access keypad and the manual locking mechanism. The manual locking mechanism can work as a backup access point.

Even though this one is not that pricey, the brand did not cut corners on the overall construction. The unit is pretty tough and rugged. And it achieves those traits thanks to utilizing high-quality steel. Also, the exterior is highly resistant to corrosion. So, you can expect it to last for a long period of time.

Alongside that, it has a good amount of capacity inside. There is space for a standard-sized handgun and a magazine. Also, it integrates a couple of anti-theft protection. The door is pry-resistant, and it can resist tampering as well. And the double-layer door will make it pretty difficult for intruders to break in.

Lastly, the unit is reasonably small and light in weight. For that reason, it will be easier to carry and store it around.

Highlighted Features

  • Has three locks.
  • The overall construction is pretty solid.
  • Can resist corrosion.
  • Packs multiple anti-theft protections.
  • Portable and reasonably lightweight.

7. CACAGOO Gun Safe, Biometric Gun Safe Smart Pistol Safe

CACAGOO Gun Safe, Biometric Gun Safe Smart Pistol Safe

Are you looking for the best biometric pistol safe that is large in capacity but has a compact overall form factor? Well, what you were probably looking for is this one that is from CACAGOO.

To start with, this one has a good amount of capacity inside. It can contain two regular-sized pistols and four clips at the same time. And the inside is padded, making sure that the firearms and accessories do not get scratched during transportation.

Speaking of which, it is relatively compact in size. Thanks to the compact formfactor and the lightweight nature, it will be pretty easy for you to carry it and store it around. And the installation process should be easy as well. There are pre-drilled holes that will make floor and wall installation an easy task.

Additionally, the overall construction of the unit is pretty solid. The body is made of reinforced steel. That material makes it achieve a higher level of durability and sturdiness. The built-in hinges are reasonably robust and can resist prying reasonably well. And the exterior has a durable powder coating as well.

Lastly, the fingerprint scanner is easy to program. It can hold up to 40 different fingerprints. The scanner can also offer extra-fast access. To be exact, it can provide access in 0.1 seconds, making it the best fingerprint lock.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a good amount of capacity.
  • Compact in size.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Reasonably durable.

8. RPNB Mounted Gun Safe with Auto Open Fingerprint Lock

RPNB Mounted Gun Safe with Auto Open Fingerprint Lock

Though there are plenty of options available in the market, only a few have a reasonably high level of durability. And this one is one of those few.

Allow us to start by first talking about the overall design. The design is what makes it stand out the most. It has a desk-mounted design, which will let you install it vertically under the desk. This easy-to-hide design is basically what makes it the best personal gun safe.

Other than the design, the construction of this unit is pretty praiseworthy. It utilizes high-quality materials for the overall structure, which makes it achieve a comparatively higher level of durability and sturdiness. The black finish on the exterior is reasonably durable as well. It will last for a long amount of time.

Additionally, the fingerprint sensor of this one is pretty advanced. It utilizes a 500 DPI sensor. This sensor can capture images in high resolution. For that reason, it would be capable of offering quick access to the inside. Also, the high-resolution capture nature will enable it to offer the highest amount of security.

The installation process of the handgun safe fingerprint is relatively easy as well. The desk-mounting mechanism is pretty simple and straightforward. So, you will not have to go through that many hassles in terms of setting it up.

Highlighted Features

  • Discreet installation.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • Exceptionally durable.
  • The fingerprint scanner is pretty advanced.
  • Features a durable finish on the exterior.

9. OWSOO Gun Safe for Pistols with Biometric Fingerprint

OWSOO Gun Safe for Pistols with Biometric Fingerprint

While going through the reviews, you might want to get the best fingerprint pistol safe that has a wall-mounted design and a good amount of capacity. In that case, you should keep this one in your consideration.

To begin with, it has a reasonably high capacity. It can hold up to 2 large-sized pistols and four magazines at the same time. For that reason, you might not find the necessity to get yourself anything larger than this. Also, it has pre-drilled holes inside. The holes will make the installation process easier.

On that note, the pre-drilled holes will make it ideal for wall mounting. And because of the pre-drilled holes, it will not be necessary for you to go through extra hassles. Also, it features durable overall construction. The body is made of sturdy steel, and the outside is corrosion-resistant.

Additionally, the door is capable of resisting prying. Also, thanks to the seamless welding and the double-layer door, it will be hard for someone to get access to the inside without you knowing. And the inside has padding, which will protect the firearms from scratches and other damages.

Lastly, the fingerprint scanner on this fingerprint handgun safe is exceptionally fast. It can open the door within 0.1 seconds. And it holds the ability to capture 40 different fingerprints.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts a relatively high capacity inside.
  • Features pre-drilled holes.
  • It can be mounted to the wall.
  • The door is resistant to prying.
  • Sports a fast fingerprint scanner.

10. KANSING Biometric Rifle Gun Safe, Fingerprint Long Gun Safe


We will finish off our best fingerprint pistol safe reviews with this unit from KANSING. If you were looking for something with an LED light and a silent opening mechanism, take a look at what it can offer.

As we have mentioned above, the unit has a LED light integrated inside. It will light up the interior after you open the door. This light will make it easier for you to access the inside in the dark. Also, it has a silent mode, which will not allow the locking mechanism to make any noise. It will come in handy in emergencies.

Additionally, the fingerprint scanner of the unit can offer quick access to the inside. The scanner can store up to 29 different fingerprints, and it can match them with the scanned print reasonably fast. Also, there are two other locking mechanisms. That will offer other ways of having access to the inside.

The inside has a high capacity as well. Its interior is large enough to hold up to 2 large-sized handguns. Also, the interior has padding. That padding will lower the chances of the firearms getting damaged during transportation. Also, as the unit is reasonably small in size, you can easily store it in different places.

Highlighted Features

  • Integrates an LED light.
  • Features a silent mode.
  • The scanner can store 29 different prints.
  • Offers quick access to the inside.
  • Can hold two pistols at the same time.

Gun Safe with Fingerprint Lock Buying Guide

Gun Safe with Fingerprint

Before making a purchase decision, we would highly recommend keeping some of the important points in your mind. By considering them, you would have a higher chance of getting something that is not only worth the money but also offers a higher level of security. And the factors we are referring to here are:

Build Quality

The build quality is one of the crucial factors of a gun safe. Without having a proper build quality, the unit will not be that capable of withstanding tampering. Also, it will be easier for the intruders to break into them. Keeping that in mind, the build quality is the first thing that you should consider.

Our recommendation here would be to get the ones that are made of high-quality materials. Those will have a higher build quality and will eventually be exceptionally durable and long-lasting.

Anti-theft Protection

Apart from the build quality, you need to factor in the anti-theft protections of the safe. Consider if the doors are pry-resistant or not. And check whether the door can resist tampering or not. If the door is not pry-resistant and tamper-resistant, it will be pretty easy for the intruders to break into the safe and get access to the inside.

Fingerprint Scanner

One of the main components of these is the fingerprint scanner. And for this, you need to check how fast the scanner is. The faster the scanner, the quicker you will be able to get access to the inside. And having immediate access to the interior is pretty essential. For that reason, we would highly recommend checking the speed first.

After checking the speed, consider the reliability of the scanner. Check whether it can offer a good amount of security or not. If it malfunctions from time to time, the chances of your guns getting into the wrong hands will be exceptionally high.

Other Locking Mechanism

Usually, the units will come with one or two other locking mechanisms other than the fingerprint lock itself. And even though many might include the keypad and manual key lock at the same time, some might not have the key lock. However, the manual lock is important. It offers backup access to the inside when the battery dies. 


Last but not least, keep the overall capacity under your consideration. For this, consider how many guns you want to keep inside. Also, consider whether you wish to store rifles or handguns. By considering these two, choose the one with the right size and capacity.

Biometric Safe vs. Combination Safe

One of the most debatable topics related to the safe is the locking mechanisms. While some state that the biometric locking mechanisms are more reliable, others will say otherwise. Well, we will offer information regarding both and leave the task of choosing the winner to you.

Biometric Safe

These integrate the latest locking technologies that the market has to offer at the moment. Thanks to incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, these can offer quick access to the inside. Some of the scanners are so fast that they can open up the door within 0.1 seconds.

Additionally, these offer some features that the combination safes can not usually offer. They can store multiple biometric data, which means there will no need to make a large number of duplicate keys.

Combination Safe

One of the safes that still rely on the old-school locking tech is the combination safe. However, one thing that they do not rely on is the battery. That means there will be no need to worry about the electronic locks not working when the battery dies. For this reason, many are still opting for these.

Additionally, these tend to be highly durable, thanks to the thick walls. Also, many will have a secondary locking mechanism to offer another access point to the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all of the fingerprint gun safes come with a keypad?

Answer: Not really. Some of the models might rely only on the fingerprint scanner and the manual locking mechanism.

2. How many handguns can a pistol gun safe accommodate?

Answer: That will depend on the overall capacity. The least they can carry is one with a magazine. However, the larger ones can carry more.

3. Is padding on the interior important for gun safes?

Answer: Yes, the padding offers protection from scratches and other blemishes that might occur to the gun during transportation.

4. How fast can a fingerprint scanner unlock the door of gun safe?

Answer: The unlocking speed will highly depend on the scanner. However, there are highly advanced scanners that can open up the door within 0.1 seconds. Nevertheless, the average unlock time for these is around 1 and 2 seconds.

5. Are gun safes with LED lights worth it?

Answer: According to us, they are definitely worth it. The LED will let you easily get access to the inside during the night.

Final Words

If you want to get quick access to the inside and the highest level of security against theft, you should not settle for anything other than the best fingerprint gun safe. And from the ones we reviewed, our best pick would be the Moutec Biometric Safe. It has a fast scanner and adequate capacity inside.

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