Best Handgun Range Bag Review| Ready. Set. Pack.

For shooting means carrying tons of stuff!

Yeah, from ammo to protection gear, there are a hell amount of hunting gears we have to carry.

But carrying all the weight in your back seems pretty uncomfortable, right?

Now think smartly………..Imagine you can carry our shooting staff easily without getting exhausted.

Sounds great?

All you have to do is find out a greathandgun range bag.

You heard that right!

It’s that simple.

A handgun range bag is a small handbag with different spaces for your ammo, shotguns, and shooting equipment. It weighs less, and it is quite convenient to carry anywhere.

It’s kinda backpack, But with a better setting and space for shooting.

What they say “buy nice or buy twice?”

Yeah, a piece of million-dollar advice! And to avoid that here is our review on some of the best handgun range bag which ensures versatility & functionality go together.

Top 3 Best Handgun Range Bag For The Money: A Guide To Satisfaction

Here is our review on the top 3 best rifles and handgun range bags to lock up their firearms at safe hand.

But before jumping on the detailed review, here is a quick sneak pick for those who are in a hurry.




Carrying System

NiceAndGreat Tactical Shooting Range Backpack.

Rugged Material.

5 Guns.


Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag for Handguns.

600D Polyester.

3 Guns.

Shoulder Bag.

ProCase Tactical Gun Range Bag.

600D Oxford.

3-4 Guns.

Shoulder strap and handle.

#1 NiceAndGreat Tactical Shooting Range Backpack

Tactical Shooting Range Backpack

This backpack style bag from Nice and great tactical shooting range backpack has everything you cherish for a shooting range backpack.

And the best part?

You don’t have to shell out much money for this range bag. The design of the compartments will get your hopes high.

Color, size and style

Let me say this straight…….

The khaki one grabs our attention right after seeing it on Amazon.

And we order this without knowing anything about the bag.

Later we found there are also 4 different colors(though The most purchased color is khaki). The army one is also kinda cute.

The size is perfect for carrying around. It has a dimension of 18×13 inches. Also, it weighs less than 6 pounds.

So, yeah……..the bag is convenient.

What about style? It has 10 storage front and back for storing your guns and shooting accessories. The deluxe feel and comfortable wearability will attract you even more.

Safety features

We love the fact that it has separated zipper compartments for the guns.

Thinking what’s so special about it?

It keeps the guns protected and secure. You don’t have to handle each gun. You can just move them right to safety. Amazingly, it has a color-coded system that hooked us up. You can also use colored tags.

Comfort and functionality

From this deluxe bag, one thing that will not get is the idea of “cheap”.

That’s right!

It provides ultimate comfort to the user. But using it for your expert shooting purpose can be a little inconvenient. Shooters think it becomes heavy after being loaded with ammo and guns.

But the functionality of this bag is just accurate.

It has large compartments for eye and ear protection. At the same time, we can store ammo and magazines in different compartments. You will get 5 gun storage. Overall, I liked its functions and its performance.

Material and zipper

Our mentor always says while buying a shooting gear………….Always go for rugged material.

By now, we realize why he said that……..

This durable material helps you to take the bag everywhere, like hiking and adventure. Also, there is a polyester lining.

Now come to another crucial part- the zipper.

The zippers are not metal but are made of plastic. There is a high probability that it can break at some point and make the bag useless.


You will get adequate storage for your magazine and ammo. The top side pockets are moderately small for accessories but do their work. Mainly, the pouches are comparatively small as they offer a lot of compartments.

What I like most about the range bag

  • I like how small and comfortable the bag is to carry around all day.
  • The rugged and durable material will last for a long run
  • The gun compartments come with color codes. So, it’s easy to realize if they are loaded
  • It comes with a better storage system than other range bags
  • The price is affordable though it does not look cheap

What could be better?

  • I don’t like the idea of bad zippers. It can break easily
  • The compartments are smaller than expected

#2 Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag for Handguns

Tactical Gun Range Bag

The security Orca gun range bag can easily beat any competitors.

That’s a great hook!

………and probably our biggest turn on.

And professional shooters like to have a bag as durable and spacious as this. At the same time, you can’t complain about its comfort or functionality. So, let’s have a look at its features.

Color, size, and style

We love tactical orca bags for its versatility and functionality. The bag comes in a dimension of 16×11 inches, where you can fit all your necessary shooting inventory for a day.

There are 4 colors from which you can choose your desired one.

What about the size?

Also, the size is pretty spacious to store and carry comfortably. This is not a backpack like the previous one. But it has a shoulder strap to carry along.

Safety features

If you are concerned about your shooting guns’ security and safety, you can just relax with this bag. It is developed with higher security and safety measures.

You get the point, right?

You will get premium quality lockable zippers on every pouch. So, there is no chance of falling out of trouble while moving. But you have to keep your gear out of sight of the bag.

Comfort and functionality

This spacious shoulder bag also does not compromise comfort. It is padded in the shoulder area so you can carry it easily. The bag, of course, gets heavier after loading. But in my perspective, it’s easier to carry a bag on both your shoulders than one.

Still, the bag itself is light, so it does not trouble much.

In case of its functionality, I like to mention its tough built body. There are accessory pockets that display patches. You can also personalize according to your choice.

An absolute game-changer!

There is a divider in the main compartment where you can put your dirty shoes or clothes. The rest of the pockets are fully padded that ensures safety.

Materials and zipper

Orca tactical handgun range bag is a heavy-duty bag that is built for tough tasks. The main material is 600D polyester material. The amazing part is it is double stitched in the whole body and has elasticity in stress points. We are pleased with its stitching and components.

But you may be kicking yourself to ask about the zippers’, right?

Also, you will get metal YKK zippers with this bag. So, there is a small to no chance of breaking it midway. Also, the nylon pulls are rust-resistant and tough for regular use.


The bag is quite spacious, but it does not have many compartments.

The pouches have a Velcro strap enclosure for protection. You can store 3 handguns and beverages in these pouches. In total, you will get 13 compartments, where 2 for fast access and 2 have flap covers. Overall, the capacity is quite satisfactory.

What I like most

  • The polyester fabric and double stitch makes it a durable product
  • The padded compartments and Velcro straps ensure protection
  • We love the YKK zippers. The nylon pull is rust tolerant
  • It has large compartments for personalization

What could be better

  • It only has 3 gun compartments
  • It needs to be carried on one shoulder.

#3 ProCase Tactical Gun Range Bag

ProCase Tactical Gun Range Bag

If you are going to shoot multiple calibers of guns and need a good design and spacious bag, this is your best choice. Process tactical gun range bag fulfils every criterion of yours also at a reasonable price.

It’s like your perfect carrier.

The size, specification, as well as size, is really attractive. A brief idea about its features is described below.

Color, size and style

Process tactical range bag is a shoulder bag with a unique design than other range bags. This 15×11 inch bag has multiple pouches and compartments to hold your guns and ammo safely and securely.

The bag is available in 4 different colors, and black is the most purchased one. You can organize all of your staff in this bag according to your order.

Not ideal, but they’ll get the job done.

Also, the sleek design allows you to take it anywhere, like on an adventure or in your travel home.

Safety features

The safety features of this bag are quite appreciable.

The guns are concealed in a zipped lock pocket. So you don’t have to worry about losing any of your guns. Also, the worry of moving and shifting your guns from one place to another reduces in a great length.

Comfort and functionality

Although it is a spacious bag, it weighs less.

It is a one-sided bag, so a shoulder strap with added pad ensures comfort while carrying from place to place. It is a convenient product in a compact size. There is a wrap-around handle, so you can also carry it in your hand instead of your shoulder.

I like to mention its perfect compartments and features like bottom feet, especially in its functionality.

We can assure you something…….

The bag serves its purposes like protecting from dust, sun, and rain or holding pistols in place just fine.

Materials and zippers

The process tactical range bag is made of tough material, but it does not feel heavy.

How cool is that?

The bag is made of 600D oxford fabric, which is quite durable. It is water-resistant and sunlight protected. There is no chance to have scratches on its body during playtime.

It also includes some smooth zippers. The zippers have a locking mechanism that helps you to keep them secure. But I don’t like its zippers. Because they look cheap, and people complain they are having a hard time with its running. Some also blamed the zipper as wide open after one or two months.


You will have the main compartment where you can store all your pistols. For example, a divider can play a big role in organizing staff when you need it. 

How can it help you solve the problem?

Besides, you can carry 3-4 pistols, shooting accessories, and some mesh pockets in the middle compartment.

The front pocket has a webbing strap and helps to secure your magazine and ammo.

What I like most

  • The mesh pockets and large compartments are very useful
  • You can store 3-4 pistols and all other shooting accessories
  • The material is pretty durable
  • You can carry in two different ways

What would be better

  • The zipper should be more durable

Handgun Range Bag vs Backpack- Can I use a Regular Backpack as a Range Bag?


Carrying loads of guns to the practice field isn’t a job for a regular backpack.

Yeah, a backpack that can be used in adventures and hiking or a comfortable range bag that is suitable.

A backpack comes with two straps that sit over your back. It makes the carrying easier, and the load does not seem heavy. In comparison, a range bag is designed to carry and store guns and magazines. There are different compartments with gun cages for extra security.

Both are common in some perspectives, like the large compartments and zipped lock storage.

Gun Range Bag

But there are some differences as well.

In range bags, you will get multiple small compartments that are designed for your ammo—also, the pistol cages and color-coded system that ensure safety.

But in the backpack, you have to compromise all these advantages. Also, I don’t suggest using a regular backpack as a range bag because you have to customize your preferences a lot.

Why going for such measures while you just can buy the best gun range bagat an affordable price.

Who Makes the Best Handgun Range Bag?

Buying a range bag can cost you some dollars, but it is worth it.

Here is why:

A range bag has very detailed work on lining and protection, which is really helpful if you are carrying 3 to 4 guns.

You will think that why do we need to go for the best brand handgun range bag. You need it because of the comfort and functions it offers. There are many brands available in the market that are offering pretty deals relating to hand range bags.

Let’s see some of the market leaders in handgun range bags:

  • Orca
  • Samurai Tactical bag

There are brands like process, orca which are manufacturing great products with great features. They are affordable, and the company has put a lot of thought into designing.

Top #4 Key Points to Consider While Buying a Handgun Range Bag

A shooting range bag can organize your gear, ammo, and magazine and help you save your precious shooting time.

What’s Rule #1 in buying a shooting gear bag?

Get enough space and compartments to carry all of your guns.

So, a range bag is surely a must-have product, but there are certain things that you must consider while buying thebest pistol range bag. Such as-

#1 Type

Different types of range bags are available in the market. You can use a backpack or a shoulder bag for the same purpose. Backpacks can carry more loads than shoulder bags. Also, it does not feel heavy after a long day.

Keep in mind:

Make sure that your bag also has a wrap-around carry handle that helps you move the bag. I will suggest choosing a backpack with range bag features. That way, you will not face much trouble.

#2 Materials

When buying a carrier, everyone analyses the material of the carrier because the material will decide the carrier’s durability and performance.

Companies used different materials to make handgun range bags.

Most popular are PVC, nylon, oxford, and polyester. Go for a material that does not allow scratches on its body. Also, look for a product that ensures water and dust resistance.

#3 Safety Protocol

The main reason why we choose a range bag to carry a gun is because of its safety features. Guns are not safe toys. So, you need to carry and shift them in zipped lock bags.

The result?

Handgun Range Bag

They are easily damageable.

You have to choose a bag that is all over padded and has zipper-locked compartments. Some companies have added a color-coded system that safeguards your cherished guns. Go for a bag that has a divider in the main compartment. It helps you to personalize your guns orderly.

#4 Price

At last, everything comes down to price.

Before purchasing any product, you need to make a budget and make sure you cannot cross the limit.

Prices of range bags can be $30 to a few hundred dollars. Where there are more features, the bigger the price tag there will be. So, choose a bag that fulfils all your needs and does not claim extra money.

What are the Other Handgun Range Bag I Tested

#1 Range Bag Gun Ammo Bag Large Tactical

Range Bag Gun Ammo Bag Large

The material, padded shoulder, and spacious compartments made us believe that it can be a great choice for your large guns.

The bag has 6 main compartments to store your guns and ammo. The magazines and ammo can be kept securely and safely without any extra trouble.

Wow!!!!!!……….The main material is 600D nylon fabric.

So, you will not have to think twice about its durability. You can fit your full-size ammo and guns comfortably.

What we really appreciate is…….Shifting and moving are quite effortless.

This is a multi-purpose bag with versatility in mind. It is a beneficial carry bag for serious shooters. You will get different compartments also side pockets to store your beverages.

Did you notice it is a side shoulder bag?

The shoulder strap is lightly padded for additional comfort. Customers like how lightweight the bag is. It makes it easier to carry it around.

People complained about its plastic-made holders and clips. There is a reasonable doubt that the bag will not last long.

Hot tips: The compartments are well sealed with a zipper and Velcro straps. You will get a brass collection bag that works like extra storage.


  • The bag is very spacious and large
  • It has 8 compartments to store pistols and guns
  • The nylon fabric seems very durable
  • The product is versatile and can be used for other purposes as well.


  • The clips and handles are made of plastic

#2 Pistol Case Range Bag for Handguns by First Choice

Pistol Case Range Bag for Handguns

The Pistol Case Range Bag is so damn hottttttt!!!!

Yeah, the attractive design caught our attention.

It is made of spacious compartments that allow you perfect storage as well as security to hold and manage your guns and ammo.

The bag is 1000D nylon fabric which ensures durability in the longer run. The bag is water-resistant and has padding on all sides that keeps your gun in place without any harm. The guns are safe in their padlock case. Overall, it provides ultimate security and satisfaction.

Yikes—bummer, right?

You also can store some smaller pistols and shotguns in this bag. The bag has ample space with attached straps that look after your belongings. Also, there are clips and hangers where you can attach your other shooting accessories.

It is a one-sided bag that comes with a long-padded shoulder strap. The compartments are fully sealed with Velcro straps. Only the main compartment has a YKK zipper. So, you will not have constant trouble with zippers.

We liked the fact that it comes with a 1-year warranty. Also, they offer a free repairing service. But the thinking of using straps instead of chains is kind of unusual.


  • It is a large and spacious bag
  • The main compartment has a divider where you can store your products orderly
  • It ensures ultimate protection with cage for every pistol
  • The material is tougher and durable than other bags
  • The bag is water-resistant


  • Most of the pockets have Velcro straps which are risky

#3 G GATRIAL Range Bag

G GATRIAL Range-Bag Soft Pistol

Next, we have a one-sided range bag from G Gabrial.

As you can see………

It is a duffle bag with spacious compartments. The bag itself is large and has multiple compartments to hold ammo, magazines, and shotguns.

The bag comes in two different colors, black, and khaki. The main material is 600D fabric which is dust and water-resistant. So, you can carry it along with you in any particular weather.

The coolest part?

The bag is fully padded. So, your guns stay in place and do not move or shift to cause any additional trouble.

The bag has a main compartment and multiple side compartments where you can store your shooting accessories. You can remove the inner partitions to personalize the bag as you wish.

It has a strong wrap-around handle and anti-skid feet in the bottom to keep your bag above damp and dust.


  • It is a duffel bag with padded compartments
  • Water and dust resistant design keeps your bag secure
  • Personalization is possible as customers wish
  • Sturdy handle and anti-skid feet helps you in moving


  • You can only store two guns

#4 Savior Equipment Specialist Series Tactical Bag

Savior Equipment Specialist Series

Lastly, we have a tactical bag from savior equipment.

The design and the performance have made it a household name in American shooter.

A Savior tactical bag works as a savior for your guns and ammo. It is built to protect and lasts in the long run. The material is a 600D PVC shell. Also, you will find interior lining that safeguards your firearms.

Too good to be true!

The bag has a main compartment with pistol cases where you easily store your 2 pistols or shotguns. The rest of the compartments offer ample storage to hold your ammo and magazines. Also, the storage is padded to ensure extra security.

You will get lockable zippers on the main compartment. Also, the shoulder straps are adjustable according to your length. There is a magazine slot where you can easily slide down your gears.


  • It has magazine slots to keep ammo safe
  • The material is 600D PVC which is durable
  • It can store two pistols in the pistol case.
  • The whole bag is padded to ensure ultimate security
  • It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap


  • The bag is smaller than expected

Final Verdict…..

So, there you have it, folks.

The backpack style range bag serves all our purposes and also has advanced features. This is the best handgun range bag that can be beneficial for every shooter out there.

The other products also do the work and come at an affordable price. There is some honorary mention from where you can choose your desired product.

What are you waiting for?

Make the purchase and go for a hunt.

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