Best Hard Pistol Case Review in 2021 : 8 Picks with Buying Guide

We can’t emphasize it hard enough to find a good case to keep any gun or rifle. Finding the Best Hard Pistol Case feels like you’re searching for something rare but so common.

While going to hunt or even backyard plinking, the pistol case seems so soft that it would break if you blow on it hard.

Even in rainy weather, the cases seem to willingly give up on their life let alone keeping the rifle safe. But we carry potent weapons and accidents can and do happen at the most unpredicted moment.

For avoiding any disaster, the outer shell needs to be as firm as possible while keeping the gun secure. For you, we have arranged a list of rugged pistol cases for your help and make your decision a bit easier without stressing it out and within your likings and budget.

Comparison Chart of Top Hard Pistol Case

Name of the Gun Case


Plano 108021 All-Weather Pistol Case.

● Sturdy Molded Polypropylene Build.

● Dri-loc Weather Seal For Sustaining Brutal Conditions.

● Dual-stage Lockable Latches.

Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case.

● Polypropylene Construction with Rubber Gasket Lining.

● Two Layers of Foam.

● Two Adjustable Padlock Fittings for Storing.

Cedar Mills Pistol Case.

● Constructed by Carbon Fiber Reinforced DS3TeK Polypropylene

● Two Locking Lugs with the Double-Latch System.

● Crush-resistant, UV Proof and Dustproof case comes with extra 2 foam pieces.

CASEMATIX Hard Gun Case.

● Impact-Resistant Polymer Composite Plastic Construction Offering Optimal Defense.

● Customizable Layer of Pre-Diced and Shock Absorbing Interior Foam.

● Padlock Rings.

Pelican 1170 Case.

● Sturdy Ultra-High Impact Copolymer Build.

● The Hand-held Electronics Safety Solution with O-ring seal.

● Stainless Steel Hardware with Effortless Open Dual Throw Latches.

Case Club 5 Pistol Case.

● Dual Purpose Foam Design.

● Rechargeable Moisture-Absorbing Silica Gel Canister for Averting Molds and Rust.

● Built-in Pressure Release Valve with Stainless Hinge Pins and Latches.

Plano 1404 Protector Series Four Pistol Case.

● Sturdy Construction; Three Layers of Foam with Multiple Firearm Capacity.

● High-Density Interlocking Foam.

● Padlock Tabs with Molded-in Handle and Heavy-duty Lockable Latches

Pelican - V100 Pistol Case.

● Robust High-impact Polymer Body.

● Has Five Layers of Protective Foam.

● Two Push Button Latches with Stainless Steel Lock Hasps.

Our Top 8 Best Hard Pistol Case Reviews of 2021

Pistol case is an essential part of life for gun lovers like me. Therefore finding the hard one is a bit tricky. I took time and made a list that is superb in safety, extra durable for more prolonged use, and with a killer look.

1. Plano 108021 All-Weather Pistol Case

Plano All-Weather Pistol Case

A firearm container that can hold multiple pistols with impressive specifications, Plano 108021 pistol case, as said in its name, can easily tolerate any weather in any condition. This rugged cover has all the specs you’ve been looking for all this time.

The Plano 108021 all-weather pistol case is made of molded polypropylene, making it durable yet lightweight. It is easy to carry, user-friendly, and has two lockable top latches with two regular side patches and the dri-loc weather seals.

In addition to the egg carton lid foam body, it offers a customized fit with compact protection giving your gun an airtight and watertight shield.

Key Features

  • Durable; Molded Polypropylene Construction.
  • Dri-loc Weather Seal For Surviving Extreme Weather Conditions.
  • Dual-stage Lockable Latches; two lockable top latches with two regular side patches.
  • Has built-In Pressure Release Valve.
  • Water-resistant Exterior Seal.


Material: Plano 108021 all-weather pistol case comes as a stiff cover with a good build. The case has egg carton lid foam and pluck foam as its main body. The molded polypropylene constructs this robust gun case for additional strength.

Seals: Seals make your gun cases durable and resistant. For securing the gun in the best possible way, it has dri-loc weather seals. Even a water-resistant seal in the exterior keeps your weapon dry and secure in extreme weather conditions.

Capacity: The available cases have a small gun capacity; in some cases, the word gun is singular. But this well-built gun container can easily carry multiple weapons in it. Any firearm would feel safe in this cover.

Adjustability: The latches are the deal-breaker while buying any rifle case. The locks are not sufficient in number or don’t work very well. But in this durable gun case, there are dual-stage lockable latches, i.e., two lockable top latches with two regular side patches. For customizing easily, it contains pre-perforated pluck foam.

Valve: Valve might not seem like an important part, but you would be surprised to hear that valves control the pressure and make it easier for your weapon to have a longer life. The pressure-releasing valves are built-in in this well-constructed case which is impressive.


  • This case is a good option for a gun case, but the interior foam could have been improved.

2. Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case

Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case

A rifle case can easily be transported anywhere, and for storing a gun, the Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case can effortlessly fulfill all of your expectations. The rifle case has all the characteristics that make it last long yet give the best performance possible. It is perfect for holding one weapon at a time.

The Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case has always been proven to meet and exceed people’s expectations. With a lifetime warranty and pull and pluck foam pieces, it has pressure equalization valves and is resistant to rust, molds, water and crushes. It is everything you’ve been looking for storing a weapon.

Key Features

  • Has Rubber Gasket Lining with Polypropylene Construction.
  • Pressure Equalization Valve.
  • One Layer Of Solid Foam and one of Pluck And Pull Foam.
  • Two padlock adaptable fittings for storing the weapon in a secure way.
  • Crushproof, Water-Resistant and Resistant to Mold, Fungus and Corrosive Chemicals.


Build: The Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case is a gear hard and protective rifle case for securing your gun for purposes like storage and transport. It is designed to provide safety to one firearm and is made of polypropylene. It has a superb stackable design and offers a lifetime guarantee.

Resistance: This rugged gun container has been built to exceed all expectations. It is made to undergo all types of circumstances without showing trouble. It is crushproof, waterproof. It is even made to resist molds, corrosive chemicals, and fungus.

Fittings: The fitting in any firearm case is significant because it holds the weapon together. This robust rifle case has two padlocks adaptable fitting, securing safe storage and holding it tight and safe. It also ensures the TSA approval for traveling with it easily.

Valve: The valve helps control the pressure in the firearm containers to enable the pistols to be safe and unharmed. For this, this well-built firearm case features a pressure equalization valve for the gun to be in its best shape.

Foam Pieces: Foam pieces are essential to place the firearm the way you want it. These foam pieces are best if they are in pick and pluck form because it allows us to adjust the whole thing. There is one layer of Pluck and Pull Foam in this great container and one layer of solid Foam for complete customization and optimization.


  • The Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case is a suitable option for storing and keeping a gun safe, but it is comparatively heavier than the other gun cases.

3. Cedar Mills Hard Gun Case Pistol Case

Cedar Mills Pistol Case

A hard rifle case with a sturdy build and great features at an affordable price is Cedar Mills Pistol Case. This great container is the ultimate choice for travelers and weapon enthusiasts. It has a rugged build suitable for any weather and situation.

Cedar Mills Pistol Case is constructed of carbon fiber reinforced DS3TwK polypropylene. It has a dual latch system along with two locking lugs. This case is reliable and durable in any situation. It is even UV proof which is extremely rare in terms of gun cases.

Key Features

  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced DS3TeK Polypropylene Build.
  • Double-Latch System with two Locking Lugs.
  • A Budget-Friendly option with Lifetime Quality Protection.
  • Water Resistant and Polymer Hard Shell Outer Case.
  • Crush-resistant, UV Proof, and Dustproof.
  • Two foam inserts with four total foam pieces are present.


Construction: The Cedar Mills Pistol Case can quickly meet people’s standards and expectations. It is made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced DS3TeK Polypropylene which is very good for being durable. It can perform great under pressure.

Latch: The latch system is always a huge deal in terms of getting you a rifle case. It makes it effortless to put in your gun and even ensures the safety of your weapon. In this fantastic rifle case, there is a dual latch system along with two locking logs.

Resistance: This sturdy gun case is designed to sustain any and every possible situation, even if it’s the harshest. The rifle container is water-resistant, shockproof, and crushproof. It is even made UV proof just for your convenience and for lasting longer.

Extras: The case can easily fit any big weapon without even shedding sweat. It can work that well. Even for holding the guns and for the user’s convenience, two foams are inserted, making it a total of four foam pieces.

Tested: The tough rifle case is tested and manufactured to fit the existing policies. It enables it to be carried anywhere and at any place without any problems. It is even engineered to float in water for not maintaining it frequently and making it easier to be used.


  • Even though Cedar Mills Pistol Case can fit any gun at ease, you have to put in a bit of work to perfect the weapon’s padding inside and out.

4. CASEMATIX Hard Gun Case for Pistols

CASEMATIX Hard Gun Case for Pistols

A gun case for optimal defense and a reasonable price for the best usage, CASEMATIX Hard Gun Case is your option. CASEMATIX Hard Gun Case can offer the more excellent security and the safety of your gun which you’ve been looking for. The gun case is sturdy and can be brought along anywhere.

The CASEMATIX Hard Gun Case has an impact-resistant polymer composite plastic construction that lasts longer than the average case. It has an airtight build and is crush proof and waterproof. You travel a lot and own full guns but are confused with which case to choose. This container is perfect for you.

Key Features

  • Impact-Resistant Polymer Composite Plastic for Offering Greater Defense.
  • Airtight Construction.
  • Crushproof and Waterproof.
  • Shock Absorbing Interior Foam.
  • Customizable Layer of Pre-Diced Foam.
  • Padlock Rings For Additional Safety.


Construction: The rifle case build is impressive and is durable. It is made of impact-resistant polymer composite plastic. It makes it an affordable and stable choice and assures the protection of your firearms while offering a top defense.

Resistance: The rifle case is made for the people who use their firearms and bring them along in different places. This traveling makes the case full of dirt and scratches. This gun case is made waterproof and dustproof. It makes it much convenient to use and carry.

Padlock Rings: In standard gun cases, padlock rings are not present. But this feature allows additional safety to your small gun and keeps it secure. It is a rare feature, but it will enable you to be sure about your firearms safety.

Structure: The well-built gun case has a completely customizable layer of pre-diced foam features. It lets you create room for other accessories. The rifle case comprises three dense layers of Foam, which protects while traveling, and your gun is in it.


  • The CASEMATIX Hard Gun Case has a unique build serving excellent protection to your firearms, but the pistol’s sitting place could have been improved.

5. Pelican 1170 Case With Foam

Pelican 1170 Case

The powerful weapons need the utmost protection. For a long time, the Pelican cases have provided the safety that the firearms needed and satisfied its customers.

 Pelican 1170 Case has a sturdy build allowing you to travel anywhere in the world, no matter what the environment is. This dustproof and crushproof have sustained the extreme cold and heat.

This case has the automated purge controlling and releasing the pressure when needed equalizing the air pressure. It is an airtight shield with a silicone O-ring lid. It even has over-molded rubber handles with stainless steel hardware making it perfect for carrying along with you.

Key Features

  • Stiff Build; Ultra-High Impact Copolymer Construction.
  • Has The Hand-held Electronics Safety Solution.
  • Dustproof and Crushproof.
  • Effortless Open Dual Throw Latches.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.


Build: Pelican 1170 Case has a robust construction. It has an ultra-high impact copolymer build. It is incredible for any case, and it gives protection to the firearm. It has the pick and pluck along with convoluted lid foam. This container even features the hand-held electronics safety solution for the users and taking it anywhere easily.

Resistance: People take firearm containers in various places, even in the harshest possible environments. These cases are built shockproof and dustproof for the best usage for surviving them and still working correctly.

Valve: In the rifle case, the air pressure in the container has to be neutralized or equalized. This well-constructed gun case has an automated pressure equalization valve making the work as easy as possible for the user.

Handles and Hardware: The handles are the deal-breaker regarding the rifle case. In this rugged rifle case, for a better grip, the rubber handles are over-molded. The hardware is even stainless steel for lasting longer.

Latches: The latches in the rifle containers are responsible for the firearm’s safety and usage. It makes it easier to use the case. Due to this reason, effortless open dual throw latches are used in this case for user convenience.


  • Pelican 1170 Case is an outstanding rifle case with a wide range of features, but the size might be off to some people. So, do check the size before making it your option.

6. Case Club 5 Pistol and Heavy Duty Waterproof Case

Case Club 5 Pistol Case

An excellent pistol case is available in 2 sizes. You can choose according to your need and convenience; Case Club 5 Pistol Case is one of the best-rugged pistol cases with remarkable qualities. It is dustproof and waterproof for easily carrying it anywhere without worrying a bit about letting water in any way.

This well-structured pistol case has a dual-purpose foam design that can hold multiple guns with ample room. It is an exceptional container with a built-in pressure release valve, stainless latches, and hinge pins. For erasing any doubts you have regarding this rifle case, it even offers a lifetime guarantee.

Key Features

  • Dual Purpose Foam Design; Holds maximum 5 Pistols, 20 Magazines.
  • Rechargeable Moisture-Absorbing Silica Gel Canister for Preventing Gun Rust.
  • Stainless Latches and Hinge Pins.
  • Has Two Padlock Points.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.


Dual Purpose Foam Design: Case Club 5 Pistol Case has low quality, which is very convenient for the users. It can effortlessly be converted from a five firearm version to a four pistol and accessory version by detaching the pistol module and freeing up space for ammunition and safety gears. You can also change it back to the five pistol version by putting the module in.

Gel Averting Rust: In a typical gun case, it has the specifications inside to keep the gun clean and tight for the best protection that it can deliver. But, Case Club 5 Pistol Case has a rechargeable moisture-absorbing silica gel canister that helps avert rust. It keeps your gun live longer and allows it to keep running smoothly.

Valve: Valves are built to release the pressure. If the pressure gets intense, it might even harm the firearm and its capability to shoot. In this rugged firearm case, it has a built-in pressure release valve.

Resistance: The gun users have to travel a lot, and during this, they may have to face unfavorable situations. For sustaining these circumstances, the case is built to be 100 percent waterproof and dustproof.

Structure: This exceptional rifle case has an excellent design with a lifetime guarantee. It even has two padlock points. Stainless latches and hinges are even present for the convenience of the users. The case shell is injected mold with integrated external ribs in the structure for durability. The used base foam is closed cell polyethylene and precut, enabling it not to use any moisture or oil.


  • Case Club 5 Pistol Case is an exceptional case with a great set of specs, but the foams might not line up nicely as you want.

7. Plano 1404 Protector Series Four Pistol Case

Plano Series Four Pistol Case

Plano 1404 Protector Series, Four Pistol Case, is an outstanding option for anyone looking for something to hold multiple guns at an affordable price while ensuring their proper safety. It is made by Plano, known for their quality products, and so, you can count on this one, too.

This rugged firearm case has multiple firearm capacities with a great build. It consists of three layers of high-density interlocking foam and creates a storage area with ample room. Heavy-duty latches and padlock tabs have a dri-loc seal for sustaining in the most challenging weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Sturdy Construction Three Layers of Foam Creating Two Storage Area with Ample Room.
  • High-Density Interlocking Foam.
  • Multiple Firearm Capacity.
  • Heavy-duty Lockable Latches.
  • Padlock Tabs with Molded-in Handle.


Build: Plano 1404 Protector Series Four Pistol Case is a firearm case specifically made for the user’s convenience. It has a steady build with three layers of Foam. It has the design of ample room for other facilities.

Latches: The latches are a significant part of the rifle case. But the latches in ordinary cases usually break without even using it much. But in this exceptional case, it has heavy-duty lockable latches designed to sustain the rough usage. It even has a molded-in handle.

Weather Resistance: This rugged-built rifle container is made to survive the most brutal weather condition without sweating a shed. It has a dri-loc seal, which is excellent for unfavorable weather, and you can carry it anywhere anytime without thinking much.

Watertight and Airtight Shield: The pistol case is an all-weather case, as said earlier. Because of it, all the specs are very detailed and user-friendly. Like that, it creates a watertight and airtight shield that disables any air or water to enter the container.


  • Plano 1404 Protector Series, Four Pistol Case, is a reasonable option for any user. Still, the latches can be considered a bit smaller than the other latches in the pistol cases.

8. Vault by Pelican – V100 Pistol Case with Foam

V100 Pistol Case

Pelican – V100 Pistol Case is the perfect example of a hand case for a personal handgun. This budget-friendly option is easy to carry and take anywhere without complexities. It is rugged and has all the specs you need.

The rifle case has a high-impact polymer that assures to protect your firearm in any condition. It also has five layers of protective Foam and is weather-resistant, meaning that it can survive extreme weather. This long-lasting case comprises heave duty handles, stainless steel lock hasps, and push-button latches for your convenience and ease.

Key Features

  • Robust body; Built of High-impact Polymer.
  • Has Five Layers of Protective Foam.
  • Two Push Button Latches.
  • Weather Resistant, Crushproof and Dustproof.
  • Has Stainless Steel Lock Hasps.


Material: Pelican – V100 Pistol Case is made of high0-impact polymer, which is an excellent material for covers and containers like this. It even has five layers of protective Foam just for your ease and gun’s absolute security. It erases the possibility of a mishap

Latches: Latches are incredibly significant for any case. For a gun case, it has to work fine. In this rugged rifle container, there are two push-button latches. These latches are effortless to use and save your time while you’re in the wild.

Resistance: Any gun case can get very dirty and get scratches all over it if it is used actively. Because of this reason, this robust gun case is made crushproof and dustproof. It is even weather-resistant in case of extreme weather conditions.

Handles: The rifle case handles are meant to be tough. Nowadays, this feature seems so rare in rifle cases. Keeping this in mind, the Pelican – V100 Pistol Case has the heave duty handles, meaning that they are designed to be difficult without breaking.

Locks: The locks are, without a doubt, a vital part of any gun case. All other features work well, but this one is responsible for the security of the gun. This well-built gun case has stainless steel lock hasps for more excellent gun protection at an affordable price.


  • Pelican – V100 Pistol Case is a great affordable hard gun case, but it has no pluck and pick foam which might be a deal-breaker to some users.

Why do You Need a Hard Pistol Case?

Using a firearm is a big deal. But the bigger deal is keeping it and you safe. Accidents happen every day and in every moment. Most of them are caused because people are not careful enough.

A slight change in habit or a tiny expense is not a big deal compared to one’s life. Using a soft pistol case can cause damage to your rifle, simultaneously being the reason for the occurrence of an accident. For this, rough pistol cases are significant for gun users.

It isn’t even that expensive. It creates a situation where you either risk your life or spend slightly more money. You should, by now, understand its significance by yourself.

What is a Good Gun Case?

To know what a good gun case is, we must understand what a gun case’s purpose is. You might say as it is in the name which is to be the covering of a gun. The answer might be logical, but it would be wrong.

For a gun case, you have to think about how it keeps the gun safe, and would it be enough? The interior, the foam, the exterior, the pressure control and equalization, valves, etc.

The parts, would they work properly, and would you be able to keep your potent weapon and yourself safe? If the case checks all the boxes and your preferences, it is a good gun case, the one you need and want.

Things To Consider When Buying The Hard Pistol Case

The tough pistol cases can protect your weapons and keep them safe. These are the exterior shields of your firearms. They also protect them from being harmed and impacted as well.

hard pistol case

Different gun containers have other specifications. Your firearms also have their requirements and exact specifications. For this, the needed firearm case has to be chosen.


The gun case’s material is a big deal regarding durability and price. Aluminum can be labeled as the ideal metal for creating a durable case. Wood is also sued for the classical build and look. In the present age, composite materials like plastic and fiber-reinforced compounds can make the pistol cases lightweight and durable.

The military even uses these. It can offer a modern look with durability. But there are some factors like structural integrity and ribbed build that play a significant role. Make sure to know about it before making a decision.


The hard pistol cases are now produced in such ways that they can resist molds, corrosive chemicals, and water. It can also be dustproof and crushproof. This quality is an exceptional characteristic for those who travel a lot. You have to take care of the gun case no matter what.


The firearm’s size is dependent on our needs. Like how many weapons you own and take place to place? How many things do you want to take? What is the size of the firearms? And whatnot. You have to know your needs and your weapon’s requirements. Remember, the bigger the case, the bigger space, the heavier the carrier, and vice versa.

TSA Approved

TSA approval means if it’s safe enough to travel with and bring along with you. Many hard rifle cases have the license, but some do not have that. Make sure to know if the case has approval or not.

Locks and Safety

The locks are significant for your rifle cases as they ensure the safety of your firearm and save you from unwanted accidents. The best way is to get a lockable compartment with latches. It makes it easier to use and control who uses your weapons. Many cases have the automated safety option, which also ensures the security of your gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is the Best Pistol Case?

Answer: The pistol cases are different from one another and fill other criteria. Saying the best pistol case would be wrong as it depends on everyone’s preferences and needs. Each one offers one particular feature that is unique and has the exact specs that one requires. Here is the list of 3 pistol cases preferred by gun enthusiasts of all types and users.

  • Plano All Weather Hard Case
  • Guitar Shaped Paddled Rifle Case
  • Pelican 1200 Case With Foam

#2. What Size Gun Case should I Get?

Answer: This trivia is a common question regarding soft gun cases. It can be tricky to choose which one will work for you. The answer is in front of you if you think about it. The size of your gun, the number of your weapons, and the accessories are the main components.

The gun cases have their arm capacities, sizes, and classifications. It also depends on your budget and likings. It comes down to your needs and choices.

#3. Which Pelican Rifle Case is Best?

Answer: Pelican cases have been up for grabs for a long time and succeeded in meeting and even exceeding people’s expectations. The cases are excellent in quality and are of affordable prices. A vast audience prefers their gun cases, and to say which one is the best is challenging and best is subjective. The list of the selected pelican rifle cases is below:

  • Plano All Weather Case
  • Pelican Rifle Case with Foam
  • Pelican 1720 Rifle Case

#4. What is the Deadliest Pistol in the World?

Answer: In this modern age, there is a wide range of pistols available. Each gun and rifle has its specifications and is used for different purposes. Most of the guns are deadly and capable of seriously hurting anyone. As to the deadliest one, it depends on one’s perspective and purpose. Here are the top 3 most lethal weapons according to their classification in the present age.

  • UmarexBrodax .177
  • Crosman CCP8B2
  • Daisy Powerline 426

#5. Are Pelican Gun Cases TSA Approved?

Answer: The Pelican Gun cases have been available for a long time to the people and always satisfied their customers. The cases are usually used by the gun enthusiasts who like to use, collect and protect their firearms who travel in different places. All of the pelican gun cases are TSA-approved for carrying weapons on commercial airlines.


Hard gun cases are always a good option to keep your loving weapons safe. It keeps your gun secure and in place while being unharmed. The rifle cases are plenty in number.

It could be tough to conclude. To make it clearer, the better hard rifle cases than the available ones are Plano 108021 All-Weather Pistol Case, Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case, Cedar Mills Pistol Case, CASEMATIX Hard Gun Case, Pelican 1170 Case, Case Club 5 Pistol Case, Plano 1404 Protector Series Four Pistol Case and Pelican – V100 Pistol Case.

All of the cases are of great specs and materials. Choosing any of these best hard pistol cases is the right option. But you should know which gun cases are better and what your guns need.

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