Best Holster for Backpacking in 2021 | Top 7 Picks Review

Hiking into unknown territories can be quite risky. You might never know what kind of ferocious animal you might stumble upon. And that is not all! Many unknown territories can be a haven for bandits. That is why people do not want to head out backpacking without carrying any firearm with them.

Well, when it comes to carrying guns with you in hiking, the wise decision would be to get the best holster for backpacking. Those have the right size and style to ensure you can comfortably carry the firearm. Also, some will prioritize making the overall concealing trait.

Best Holster for Backpacking – Top 7 Recommendation for Ultimate Protection

There are plenty of options available in the market. But not all of them would be worth the money you are going to spend on them. To ensure you do get something that is your money’s worth, we have done extensive research on the top-selling ones. Among all of them, these are the ones we would recommend:

1. Active Pro Gear Chest Carry Holster for Hiking & Backpacking

Active Pro Gear Chest Carry Holster

As you know by now, there are plenty of styles available for these. And among all of them, the chest carry styles are the most popular. Want to know why? Well, you can by going through this chest holster for backpacking review.

It has a total of four straps; two for the shoulder and two from the back. These four will ensure the user can comfortably wear the chest holster for hiking. Because of the higher comfort level, you will not feel like you are carrying something heavy like a pistol on your chest.

Besides offering a generous amount of comfort, it is pretty easy to conceal as well. There are Velcro son all of the sides. Those will let you hide the handgun quickly and easily. Also, it is possible to wear it under jackets and other clothing. It has a pretty low-profile design.

In addition to that, the overall construction is of high-quality nylon. It also has components of other materials. Those are high in quality as well. For that reason, you can easily expect this one to last for a good amount of time without showing any issues.

Another thing that makes this one the top holster for backpacking is the quick access it offers. There will be no need to struggle that much to bring out the firearm from the pouch.

Highlighted Features

  • Has four straps
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Features Velcro tabs
  • It can be concealed easily
  • Offers quick access to the inside

2. Alien Gear ShapeShift Backpack Holster

Alien Gear ShapeShift Backpack Holster

On the lookout for the best holster for glock 20? Well, you will not have to look any further because Alien Gear might have the thing that you were looking for all this time!

Unlike some of the other units, this one features a custom design. The design is so precise that it can accommodate the firearm with a snug overall fit. It will not let go of the gun unless the user wants to. And there are plenty of size options available, including sizes for Glock 20, 19, and many others.

Additionally, this glock 20 holster for hiking is highly adjustable. It is possible to adjust the retention and the cant. And by modifying them, you would be capable of carrying the unit with full comfort. Also, the adjusting will not require any intricate tools. It is possible to tune the parameters with bare hands!

Thanks to the QD mounting mechanism, attaching and detaching it will not be an issue. The mount will also allow the user to attach the unit to any backpack’s shoulder strap.

Other than the mount, it is pretty easy to conceal. The shape is small, and it has a custom design, which makes it only as big as it needs to be to accommodate the gun. Because of that, you will not have to struggle that much to hide it.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in plenty of sizes
  • Utilizes a custom fit design
  • Easy to conceal
  • Highly adjustable
  • Features QD mounting mechanism

3. DYJ Tactical Pistol/Gun Molle Belt Holster

DYJ Tactical Belt Holster

Among all of the options available, the best tactical holsters would be the ones that are rugged and is highly compatible. And this unit that DYJ is offering is one of them.

Let us first talk about the ruggedness of the unit. This one features a construction of 1000D nylon. This material is well-known for being highly resilient. It should be able to withstand rough and tough weather. Also, it does a proper job in resisting water. In other words, it should last for an extended period of time.

That is not all it has to offer. It features a unique design that offers quick access to the in side. And it is available for both left-handed and right-handed users. Also, there are plenty of color options. You can choose the Army Green, Coyote, Ranger Green, and finally Black.

Other than the color options, there is a spare magazine pouch that can hold most of the large-sized magazines. You can even fit some of the other accessories inside it. There is an additional retention strap, which will let you secure the accessory in place. Also, the unit is highly adjustable.

Additionally, this holster for backpacking utilizes quick-release Velcro and buckle strap. Those two will make the attaching and detaching process a breeze. And thanks to the webbings, it should be compatible with MOLLE systems as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of 1000D nylon
  • Can resist water
  • Features a unique overall design
  • Available in four colors
  • Has an additional magazine pouch

4. GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster

GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster

Want the best holsters for glock 19? We might have found the right one for you then! And, yes, Gunfighters INC. is offering it.

So, what makes this one worth getting? This backpacking pistol holster has a specific design for hiking, hunting, and backpacking. It checked all of the design points that those should have. For that reason, the possibility of you facing any problems when moving while having this on will be pretty low.

Apart from the overall design, the harness of the unit is pretty unique too. It features an all-day comfort design. You would be able to wear it for an extended period of time without facing any discomfort. And most importantly, it will not limit your capability of moving fast on the hiking trails.

Even the buckles are strategically placed, which will ensure that there is a minimal number of rubbing spots. In other words, it will not rub against the clothing and create a burning sensation. The placement also ensures that the buckles are out of the way of the straps.

Additionally, the unit is highly adjustable, allowing you to wear it according to your preference. By adjusting it accordingly, you can wear it on the lower or upper chest.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a special design
  • The harness offers all-day comfort
  • Has adjustable straps
  • The buckles are placedadequately
  • It does not hinder mobility

5. Belly Band Holster for Active Concealed Carry

Belly Band Holster for Active Concealed Carry

Even though there are plenty of options available, only a few can carry the gun and other equipment at the same time. And this unit from TacX is one of those few, which is why this is a worthy pick for the best holster for hiking.

One of the things that make it stand out the most is the design. It has a universal design, which will make it capable of carrying most handguns. For that reason, it will not be an issue for you to make it fit the handgun that you are using at the moment.

In addition to that, it integrates a CCW travel system. This system will make it easier for you to carry it around when you are hiking. The belt will hug the waist and make sure that it does not fall off on the trail. Also, it has a dedicated 6 inches large pouch. The pouch can resist water as well.

There are other pouches, too; each of them has zippers, which will ensure that the items inside do not fall off. The overall build quality is pretty solid. It is sturdy enough to resist curling and rolling up. So, you would get extended use out of this. Also, the unit is comfortable to carry in almost any position.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a universal design
  • It can fit most handguns
  • Implements CCW travel system
  • Comfortable to wear
  • The pouches have zippers

6. cal38 Leather Handcrafted Belt Holster

cal38 Leather Handcrafted Belt Holster

Are you looking for the best tactical pistol holster that features a construction of leather? Well, if that is the case, you should have a look at what cal38 is offering here.

First of all, this unit features a custom fit. The fit will ensure that most of the revolvers have a snug fit inside. There will be no need to worry about the firearm falling off or sliding off when you are on the hiking trail. The custom-fit will also be capable of offering a generous amount of comfort.

Aside from the custom fit, the overall construction is of genuine leather. And thanks to the manufacturer implementing the handcrafting technique, each of the seams will be perfect. The leather is high in quality as well. It will not wear down that quickly.

This one even has a strap on the upper side. That strap will ensure that the handgun can stay in place when you are moving. Also, the unit is pretty easy to conceal. You can easily attach it to the clothing, and concealing it will not be an issue. It would be possible to hide it pretty easily under clothing.

Other than that, the unit is 4 inches long. That length makes it capable of properly holding most of the revolvers. The barrels will not stick out, nor will the handle be in an awkward position for many of the models.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports a custom fit
  • Made of genuine leather
  • Reasonably durable
  • Resistant to wears
  • Boasts a strap on the top side

7. Fobus Roto Holster RH Paddle

Fobus Roto Holster RH Paddle

We want to conclude our best backpacking gun holster reviews with this offering that is from Fobus. If you were looking for something that is from Glock 39, 30, 29, and other popular handguns, this one is it.

To start with, it utilizes a two-piece design. The design makes it highly flexible. You can interchange the parts to make this backpacking gun holster compatible with both the left and right sides. You will not be stuck with one of the sides. And detaching and attaching the parts is pretty easy as well.

Aside from the design, the unit is highly adjustable. You can rotate it to a full 360 degrees. And thanks to the patented locking system, it would be possible to lock the rotation in place. These two mechanisms will make it easier to carry a gun in it during hiking.

On that note, the rotational mechanism will be exceptionally smooth, thanks to the Roto-holster system. The unit can also offer an unbelievable amount of retention for the low profile and high riding nature. Concealing this will be a breeze as well. It is small, and you can easily hide it under most of the clothing.

Lastly, the unit is pretty light in weight. As a result, you will not feel like you are carrying something heavy even when there is a gun inside it.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts a two-piece design
  • Highly flexible
  • Reasonably adjustable
  • Features a locking mechanism
  • Lightweight

Holster for Backpacking Buying Guide

Holster for Backpacking

Going through the reviews will not be enough if you want to get your hands on the greatest holster for backpacking. For that, you would also need to be mindful of important factors. You might be wondering what factors are we actually talking about? Well, they are as follows:


As hiking generally contains tough terrains, the first thing you should consider is durability. The durability will directly depend on build quality, which will depend on the construction materials. The ones that are usually made of high-quality materials have a high build quality.

And the ones that have a high build quality are the ones with a higher level of durability. Those would be capable of withstanding rough environments without any issues.


One of the important things that should be in your consideration is adjustability. Without getting something that is adjustable, it would be difficult for you to wear it properly. Additionally, the adjustable holsters offer the ability to customize the overall fit, which will increase the overall security.


Another thing that is pretty important is comfort. You might never know how long you are going to be on the trail. And it would be quite impossible to wear something uncomfortable for an extended period of time. That is why our recommendation would be to get the highly comfortable ones.


It would not be a wise decision to keep the holster out in the open. You might seem like a threat for many if you do not conceal it. That is why we would highly suggest getting the ones that are relatively compact. Those are relatively easy to conceal. Also, they are easy to carry as well.


The last thing that should be in your mind is the weight. Make sure that you are picking something light in weight. If you happen to get something that is a bit bulky, it would be anything but comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all of the holsters universal?

Answer: Not really. The universal units will have a unique shape and design, which will enable them to carry most of the firearms.

2. Is rifle holster for backpack worth it?

Answer: A rifle is not really the ideal firearm to carry on backpacking trips. However, if you are looking to do some hunting, we would say that they are 100 percent worth it!

3. What material is the most durable for holsters?

Answer: Usually, most of the brands will opt for nylon and polyester. Nevertheless, the 1000D nylon is pretty durable. Those hold the ability to resist wear and tear and water at the same time.

4. Can I carry a Glock inside a revolver holster?

Answer: The fit will not be snug. Additionally, the chances of the gun falling off will be pretty high. For that reason, we would recommend against it.

5. Are leather holsters worth it?

Answer: If you are a fan of the classical-looking holsters, you are going to love the leather hostlers. However, do check the quality of the leather.

Final Words

Now that you know all about the brands that offer the best holster for backpacking in the market, hopefully, choosing one will not be an issue for you. But if you asked us to choose one, we would go for the Active Pro Gear Chest Carry because of being highly comfortable and easy to conceal.

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