Top 7 Best Rifle Cheek Pad [2021 Buying Guide]

Hitting the “Bull’s Eye” is the dream of every shooter or hunter.

So freaking true!

But For this, you have to avoid misaligned scope and uncomfortable head position.

Did you consider using the rifle pad?

You should!

The primary function of a cheek pad or comb riser, or cheek riser is to ensure the alignment between the scope and the shooter’s eye.

Since a rifle cheek pad allows you to enhance your shooting accuracy significantly, you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in a high-quality product.

Here we listed the 3 Best Rifle Cheek Pad after researching 21 items. Read the reviews carefully to pick the best-suited product.

Let’s focus on the target.

Best Choice
TOURBON Hunting Shooting Rifle Buttstock
Budget Friendly
AIRSSON Tactical Rifle Cheek Rest Holder
Best Buy
TOURBON Cheek Rest Pad Rifle Ammo Holder
TOURBON Hunting Shooting Right Side Rifle Cartridge Holder Buttstock Cheek Rest -Black
AIRSSON Tactical Rifle Cheek Rest Holder with 2 Molle Pouch for 8 Grid Shells and 2 Different Heights Cheek Leather Pad .22 .223...
TOURBON Hunting Gun Buttstock Cheek Rest Pad Rifle Ammo Holder Right Hand - Canvas and Leather
Best Choice
TOURBON Hunting Shooting Rifle Buttstock
TOURBON Hunting Shooting Right Side Rifle Cartridge Holder Buttstock Cheek Rest -Black
Budget Friendly
AIRSSON Tactical Rifle Cheek Rest Holder
AIRSSON Tactical Rifle Cheek Rest Holder with 2 Molle Pouch for 8 Grid Shells and 2 Different Heights Cheek Leather Pad .22 .223...
Best Buy
TOURBON Cheek Rest Pad Rifle Ammo Holder
TOURBON Hunting Gun Buttstock Cheek Rest Pad Rifle Ammo Holder Right Hand - Canvas and Leather

So What is Rifle Cheek Weld anyway?

Here is a shooting term named “ISMS.”

Never heard of it?

The word “ISM” is a term that is exceptional to that specific field of expertise. Rifle cheek weld is a term that is familiar to shooters and hunters only.

“Cheek weld” may sound gruesome, but it is a simple thing.

Although the term has the word “weld,” it is actually about keeping your head on the rifle while making the sight stand out for the shot.

Where should your cheek rest on a rifle? A cheek is basically the only position where you will consistently put your face on the buttstock.

Let me say this straight……….

If you want to become a great shooter, repetition in movement and consistency is mandatory. Having a reliable rifle cheek pad will ensure quick and accurate shooting to your target.

Fast recovery recoil is another advantage of cheek weld. At the same time, the good rifle cheek pad allows the shooter to firmly keep his cheek on a solid surface, which guarantees maximum stability.

So Do You Need Cheek Riser?


Consistency is one of the crucial components of shooting or hunting. Even patience and practice will not let you achieve consistency. At this point, a rifle cheek pad can be the best solution.

Now the key fact- Is a cheek weld necessary?

A rifle cheek pad is the best thing that will help you in achieving the required accuracy. Here are the golden rules of 3c why cheek pads are so freaking important.

#1 Consistent Grip

Without proper gripping, is it possible to shoot at the expected target?

I believe the answer will be NO.

However, don’t assume that proper gripping means holding the rifle stock tightly. Also, you will fail with loose gripping.

Grip the rifle stock gently and firmly, and it is only possible when you have a rifle cheek pad installed. More importantly, required gripping will be confirmed in severe weather if you use a rifle cheek pad in the shotgun or rifle.

#2 Consistent Alignment

What they say…………..Alignment is the key in shooting.

Damn true!

Because Without alignment between the scope and eye level, hitting the bull’s eye is not possible. You may think that the distance between the scope and eye is tiny, and aligning it is easy. But the truth is, it is not an easy task, and you can miss a shot when proper alignment is not done.

Installing a cheek pad in your rifle, you will be able to align your eye level and scope quite perfectly. Thus, shooting will be accurate all the time.

#3 Consistent Trigger Press

Sometimes, a shooter or hunter needs to shoot a couple of rounds without a break. For this, consistent trigger press is a must.

Since the rifle cheek pad ensures consistent grip, consistent trigger press becomes comfortable because of the proper gripping. As a result, hitting a moving target also gets more manageable.

By far the Top 3 Best Rifle Cheek Pads to Nail the Field in 2021

Here is our top review on 3 Top Rifle Cheek Pads picked by Pro shooters and hunters because of their efficient performance.

Read on to glean some precision rifle cheek pad inspiration, and then shop your favorites.

1# TOURBON Hunting Shooting Rifle Buttstock Cheek Rest Pad

TOURBON Rifle Buttstock Cheek Pad

Whatever stock you have, this TOURBON Buttstock Cheek riser gonna give you a good protectant every once in a while.

And it’s damn popular in the shooters and hunters community!


The TOURBON hunting rifle cheek pad is a true combination of an affordable price range and exclusive features. They pretty much stun the modern hunters with some of the best cheek risers for a hunting rifle.

And the best part? This is specialized for a long hour using.

Color, Style, Dimension

First thing first…….This black-colored cheek rest is made for right-handers.

The ammo storage is also positioned at the right side, which means consistent shooting is much easier with this cheek pad. This pad is designed to run with a wide range of stock (of course, within its limits).

It is convenient on tactical rigs or any rifle that has high rings, etc. Keep in mind this is primarily universal so that it will fit anything. The pad fits securely when fastened down. You can firmly rest your cheek without pushing around the pads, and they retain placement during shooting.

The product’s dimensions are 8.46″ X 2.56″ X 4.92″ and weigh 8.47 oz. It will fit on the rifle perfectly.

Here is the coolest part…….

Even due to its lightweight feature, it’ll be so easy to carry on. Thus, gripping will be comfier. It holds up to 10 rifle shells and has 2 pockets and 3 size EVA.


Comfortable Neoprene Backed 600D Polyester is used for constructing this rifle cheek riser. It is so durable that the cheek pad resists wear and tear effectively.

What does this mean to you?

Well, this means you will get long-term service from it.

The Neoprene inside holds the pad into its place firmly. For this, the pad never slips off from its position, regardless of the weather condition. Moreover, the straps are slip-resistant, which ensures quite a convenient fastening in the stock.

Also, different size foam comb inserts too firmly so that you can place your head in expected alignment to the scope for an accurate shot.

Applicable Models & Range

The great thing about this rifle cheek pad is its impressive compatibility. The applicable models are as below.

  • Ruger Predator,
  • M1A
  • CZ527
  • Savage fcp sr.
  • Remington 700
  • Tikka T3X
  • Bell and Carlson Medalist

And many more!!!!!!

This pad is an outstanding performer in hunting and shooting sessions. You will get efficient performance all the time.

Hand Orientation

Another impressive feature is, both left and right-hand shooters or hunters can use this cheek pad conveniently.

I fully realize and accept that a Cheek rest pad is a necessity.

You will rarely find a cheek pad that comes with both hand orientations. So, without hesitation, buy this cheek pad for your rifle.


Look at the buttstocks closely…….

It is an adjustable cheek rest and fits most buttstocks. With the interchangeable foam blocks, you can adjust this pad easily.

If you feel that the straps are too long, the cartridge flap needs to be pulled up, and secure tightening will be confirmed when the straps are positioned to Velcro under the flap. Then fold the cartridge flap back down; thus, it will be secured.

The thing I really love…… straps will go secure and hidden.

Moreover, 3 different inserts are available with this cheek riser that helps the user to adjust the height according to the comfort level. The stock can be raised anywhere between ½” – 3 1/8″.

What did I like Most?

  • Versatile cheek pad that can be used by right and left-hander both
  • Hassle-free installation and adjustment process
  • Offers the highest comfort for a long hour shooting session
  • Long-lasting construction
  • It comes with 3 inserts for customizing the cheek pad height

What Could Be Better?

  • The used fabric is a little bit rough

2# AIRSSON Tactical Rifle Cheek Rest Holder

AIRSSON Rifle Cheek Rest

You can’t deny the importance of a good quality cheek riser.

……… Whether you are a pro or beginner in the shooting or hunting industry!

For those who lookout for some excellent benefits in a different environment, The AIRSSON Tactical Rifle Cheek Rest Holder will do the trick.

Color, Style, Dimension

The Larsson holder is the hottest black rifle cheek riser on the market that suits most rifles quite comfortably.

Also, this rifle cheek pad is available in Tan color as well.

So cool!

For different environments, you can choose any of the colors according to your preference. The cheek pad has 2 pcs 8 removable Ammo Carrier for 300 308 Winmag.

This buttstock dimension is 7.2″ x 4.5″ x 5.6″, and the ammo belt has a little elastic force that allows you to put ammo easily that you will barely find in other cheek pads. This package will have two pcs bullet shell holsters, which can put 8 bullets.


The AIRSSON Tactical Rifle Cheek Rest Holder is made of nylon, making it durable enough to perform in harsh environments quite comfortably.

Does it slip-proof?

Heck Yes!

Due to its nylon construction, slippage is prevented from the cheek. Moreover, nylon protects the buttstock from water damage. Furthermore, you will not face any trouble cleaning the product.

More importantly, it is excellently stitched, and elasticity is also high compared to other cheek pads. Since it is a fabric product, it is extremely comfy.

You will be pleased to know that it doesn’t feel rough on the skin.

Applicable Models & Range

The rifle cheek pad is applicable for a wide range of models which are

  • M14
  • Savage 7mm Rem Mag
  • Remy 700 SPS tac
  • Mossberg Patriot Night Train 300 Win Mag bolt action rifle
  • marlin 30-30
  • Savage .308
  • MAS 1949 & 1936
  • Remington 700 SPS .308 & MILSPEC 308
  • Howa 308 1500
  • M1A rifle
  • SA M1A
  • Savage 17HMR
  • MPAP 77 308 rifle
  • Remington 30-06 & 700
  • SPS

As you can see…….

This rifle cheek provides great results in both long and short-range shooting and hunting sessions. In addition, you will be pleased to learn that it helps to reduce recoil for accurate targets regardless of the range.

Hand orientation

Lefties or right-handed?

Worry-less when buying this rifle cheek riser because it is an ideal option for both left and right-handed people.


Plenty of adjustable features!

The item features a loop ring strap design. Also, it has 3 adjustable buckle straps, making the installation and unloading process so simple. Moreover, the 2 adjustable pads make it an excellent option for gun users.

Additionally, the multiple straps and center pads guarantee the tight and snug fitting of the rifle cheek pad.

What did I like Most?

  • It holds a lot of bullets
  • The rifle cheek pad eliminates heavy recoil for the user’s convenience
  • Impressively designed and made of top-quality materials
  • Being a nylon-constructed cheek riser, it is easy to clean
  • Every part of it is detachable

What Could Be Better?

  • The extra pouch may not fit after your middle strap is on.

3# TOURBON Cheek Rest Pad Rifle Ammo Holder

TOURBON Hunting Gun Cheek Pad

There are very few – and I mean VERY few – cheek pad I know who I could accurately describe as a “comfy yet accurate”. BOURBON Hunting Ammo holder is definitely one of those cheek rest pads.

What’s so special about it?

It is dust-proof, moisture-proof, and functions effectively so that you can make an accurate hit.

Color, Style, Dimension

This khaki-colored Buttstock will grab your attention easily. Due to its khaki color, when you use it for hunting, the target will not be able to see you.

But here’s the kicker:

It holds 8 rifle cartridges quite comfortably and securely. You can carry your bullets without trouble in this pad. This way, you can shoot a target consistently.

This product measures 8.46″ X 2.56″ X 4.92″ and weighs 5.29 oz. Pretty lightweight, which will not increase the overall weight of your rifle. At the same time, it fits snuggly on the rifle.


This is a well-constructed cheek riser that will surely meet all your expectations.

The leather top is of the finest leather over heavy-duty canvas and Velcro cinch straps. Perfect stitching. Its leather construction is the best part of it which is beautifully smooth and just the right height.

Really feels awesome!

The shell holder is made of elastic fit for most rifle shells, and the strap is long enough to fit your gunstock. The cheek pad doesn’t move from its place because of the anti-slippery padding. At the same time, the padding protects the stock.

Applicable Models & Range

You will be able to use this cheek pad in the below rifle models without hassle.

  • Ruger mini-14
  • M24/47
  • Tikka T3
  • Winchester 94
  • Winchester 270
  • Mossberg 500

And so on!!!!!

Professional and beginner shooters or hunters can use this product conveniently because of its highly versatile feature.

Hand Orientation

This rifle cheek rest is designed for right-handed shooters or hunters. Right-handers can make an accurate shot when this cheek riser is installed in their rifle.


In terms of adjustability, this is a CHAMPION!

Wondering Why?

Since it fits snugly and will ensure appropriate alignment between the eye and scope. Thus, hitting the target becomes accurate.

It has Velcro straps on the bottom and a stretch strap on the back. It should fit most of any stock.

This thing fits absolutely comfortably and improves your “aiming eye” – to the perfect elevation for gazing toward any target!

What did I like Most?

  • Easy to load and unload rifle cheek riser
  • Exceptional build quality and construction
  • Value for the price product
  • It is promised to deliver many years of service
  • Highly adjustable for the user’s convenience

What Could Be Better?

  • The riflescope is a bit higher than creates a problem within the alignment of the scope and eye.

5 Golden Rules to Follow While Buying a Rifle Cheek Riser

Making a wise decision is significantly essential when buying the great rifle cheek pad since it ensures your comfort and security when shooting.

Rifle Cheek Riser

Who will invest in an inferior product?

So, to find out the best cheek riser on the market, consider the below factors.

#1 Scope Leveling

Alignment between the eye level and scope is important for the accuracy of a shooting or hunting session. Also, scope leveling is crucial when you are shooting for long hours.

And this actually lasts long!

In order to get an ideal scope level, you should invest in a high-quality cheek weld which will help you achieve your expected accuracy. Moreover, your head will be well-positioned when you install a top-tier cheek pad in your rifle.

#2 Durability

Every shooter or hunter wants their cheek rest for an extended period.

Make sure to select a cheek pad that is made of premium quality and durable material. A durably constructed cheek pad offers several benefits like long-lasting, dust and water-resistant, resists different damages, and many more.

Generally, neoprene, Cordura nylon, leather is widely used in manufacturing cheek pads. All of them are good quality materials, and you will not regret buying a cheek pad made of these materials.

#3 Installation Process

Most rifle cheek pads come with straps for installing, and attaching straps is so simple. A quick and easy installation process is vital. Otherwise, if the installation process is challenging and takes too much time definitely, many customers will not show interest in buying that cheek pad.

#4 Adjustability

Good adjustability is important because a user’s comfort depends on this feature. At the same time, the flexibility of a cheek pad relies on adjustability.

Long straps offer good adjustment. Also, don’t choose a model that has longer straps than usual because it may irritate you when shooting. Finally, your accuracy will reduce, and shooting will be challenging.

While a cheek pad with a good enough adjustability feature will surely improve your accuracy when shooting or hunting.

#5 Texture and Design

Before buying a cheek pad, check the surface of it. Make sure that it is smooth enough to give you the required comfortability.

Also, if you are looking for a classy cheek pad, look for a product that comes with a pouch.

What is the Other Rifle Cheek Pad we Tested & Found Impressive

As we mentioned earlier………

We tested bunches of cheek pads. The actual number is 21. Apart from those top 3 best rifle cheek riser pads, there were a few that impress us. Let’s dive in………

1# TACTICAL Sharpshooter Rifle Cheek Pad

Tactical Rifle Cheek Pad

The design and build quality of the TACTICAL Sharpshooter Rifle Stock Pack will simply impress you.

Here is why:

Comes with well-padded cheek rest; it also has a utility pouch for hunting, sniper, precision, and tactical rifle. Heavy-duty Cordura nylon is used in manufacturing it.

Thanks to the 3 double-sided Velcro strips!

This strip will eventually attach underneath the pack to fine-tune your comb height as needed. If you still need a higher cheek weld, you can add your own material or foam underneath the pack. The packs can be cinched down very tight so that everything will stay put.

Moreover, it is a hand-crafted rifle stock pack that allows you to keep your face and hand steady when targeting. Furthermore, it assists you in making a precise shot. The installation is so simple that it can be done in less than 1 minute. In addition, the design of the adjustable Velcro straps makes it very adaptable, enabling a tight custom fit.

As for storage, it is more than adequate.

Besides the internal elastic for holding extra rounds, you can also carry 30 rounds on stripper clips to the range. The removable exterior piece is sufficient to hold .223/5.56 as well, although not tightly.

Overall, the product looks ok and is snug to the rifle.

What did I like Most?

  • High quality and hand-crafted buttstock ammo holder
  • It has patented foam padding
  • Straightforward cleaning process
  • Generously sized zippered utility pouch
  • A quick half-zip ensures quick access to the interior

What Could Be Better?

  • Too long front straps may disturb you.

2# TOURBON Nylon Cheek Rest Buttstock Shell Carrier

Tourbon Nylon Cheek Rest Buttstock

Being constructed with neoprene and tactical nylon, the TOURBON Buttstock Shell Carrier can easily be used underwater.

As if that’s not enough…….

This rifle cheek pad is highly comfortable. With this shell carrier, you will have an accurate and comfortable shooting experience.

Now let’s talk about construction.

The construction makes it a rugged and robust rifle cheek pad. Also, it gets an exclusive design. Additionally, this product is durable enough to give you long-term service. It stays in its position steadily and doesn’t slip in wet weather. The product looks pretty sturdy, and cartridge holders are nice and snug.

In this rifle cheek pad, you can hold a maximum of 10 rifle shells. Moreover, adjusting it in a rifle is extremely easy because the adjustable webbing cinch straps with buckle closure make it easy to use the rifle cheek riser.

And guess what?

It weighs only 0.3kg, which doesn’t increase the weight of your rifle.

The three foam inserts are great, so you can adjust the height of your cheek to achieve a perfect cheek weld while also providing excellent sight pictures. Amazingly, the little interior pouch holds the screw adjustment tool nicely. Also, it does have a hidden pouch where it Velcro’s shut to keep small papers (i.e., Ballistic info, etc.)

What did I like Most?

  • It performs as described
  • It snugly holds cartridges
  • Easy to install and use
  • The cheek pad holds up to 10 rifle shells conveniently
  • The fabric fits onto the stock easily

What Could Be Better?

  • Unsuitable for left-handers

3# BRONZEDOG Waterproof Cartridge Holder Cheek Rest Rifle

BRONZEDOG Waterproof Cheek Rest

Love vintage look?

The classic masterpiece of the BRONZEDOG Waterproof Leather Buttstock Cartridge Holder Cheek Rest Rifle will impress you the most.

Look at the measurement……..

This leather buttstock ammo holder’s measurement is 7 1/3″ (length), 4 1/3″ ling side), and 3 1/4″ (short side), making it an ideal one to carry 4 shells of 30-30, .308, or 7.62 x 54 caliber.

You will find leather lace in this buttstock cover. This lace will help you adjust the stock’s cover according to the stock size and your comfort. It is a well-constructed, high-quality leather cheek rest that fits perfectly and looks excellent on hunting rifles, shotguns, etc.

Generally, a cheap rifle cheek pad slips from its place and makes the shooting experience uncomfortable.

The great thing about this cheek pad is……..

It looks quite stable and steady in its position so that you won’t face any trouble when shooting. In fact, it promises to make your hunting session memorable.

No pressure there!

Hydrophobic smooth genuine leather is used to construct the outer portion of this cheek pad. The inner side is lined with suede.

Its construction makes it an exceptional and durable rifle cheek pad. Also, soft padded cheek rest provides the ultimate comfort when shooting. In summary, this stuff is one of the best leather rifle cheek pads of our time.

What did I like Most?

  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Easy to adjust with the durable leather lace
  • Offer comfort when shooting
  • Remains stable in slippery conditions


What could be better?

  • Stretchy leather laces

4# Excellent Elite Spanker Tactical Buttstock Shotgun Rifle Shell Holder


In terms of providing flexibility and security, this is a KING!

That’s right!

You will barely find as much flexibility from the other cheek pads. It has built-in 5mm foam padding that slightly raises cheek weld.

The construction of the Excellent Elite Rifle Shell Holder will grab the attention of every customer.

Beyond that………….

These great tactics and survival gear are manufactured using durable 500D Cordura Nylon material and high elastic rubber, making it a solid and robust rifle shell holder.

As a result, your gear remains safe and dry, allowing you to shoot or hunt for hours after hours comfortably. Even bad weather can’t impact your shooting performance when you use this rifle shell holder.

It measures 8″ X 4.5″ (LXW), good enough for installation in most fixed rifles. This cheek pad consists of 3 removable and fully adjustable buckle straps, making the installation and unloading process much more straightforward.

Still not convinced?

Also, it comes with 1 shotgun (5 rounds) and 1 rifle (7 rounds) cartridge holder.

Thanks to the zippered compartment it inhibits any round from falling off. Additionally, the pocket is a perfect size to fit my pens and a small notebook, along with extra rounds carried in the shotgun shell elastic band and a couple of ranger bands. I would say this is one of the best aftermarket rifle cheek pad they ever produced.

The shrink-wrap on the zipper pull is a very nice touch.

What I Liked Most:

  • 2 removable Velcro cartridge holders
  • Phenomenal stitch and flawless zipper
  • Good size pocket that allows you to store pens and notebooks quite easily
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Snugly fits on most rifles

What Could Be Better?

  • A little too bulky

Last Words……

By now you’ve already realized…….We try to give you a best rifle cheek pad review article.

A cheek riser is obviously a must-needed item for hunters and shooters.

It is quite impossible to place your head in a comfortable position if you don’t install the best rifle cheek riser pad in your rifle.

But here is the small catch:

A cheek riser can be made of synthetic or hardwood. Once you install the best-suited item in your rifle, you will notice a significant difference between your game and aims.

And hang on a minute……..

Don’t forget to read this review article carefully before buying the cheek riser. Invest your valuable time, money, and effort in the right product. Choose a cheek riser that meets all your requirements. Best of luck, guys!

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