Best Rifle Stocks in 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

The rifle you just bought might be pretty accurate and reliable. But did you know that it is possible to make it better? Yes! Better than it already is! And you might have already guessed that we are referring to aftermarket stocks. Well, you would be 100 percent correct.

However, we are not talking about any other stocks. What we are referring to are the best rifle stocks. Those are capable of improving the overall accuracy of the firearm. Some are even capable of increasing the accuracy from 5 to 15 percent. And that amount of increase is not small!

Our Top 5 Best Rifle Stocks On The Market

When it comes to firearm accessories, the number of options is basically off the chart. And that number of options can make it difficult to make the right choice, which is where we step in. We have done extensive research and testing on these. And from our hours of research and tests, we have crowned these as worthy models:

1. Magpul MOE Rifle Stock

Magpul MOE Rifle Stock

Precision rifle stocks are not that easy to come by. However, we have managed to stumble upon one. And we would like to start off our best rifle stocks review with this one.

The manufacturer Magpul is well known for offering quality accessories. And the same is persistent here. It has the same build quality through which the manufacture has secured its position in the industry. The materials are all high in quality, and they should be capable of making the unit long-lasting.

This unit also combines Knockout bosses on the bottom side. That allows the user to attach additional accessories through rails. Also, this one does not cost as much as the OEM parts. In other words, it is a decent economical option if you want to upgrade the stock that is already on your rifle.

It even has a large storage compartment behind the buttplate. This compartment will enable you to carry some small attachments. Also, due to the position of the compartment, getting quick access to it will not be an issue either. You would be able to get items in and out of it without dropping a sweat.

Additionally, the butt-plate has rubberized pads. Those will offer a positive shoulder positioning. Also, the slim profile of the unit will enhance the overall comfort and precision of the rifle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a praiseworthy build quality
  • Integrates Knockout bosses
  • Affordable yet offers high performance
  • Sports a compartment on the butt-plate
  • Boasts rubberized pads

2. TACTALOAD Flash-5 Stock with Integrated Magazine Loader

TACTALOAD Flash-5 Stock with Integrated Magazine Loader

Among all of the available options, the best aftermarket rifle stocks would be the ones that have the ability to lower the time required to reload the firearm. And a perfect example of such a unit would be this one from TACTALOAD.

Let us first talk about the overall build quality. This one utilizes the finest quality materials for the overall construction. Since it utilizes a combination of high-quality materials, it achieves a higher level of durability. That means it would be natural to expect to get extended use out of it.

Like some of the other reliable long range rifle stocks, this one also integrates a compartment. That compartment will let you accommodate backup shells, which can come in handy in a tricky situation. Due to the compartment’s design, the shells will not fall off because of recoils or bumps.

Speaking of recoil, it integrates a recoil pad on the butt. It will work like a wonder in the case of lowering the recoil felt by you. As a result, it would be capable of increasing the overall stability and increasing the accuracy. The size of the recoil pads is standard, which makes them feel like the OEMs.

On that note, the compartment provides the ability to reload the gun quickly. It should be about 30 percent faster than bringing out shells from your ammo pouch.

Highlighted Features

  • Integrates ammo compartment
  • The compartment can hold the shells properly
  • Boasts a high-quality construction
  • Has standard-sized recoil pads
  • Increases the overall stability

3. Magpul SGA Ambidextrous Butt Stock Mossberg Shotgun

Magpul SGA Ambidextrous Butt Stock Mossberg Shotgun

If you were on the lookout for the best remington 700 stock, you need to keep this offering from Magpul in your consideration.

First of all, it features a fixed buttstock. That fixed buttstock design makes it achieve an ambidextrous nature making it comfortable to shoulder it on both hands. In other words, it will be ideal for both the left and right-handed shooters. And the design also makes it compatible with shotguns as well.

Like some of the other high-end rem 700 sniper stocks, this one features proper ergonomic grips on the end. Those grips would be able to reduce recoil reasonably well. It will be relatively easy for you to maneuver the firearm. Also, it will be possible to attach a cheek riser with it. That will make maneuver easier.

Additionally, this one has the same build quality the manufacturer is well-known for. It features a construction of high-quality materials, which makes it exceptionally durable. So, it should be able to last for a long period of time without showing any signs of performance degradation.

Lastly, it is highly adjustable. You would be able to customize the grips and tune them accordingly. Also, the installation process is pretty straightforward. And the required tools are included with the package. Overall, this is a great pick for the best remington 700.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a fixed buttstock
  • Ambidextrous
  • Sports ergonomic grips
  • Compatible with cheek risers
  • Made of high-quality materials

4. Hogue Stock Remington 870 Overrubber Shotgun Stock

Hogue Stock Remington 870 Overrubber Shotgun Stock

Shotguns are one of the go-to options for hunting. And if you were planning to get yourself one of the decent hunting rifle stocks, then this one should be on your consideration list.

The rubber coating is the reason this model resides among the best gun stocks. This coating will increase the overall grip, eventually promoting a firm grip over the gun. You should be able to properly hold the shotgun, which will increase the accuracy and overall stability.

Additionally, this one is not one bit behind in durability. The quality of the construction materials is up to par. It achieves a praiseworthy level of sturdiness because of the materials used. It should be able to withstand rough usage scenarios with flying colors.

The build quality is not the only thing that it did not skimp on. It also has a very competent design. The design is pretty ergonomic. Because of having an ergonomic design, you should be capable of holding it for a prolonged period of time. There will be no need to worry about facing hand fatigues during that period.

Even the shock recoil pads are proper on this unit. They do a decent job in lowering the number of shock and recoil felt by the user. Eventually, it would be able to increase the stability even further and make it highly accurate.

Highlighted Features

  • Has rubber coating on the exterior
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Boasts proper recoil pads
  • Increases the overall stability

5. HK Heckler BB Rifle Airsoft Gun E1 Stock

HK Heckler BB Rifle Airsoft Gun E1 Stock

When it comes to tactical rifle stocks, one thing that is quite important is comfort. Without a proper period of comfort, it will limit mobility. However, that is not the case for this one, making it a worthy pick for the best rifle chassis.

To start with, it features an ergonomic design. The ergonomic design is what makes it achieve a higher level of comfort. It should rest on your check naturally, which will also make the rifle easier to maneuver. Also, for the level of comfort it offers, you would be able to carry the firearm for a long period of time.

Additionally, the overall construction of the unit is pretty solid. It is of nylon fiber, which has a pretty high level of sturdiness. And the rubber pads on the butt would be able to enhance the overall comfort even further.

Other than that, it is pretty light in weight. For being exceptionally light, the chances of you feeling discomfort or facing fatigue will be reasonably slim. This one also has a similar design as the OEM of HK 416. As a result, if you are used to the OEM version, it will not take you that long to get used to it.

Lastly, the installation process is quite easy. There will be no need to go through any complicated process for setting this one up.

Highlighted Features

  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Rests on the should check naturally
  • Made of nylon fiber
  • Reasonably sturdy
  • Light in weight

Rifle Stocks Buying Guide

Rifle Stocks

To get the best rifle stocks, going through the reviews is not going to be enough. You would also need to keep some of the essential factors in mind. Those will help you to scrutinize the units properly and make the right decision. And the points that we are basically referring to here are as follows:

Build Quality

First and foremost, you need to consider the overall build quality. Usually, these are going to be of nylon or polymer. But the quality of the material will not be the same for each of the equipment. Some will utilize high-quality materials, while some will opt for average quality ones.

Usually, the ones that are of high-quality materials have a high build quality. They are exceptionally durable as well. For that reason, we would highly recommend checking the quality of the material before making a purchase.


Another thing that you should consider is the ergonomics, especially in the case of sniper rifle stocks. Make sure that the design is ergonomic enough to offer a higher level of comfort. With those, the gun would be easier to maneuver, and it will be possible to comfortably shoulder it for a long time.

On the other hand, if you happen to get yourself something that is not ergonomic, it will be pretty hard for you to carry the gun for a long duration. In addition to that, you might even notice performance degradation with those. For that reason, you should pick something that features an ergonomic design.

Rubber Pads

The rubber pads are an important factor for the stocks. These have two main roles. One is to improve the overall comfort, which will further lower the chances of fatigue occurring. And the second one is to reduce the recoil felt by the user. That will make sure the firearm is easier to maneuver.

Considering that, you need to check whether the stock has a rubber pad on the buttstock region or not. Without this, you would be missing out on the features that good quality stocks are capable of offering.


Some of the available models will have a built-in compartment. That compartment is capable of holding shotgun shells, sniper bullets, and other small accessories. For these, the thing that you need to check is the placement of the compartment. If they are not in aproper place, it would be difficult for you to access the things.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are shotgun stocks compatible with rifles?

Answer: Not really. The design will be different for both. For that reason, one would not be compatible with the other one.

2. Can an aftermarket stock increase accuracy?

Answer: Most certainly! The well-performing ones hold the ability to increase the overall stability, which will eventually make the rifle more accurate.

3. Which materials are rifle stock made of?

Answer: The materials of rifle stocks will vary from one to another. For example, the AK47 will have a wooden stock. On the other hand, most modern rifles will have polymer or nylon stocks.

4. Are aftermarket stocks worth it?

Answer: If you are looking for a decent upgrade on the overall stability and the comfort of the stock, the high-performance aftermarket stocks are going to be 100 percent worth it.

5. Why do some of the stocks have a compartment in them?

Answer: Usually, the shotgun and sniper rifle stocks have a built-in compartment in them. The compartment is there to allow you to carry rounds and small accessories with the gun.

Final Words

The best rifle stocks can offer a serious upgrade over the stock rifle in terms of stability. Additionally, they can make shouldering the gun comfortable as well. And among all of the ones that we reviewed, our best pick would be the Magpul MOE Rifle. It does not cost that much but can offer stellar overall performance.

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