Best Scope Caps : Top 5 Picks and Buying Guide

It is an undeniable fact that the scope is one of the essential components of a rifle. Without it working optimally, it becomes impossible to land the shot on the target accurately. And no matter how much they cost, you would want them to last and work optimally for an extended period of time, right?

Well, that is where you should consider getting one of the best scope caps. These will cover the delicate lens and protect them from getting scratched and broken. And the lens has a coating on the exterior, which can fade away because of dust and debris. The covers do a proper job in enhancing the lifespan of that layer too.

Best Scope Caps – Top 5 Recommendation For Ultimate Protection

We own a load of rifles. And we have equipped each of them with high-performing scopes with covers. While we were choosing the covers for our scopes, we did a ton of digging. And from our extensive research, we have concluded that these are the ones which are worth the money for the performance they offer:

1. Vortex Optics Defender Riflescope Flip Caps

Vortex Optics Defender

You might already be familiar with the brand Vortex. They are making quite a noise in the market for offering high-quality optics. And they are now offering one of the best scope covers as well.

First of all, this one is available in a plethora of sizes. There are a total of thirteen different sizes. Each of them is a perfect fit for most of the commonly used scopes. For having the right shape and size, these should be able to fully cover the lens and offer a higher level of protection to them.

Talking of protection, it integrates a stainless steel spring. That spring flips the Eyepiece and offers the ability to adjust it in multiple stopping positions. You would be able to set it up from 45 degrees to90 degrees vertically. This adjustability alone makes this one a worthy pick for the best scope flip caps.

Additionally, these vortex scope caps hold the ability to accommodate dope disks. After adjusting the angle properly, you would be able to insert a dope disk into the unit easily. Also, as the diameter of the ring is going to fit the existing scope snugly, the chances of dust and debris getting inside will be pretty slim.

The overall construction is pretty solid too. It features a construction of high-quality materials, which makes it exceptionally durable.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in plenty of sizes
  • It can perfectly fit most of the common scopes
  • Boasts a stainless steel spring
  • Offers the ability to adjust the angle vertically
  • Can accommodate dope disks

2. Monstrum Rubberized Flip-Up Scope Lens Covers

Monstrum Rubberized Flip

Though different plastic and metal covers are capable of offering good protection, not all of them can properly seal the lens to offer protection from small debris. Well, that is where this one steps in.

One thing that makes this one of top scope caps is the rubber construction. For utilizing that material, this one can tightly conform to the body of the scope properly. Eventually, the sealing will be perfect, which will protect the lenses from dust, debris, moisture, and other environmental elements.

This is one of the tactical scope caps that are available in plenty of different sizes. Depending on the scope you have, you can choose one of the eight sizes it is available in. Most importantly, it is available for both the Eyepiece and the Objective lens. So, both of the ends are going to be protected.

In addition to that, there is a spring-loaded mechanism. This mechanism will allow you to flip up the cover effortlessly. Thanks to the tight nature of the spring, it holds the ability to close the lid tightly when needed. And after tightly closing it, no dust and debris will be able to enter inside.

Lastly, the rubber it utilizes is high in quality. It can handle high temperatures without melting. So, you can expect to get prolonged use out of it.

Highlighted Features

  • Can create a proper seal
  • Tightly closes the lid
  • The lid can be lifted effortlessly
  • It comes in plenty of different sizes
  • Available for both Eyepiece and Objective lens

3. Butler Creek Flip-Open Scope Cover

Butler Creek Scope Cover

While looking for the best lens caps, you might want something that is specifically for the Eyepiece. In that case, this one from Butler should be on your consideration list.

Like some of the other custom scope covers, this one is also available in various sizes. There are fifty different sizes, to be exact. And you are sure to find one that will perfectly fit the scope that is on top of your rifle. In other words, there will be no need to worry about the compatibility for this one.

Alongside that, this one also features a unique mechanism on the top. This mechanism will instantaneously lift the lid up. There will be no need for you to manually lift up the lens when you want to pop open the covering. And the thumb button has an adequate placement as well.

On that note, the angle of the opening is adjustable. It would be possible to lift the lid up from anywhere between 40 to 120 degrees. Because of this feature, you are shaded from the sun when you are hunting out in the open. As a result, the overall glaring and reflection on the lens will be minimal as well.

This will not add that much weight to your rifle because it weighs under an ounce. Also, the lifting mechanism is dead silent and will not give away your position.

Highlighted Features

  • Fifty different sizes are available
  • Sports a unique pop up mechanism on the top
  • The pop-up mechanism is silent
  • Light in weight
  • The angle is adjustable

4. AUKMONT Optics Flip Cap Lens Cover

AUKMONT Optics Flip Cap

Among all of the available offerings, the best flip up scope caps would be the ones that can flip up exceptionally quickly and quietly. And this one from AUKMONT is a prime example of a unit such as that.

As we have mentioned, the flip mechanism of this one is exceptionally fast. It will open up almost instantaneously. For that reason, you will not have to worry about the target getting out of sight. Also, the hinge does not make any noise. It will enable you to stay stealthy while you are in the wild.

Another thing that makes it reside among the reliable scope dust covers is the rubber material on the lid. This material will make sure that the sealing is tight before the lens. As a result, small particles like dust will not be able to make their way inside. The exterior of the lens should remain clean.

Additionally, the rubber material will also ensure that the fitting is proper. And thanks to it being available in a large number of sizes, getting the right fit will not be an issue either. You are going to have the option to choose one among twenty-two different sizes.

On that note, it will not take that much effort to flip the lid up. It boasts a unique design, which will enable you to pop open the lid with just a simple flick.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports a quick flipping mechanism
  • Can flip silently
  • Capable of creating a proper seal
  • It fits snugly on the lens
  • Easy to flip the cover

5. Butler Creek Flip-Open Eyepiece Scope Cover

Butler Creek Eyepiece Scope Cover

Another offering from Butler that is worthy of being picked as one of the best scope lens covers is this one. It has a load of things to offer. And to know about them all, you need to continue reading.

To start with, it features a truly ambidextrous design. The hinge utilizes a well-performing spring. That spring holds the capability to open up the hinge without making any sound at all. And not making noise is quite crucial for maintaining stealth in critical scenarios.

Alongside that, opening up the lid will be effortless for this one. There is an instant pop-up button. All you need to do is push it, and the button will do its work in opening up the lid. Also, the button is placed at the proper position, which will be pretty easy to access.

The weight of the unit is pretty low too. It weighs just under an ounce. For that reason, you can be well assured that it will not add much weight to the top of your rifle. And thanks to the unique design, it can properly seal the lens. That sealing will offer maximum protection from dust and debris.

Additionally, you will be capable of adjusting the lens from 40 degrees to 120 degrees.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports an ambidextrous design
  • Utilizes a well-performing spring
  • Opens up quietly
  • Weight is less than an ounce
  • Adjustability from 40 to 120 degrees

Scope Caps Buying Guide

Scope Caps

We know that you are pretty thrilled to purchase one of the scope lens caps. But before you do make a purchase decision, there are a couple of things you need to keep in your mind. Those will increase your chances of getting one of the top scope caps. And the points we are referring to here are:


Firstly, consider the spring. Almost all of the units will utilize one. However, not all of the springs are going to perform the same. Some will open up quietly, while some will be a bit janky. We would highly recommend you to stay away from the ones that are a bit janky.

Instead, opt for the ones that operate smoothly. Those will not make any noise when the lid opens. And as we have mentioned earlier, you would not want to make any noise when being are on a hunt.


Secondly, the factor you should consider is the sealing ability. This will vary a lot from one to another. Some will be capable of offering a great sealing, while some will be lagging behind. For the sealing, usually, the ones with rubber material perform better. They can snugly conform to the lens and keep them away from dust and debris.


The size is an important factor for scope caps. Usually, these will be available in plenty of different sizes. And to choose the right one, first, measure your Objective lens and Eyepiece lens size. After measuring, choose the one that matches the measurement.

Scope Caps Buying

If you happen to get something that is smaller or larger than the actual size, it would not be possible to get a proper fit. And without getting a proper fit, the covering will not be able to do much in terms of protecting the lens from environmental debris.


Some of the units are going to integrate a button for the spring mechanism. For those, opening up the lid is going to be effortless. Basically, you would need to push the button, and the lid should be up automatically. Manually lifting the lid up will not be a necessity for these.

However, do consider the placement of the button. If it is in a hard-to-reach place, it would not be possible to open the lid up quickly.

Angle Adjustments

Last but not least, consider whether the lid can be adjusted at different angles or not. This ability will let you keep the covering at a perfect angle to block off the sun, which can come in handy in different scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are scope caps worth it?

Answer: Considering the fact that they keep the lens protected from dust, debris, and other elements, we would say that they are 100 percent worth it.

2. Are all scope caps adjustable?

Answer: Not really. Some will utilize a unique hinge to offer the ability to keep the lid at different angles. Not all of the units will integrate this type of hinge.

3. Do scope coverings make sounds when opening?

Answer: It will depend on the spring. If the spring is smooth and high in quality, it will not make any noise when opening.

4. What are scope caps made of?

Answer: Usually, they will be of plastic. However, some will integrate a rubber material on the front to offer proper sealing.

5. Do I have to cover both the Eyepiece and Objective lens?

Answer: It would be better if you covered both of them. However, if you do not want to cover both, we would highly recommend you to at least cover the objective lens when you are not using the scope.

Final Words

The scope coverings keep the lens protected from dust and debris, which will eventually make sure that they perform optimally for a long period of time. And all of our picks are nothing but the best scope caps. But if we were to choose one, we would go for the Vortex Optics Defender. It performs well and is available in plenty of sizes. And you can adjust the lid at different angles.

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