Custom Rifles

Our rifles are custom built to be beautiful and accurate. We use Mauser actions that are manufactured Prior to WWII, mainly between 1900 and 1944. These actions are considered, by nearly every gun enthusiast, to be the best actions ever designed.

The barreled action is set in a classic hunting stock uniquely designed out of quality wood. All of our stocks have a cheek piece of either classic American, or English style and a European, open style grip. The exquisite checkering is 22 lines per inch and of our own custom design. We hand sand and polish the stock with oil to 600 grit for a soft satin finish or 1200 grit for a high polished finish.

A complete custom rifle will take about three months to complete. A deposit is required. US sales only

  • Pre WWII Mauser Action with any standard caliber barrel, blued.
  • (see below for available calibers)
  • Drilled and tapped for scope.
  • New low bolt handle, welded on and blued.
  • Timney sportsman trigger.
  • 2 Position Dayton Traister Mark II Safety.
  • Anodized aluminum engraved bottom metal with new screws.
  • Claro, English, French, or Bastone semi-fancy custom stock.
  • American or English style cheek piece, with an ebony forearm tip.
  • Bedded for the barreled action and magazine. Hand sanded and
  • oil finished to 600 or 1200 grit. Checkered to 22lpi.
  • Brownells steel grip cap.
  • ˝” Black basket weave butt pad.
  • Uncle Mike’s sling studs