Magpul UBR Review

Among the things that are ever popular in the AR world is adjustable stocks. These stocks can adjust to help shooters of all sizes shoot the same gun.

Gear Review: Magpul UBR Stock

In this post, I am going to cover the Magpul UBR (Utility Battle Rifle) Stock. It is a rugged, compact, fully adjustable buttstock that has the feel of solid fixed stock. With all the features you need to do what you want.


The UBR stock is made of glass-fiber reinforced polymer construction, that can stand up to even the largest calibers found in all AR-platforms today. This type of assembly also assures that it will withstand the toughest treatment that can be thrown at it.

Magpul UBR Stock

This piece of equipment has very little projections to keep you from having any hangups on clothing, brush, or any other gear you may come into contact with.

The stock has 7 positions to adjust to with 5 presets, that ensure you return to your desired position quickly and effectively. This thing locks tightly and has no wiggle or back and forth movement, which is amazing for an adjustable stock.

It also features a fixed cheekpiece that remains in position regardless of LOP (Length Of Pull). The cheekpiece is also swappable/repositionable to aid with user preference.

The UBR mounts to the entry receiver extension which really provides a sturdy core for the weapon. This part is also reinforced by the aluminum main tube which surrounds it.

The glass-fiber-reinforced polymer cheekpiece provides a strong outer layer. This protective shell prevents any bending damage that can be seen on some standard M4 collapsing stocks.

It also has push-button, quick detach sling mounts and a sling loop to provide up to 5 sling attachment points. Also features on-board storage which can hold compact cleaning kits, batteries, or whatever else you can think to cram in there.

This stock also comes in a variety of colors from black, flat dark earth, olive drab green, and foliage green. The colors are molded in to ensure that they hold up and never wear off.

UBR Stock

Magpul UBR also accepts optional butt-plate accessories. A Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.30” is factory installed on this stock. You can also purchase the 0.55″ rubber butt pad, the spongy rubber butt pad, and aluminum strike plate, and optional QD sling mount. The factory-installed pad must be removed in order to install any other butt-plate accessory.

Compatible Weapons

The UBR fits the M16 Rifle, M4 Carbine and other weapons that replicate the receiver interface of these systems. I have provided a chart which shows the options and additional hardware that will be needed to use with each specific weapon.

UBR AR15/M16• M4 Carbine Series (M4, M4A1, M4 Commando, Mk18 CQBR, XM177, M231 etc.)None (Reuses M4 Carbine Buffer and spring)
• HK 416 Carbine
UBR AR15/M16• M16 Rifle Series (M16 A1/A2/A3/A4, Mk12 SPR, etc.)M4 Carbine Buffer and Spring
UBR AR15/M16• M14 Rifle Series (M14, Mk14, etc.)Troy M14 Modular Chassis System Sage EBR M14ALCS/CV Stock1
• Springfield Armory M1A Rifle Series
UBR AR15/M16• Remington 870 ShotgunCav Arms SST-870 Adapter Mesa Tactical Adapter
UBR AR15/M16• KAC SR-25 Rifle Series (Mk11, M110 SASS)Magpul AR10 Buffer and Spring (MAG038)
UBR AR10/SR25• KAC SR-25 Rifle Series (Mk11, M110 SASS)OEM AR10 Carbine Buffer and Spring

Physical Specs

The weight of this stock is around 1.41 lbs. or 1lb 7 oz. It is on the heavy side but most people say that it helped their AR to feel more balanced. That is probably strictly another user preference, but I think a little added weight would be great if it helped the overall performance and balance of a rifle.

The length of the stock retracted is around 7.75″ and extended is 11″. Magpul has really made sure that this stock can be used by anyone from small frame to large.

Maximum width is at 1.69″ while the height is 5.25″. This height measurement excludes the sling loop which increases height to 5.3″


This is a very appealing stock, it has a very sleek design which makes it aesthetically pleasing. Although pleasing it doesn’t give anything away in ruggedness. As I mentioned before the UBR stock can handle anything you throw at it.

Also very easy to install, the installation steps that are included with the stock are very simple and easy to follow. With only 10 steps to follow, it should be accomplished very easily. 

Magpul Stock

However, you should be very careful if installing yourself, and make sure that everything is 110% before firing your weapon. If you are not sure about it, take it to a gunsmith to have him verify that everything is ok.

The Magpul UBR has been used in a variety of situations from tactical situations, competitive shooting, self-defense, target practice, and even hunting. This just shows how much diversity this stock actually has.


The only cons that I could find on this stock were really more personal things, cause as one person saw it as a con the next person didn’t mind it. But here they are and I will let you decide for yourself when you try this out.

First one was the price, averaging anywhere around $245-$252, I personally think you get what you pay for in a stock. If you want a top of the line, then pay for it.

The other complaint I found was weight. I covered this a little earlier and my opinion still hasn’t changed. Weight can be overlooked when it helps the overall balance of your weapon.

Thanks again for listening and I hope this review has helped you.

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