Nikon M-223 Review

The Nikon m223 scope is among one of the increasingly popular specialized scopes. It has been designed specifically for the AR-15 platform and provides shooters with not only long-range accuracy but very fast target-acquisition, and also an option for short to medium-range tactical situations. It has been designed with 3 different reticles to help accomplish this.

These types of scopes are designed for use with .223 round with 55 gr. polymer tipped bullet at 3240 fps. Now if you buy the Nikon M223, this is not the only round you can ever use with it, but it is the round that is ballistically-matched to the scopes for accuracy out to 600 yards with no other calculations.

Gear Review: Nikon M-223 Riflescope Review

Nikon does offer a program on their website and also apps for iPhone/i-pad and android apps, that will do all calculations for you. I won’t go into all the details in this post but here is the link for their Spot On program.

Nikon BDC-600 Reticle

The first in is the BDC-600 reticle, which allows shooters to hold “dead-on” at ranges up to 600 yards in this platform. As you can see in the picture this reticle has ballistic circles, similar to mil-dot reticles with the exception that the circles allow you to see through them for a very good advantage with long-range shooting.

Nikon BDC-600 Reticle

Now in case anyone is wondering BDC stands for Bullet Drop Compensating. The BDC-600 is offered in a few different options, 2-8×32; 3-12×42; and 4-16×42. The two higher-powered scopes come with parallax adjustment for excellent long-range speed capabilities.

Nikon IRT

Nikon is now offering a 2.5-10×40 with BDC-600 reticle but this one is special in its own account. It is combined with laser IRT (Immediate Ranging Technology), which allows you to instantly range your target and move to the correct ballistic circle and take your shot.

The downside to this reticle is that a lot of people think that the circles are too big and that they obscure too much of the target area. That, in my opinion, is just personal and it bothers some people and some it doesn’t.

Nikon IRT

The only other downside that I can find with this reticle is that a few didn’t like the fact that it is matched for a specific bullet. I think that it is great because it takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation. But again it is personal preference.

Niko-Plex Reticle

The Niko-Plex reticle is another option that is available with the Nikon m223. When you look at this scope it looks like a standard crosshair scope, but upon further examination, you see that it is more than that.

The Niko-Plex is equipped with rapid action turret technology, which allows the shooter to simply dial in your distance, anywhere from 100 to 600 yards, when using .223 round with 55 gr. polymer tipped bullet.

This is all done in less than one revolution which makes it a lot faster for the shooter to get back on target. This reticle is available in 2-8×32; 3-12×42; and 4-16×42. Both of the 3-12×42 and the 4-16×42 options have the parallax adjustment.

Niko-Plex Reticle

This duplex style reticle is often preferred over the BDC reticle because you don’t have the circles that are blocking your target, and it allows you to stay in the middle of your crosshairs.

Again this is all strictly what a few consumers have said and it is THEIR opinion. I would have to say that when choosing between the two it would be best to go to a store and look through both of them yourself.

As far as performance goes, both scopes do exactly what they are supposed to do. They are both very accurate to the same desired distance, they both hold zero very well and both are able to get you from 100 to 600 yards quickly and efficiently.

Point-Blank Scope

The final reticle that is offered in the point-blank reticle. It uses a target dot style reticle and is available exclusively in 1-4×20 and is perfect for the zero to 200-yard range. It helps tactical style shooters get on target fast and offers extremely accurate shots in that range.

It is also set up for the .223 round with 55 gr. Polymer tipped bullet. This is an excellent option for close range, fast, precision shooting from your AR.


All of the Nikon M223 scope lenses are fully multi-coated for an extremely bright, sharp sight picture, Nikon claims up to 95% of light transmission.

Point-Blank Scope

They are all one-piece main tubes, nitrogen filled and o-ring sealed, which when combined leaves you with a strong, lightweight, waterproof, fog-proof, shockproof scope.

Nikon also offers scope mounts with built-in 20 MOA slope that fits most flattop AR’s. Sold separately.


There were not very many cons that I could find with this model of scopes, here is what I did find. Some people thought the fact that the scope having to be on it’s highest power for the adjustments to work properly was a con. I think that is not a bad thing, especially if you are shooting out to 600 yards.

The other one I found was not as much scope specific as it was just in the BDC reticle, there are several people that prefer more of a crosshair on each of the distances, such as the Zeiss Rapid Reticle, instead of the ballistic circles that Nikon offers. Once again this is personal preference and some people love them and some hate them.

You can’t please everyone. I know that I have been really impressed by this scope if you are too then click here to head over and make a purchase.

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