Precision Custom Gun Barrels

Thank your for your interest and we look forward to providing you with quality rifle barrels. We are dedicated to the production of high quality (precision) rifle barrels at an affordable cost. The same standards are applied to all barrels no matter what the intended use or the selected caliber. There are five standards which must be achieved:

1. Absolutely straight bore;
2. Interior rifled bore free of tooling marks and finished to 5 microns or less;
3. Absolutely uniform rate of twist, whether straight or gain twist;
4. Absolutely uniform bore dimensions from breach to muzzle;
5. Made from absolutely uniform ordnance grade premium barrel steel.

The above standards are met through computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment specifically designed to apply the same software programs from tooling design through to each barrel production process. Quality control is exercised at each level of production leading finally to a computer generated digital analysis of the internal twist characteristics of each completed barrel.

Barrels Custom Match Grade Rifle Barrels

In order to more thoroughly understand how our rifle barrels are produced the following is a brief description of the various levels of production:


Ordnance grade steel of two types (chrome moly and stainless steel) are selected from various steel manufacturers depending on the quality being made. These steels are also selected based on their alloy content.

steel rifle barrels

The primary alloys we use for chrome moly are 4140. In stainless steel there are two alloys, 416-R, also known as schedule 76, and 416 selenium. All of these alloys have been found to be suitable. 416 has more wear resistance.

If the barrel is made properly, any of these alloys will produce a highly accurate barrel. Selection standards are based on rock well hardness, alloy content, and purity

The Bore

Gun drilling, reaming, hand lapping and polishing are carefully performed in order to obtain a highly finished bore prior to rifling. At each stage of finishing prior to rifling, the bore is inspected for finish and internal dimension.

The Bore

Tooling is inspected and maintained by regrinding and lapping at specified intervals in order to prevent drill run out and reamer tooling marks. Each operation is done to bring the finished smooth bore to a precise pre rifled bore diameter.


The Smooth bore barrel is prepared for rifling by the application of substrate and topical lubricants. This is a four stage process which involves careful temperature control. The bore is then inspected for lubrication placement and then locked into the pull button rifler.

Two types of pull button riflers are used depending on whether the twist is straight or gain. In either case the button swages the rifling into the bore at a twist which is predetermined by matching the button twist to the CNC twist base line.

Stress Relieving & Tapering

We stress relieve at the minimum temperature allowable in order to prevent softening the barrel below 27Rc. This is done for two reasons: One, to maximize barrel life and 2) contain maximum chamber pressures.

The down-side to this is the risk of warping the barrel or random internal bore expansion during the tapering process. Tapering (if required) is done on two type of tracer lathes depending on the kind of taper required by the customer.

Cryogenic Stress Relieving

Cryogenic Stress Relieving

Our plan was to originally treat every barrel we made. However, most customers have requested that we not do that, so now we will cryogenically treat the barrel only at the customers request. Some customers are requesting that we treat the blanks before making the barrel.

Finish Polishing & Exterior

After the barrel has been tapered (if required) the bore is once again lapped and surface tested. It is then thoroughly inspected and given a final bore-scope inspection. Everything must be perfect prior to shipping.

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  1. I am looking for ANY availability of a 24″ barrel chambered in 308 Winchester for an H&R Handi-Rifle. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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