Remington Rolling Block Rifle Identification, Date and Value

Remington Arms Company, aka E. Remington and Sons, manufactured the Remington Rolling Block rifle when the people needed it the most. With the distinct features on each arm and incredibly easy to use, the natives and the soldiers recognized the arm’s value.

They used it on the battlefield, thus, revolutionizing the world. It was produced in the mid-nineteenth century. It can get tricky to identify its production time. The path to identifying a historic weapon like Remington is described below:

Remington Rolling Block rifle

Remington Rolling Block rifle

Remington Rolling Block rifles are the rifles behind creating the iconic history. This family of rugged rifles played an immense role in the battlefields; hence, all of our war heroes had known the rifles and were very compatible with them.

Your grandparents also can learn about the Remington rifles. E. Remington and sons started producing it around the mid-nineteenth century, i.e., around the 1860s. Later on, into the twentieth century, rifles became a mandatory accessory for the locals and battles.

They changed their name to Remington Arms Company after a while. The main reason behind the rifles being so popular among their users is the weapons were firm, sturdy, and could sustain the heavy pressure of the then-latest powders.

The weapons also had a wide range of calibers, specs; like, they were available in both rimfire and centerfire, from which people could choose the ones they felt comfortable with and use easily.

It was an outstanding weapon then. To this day, people use rifles, and some even collect them as they are a part of our history and revolutionized the world.

Service History in Wars

Remington Rolling Block rifle Service history in wars

In the mid-nineteenth century, people had found the Remington rifles available in their nearby stores. Due to its variety in calibers and classifications, locals could search and get the ones they liked and use it afterward. The revolution was taking place at that time.

The American civil war happened around the same time when rifles were popular among the people. As a result, the US Cavalry issued the Remington Rolling Block rifles. Initially, the weapon had the design for shooting the same cartridges as the spencer carbine.

But the split breech rifle needed a hammer spur. After recognizing the need, Rider enhanced the split breech design creating a rolling block action in 1865.

It was later known as the “Remington System.” These sturdy weapons played a significant role at the Battle of Little BigHorn and in the Indian wars as the Native Americans used the rifles.

The United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway accepted the rifle as the standard military rifle in 1867, being the first military. From 1867 to around 1890s, the Swedish army used the rifle as the standard army rifle, and in Norway, the tenure from 1867 to mid-1880s.

The Spanish Army used this weapon as well for many years. From 1869 to 1893, they regarded the rifle as the chief service arm. Argentina, Mexico, and Egypt, extensively used several rolling block rifles for many years. The Danish Army used these rifles around the 1860s as well.

In the 1870s, the British supplied these weapons to the Egyptian army, and they used them in the Mahdist War and the Battle of the Khartoum. The French also used rifles in the Franco-Prussian war.

The British navy army collected around 4500 rolling block rifles and issued them to Q-ships and minesweepers crews during World War 1. Without a doubt, we can say that it played an enormous role in history and served in many battles worldwide.

How do I identify Remington Rolling Block Action I have

How do I identify Remington Rolling Block Action

Remington Arms Company created the rifle that has made its place in the rebellion’s era. The arms at that time met all the expectations of the natives, even the soldiers. Initially, the components didn’t have any difference. More or less, they resembled each other mostly.

During that time, E. Remington and Sons stepped up their game and introduced the Remington Rolling Block rifles. The rifles had an extensive diversification.

For this, people could find the ones they were compatible with and use them for their defense and attack. This rifle worked with the rolling block action and was easy to use.

Remington Arms Company started its production around the 1860s. After it was made available to people, it gained popularity much sooner than anticipated. The company had to make this in a vast number as the military was even using it.

The weapons were used in several wars by both parties. As a result, the numbers were getting more significant.

The collectors thought this rifle was much bigger than being just a mere weapon. They proceeded to gather the historical gun and keep it safe. Most of the people regarded it as a revolutionary weapon and a collectible.

But the problem was arising as it was hard to identify which firearm was made in which year. No signs or symbols were denoting it. The confusion among the people arose, and it was hitting rifle’s popularity. The manufacturers had to figure out a way out of this trouble.

After 1921, the company started putting a serial number on its manufactured weaponry. The serial number idea was a great one and helped a lot of people recognizing the weapon.

You can also identify the weapon by the serial number encoded on the rifle. The serial number is on the barrel’s left side. The code is usually of two or three letters; the first letter denoting the production month, and the later letters were the year’s correspondents.

For example, B stood for January, L for February, P for June, WW for 1950, ZZ for 1953, etc.

In some rifles, the code was not complete. And in some, manufacturers reused the letters. You have to be the judge on those. Anyone can easily change the barrel on the rifle, so make sure it is the original barrel of the gun beforehand.

When did Remington Start Using Serial Numbers?

When did Remington start using serial numbers

E. Remington and sons, aka Remington Arms Company, started creating these powerful rifles in the 1860s. The rifle’s usage slowly grew, and it gained popularity around the world. The rolling block rifles were convenient and had a variety of classifications.

As the rifles were made in huge quantities, gradually, it became harder to recognize in which year the rifles were made. For the collectors, this drawback was a huge deal, and people became hesitant.

The makers became concerned and found a solution to it. They started putting serial numbers on the weapons. Every Remington Rolling Block rifle has a serial number located that is produced after 1921.

The code identifying the production month and year is located on the rifle’s barrel’s left side. The months and years have one specific letter or number specified to them.

If the gun has gone through any repairment, the repairmen also encode the year and the month along with their stamp. For recognizing the month and the year, the manufacturers used two or three letters.

The first letter symbolized the months and the later letters represented the years. But they stopped encoding the code in August of 1999 and started putting the code again in January of 2011. This pause caused trouble for the collectors.

Another problem arose, which was that the rifle’s barrel was easily changeable. But as the code is encoded onto the barrel, it was hard to know if it was the original barrel of the rifle.  So, people had to make sure that the barrel was the real one.

What Caliber is Remington Rolling Block?

What caliber is Remington Rolling Block

Remington Rolling Block has a great contribution in history and helped to revolutionize the world. Many countries used this rifle as their chief service weapon. The armies even stacked the rifles. Without a doubt, the Rolling Block rifles had a unique charm to them.

The weapons available at that time did not come with a variety of classifications. So, the users and the ordinary people had to settle for what they could find at that time. It was the rebellion’s era, and change was everywhere. The arms were more popular, then than ever.

E. Remington and the sons recognized the need and value of the variety. The evident necessity led them to produce the iconic Remington Rolling Block rifles. The rifles were handy, sturdy, and had a variety of specs.

They came in both rimfire and centerfire, which were, essentially, a big deal. The rifles came in .43 Spanish, .45-70, .50-70 and .40-70 cartridges. Later on, they came in .22caliber or 5.6mm caliber.

How Does a Rolling Block Work?

How does a rolling block work

Remington Rolling Block rifles were popular among the armies and rebellions during the revolutionary era. The rifles created the need people thought they never had. They were sturdy, easy-to-use, and had a wide range of varied classifications in each arm.

The Remington Rolling Block rifle is a significant part of history across half of the world. These weapons were even used as the primary arms of many armies. The people wondered how the rifles would work. Mainly, it works on a rolling Block action.

The rolling block action refers to weapon action. The breech’s sealing is done in this action with a uniquely structured breech block that can revolve on a pin. The breechblock’s figure resembles an arc of a circle.

The hammerlocks held the breechblock into the needed position. It prevents the projectile from moving backward while it is being fired. The breechblock could be turned around without any hindrance to reload the rifle by cocking the Hammer.

Generally, this method should be the way the rifles with rolling block action should work. If there seems to be any problem regarding shooting, it might be because your rifle is facing a hard time shooting the projectile. You can take it to service for repair..

Does Remington Rolling Block Rifle Worth?

Does Remington Rolling Block rifle worth

The Remington Block rifle has an immense historical value. The weapon has an immeasurable role in the history of several countries like France, Denmark, the USA, Egypt, Sweden, etc.

The natives and troops loved how convenient yet sturdy this rifle was. Everyone could get the weapon they feel comfortable with. Due to its popularity, the collectors thought it would eventually have great value. But there was a big problem then.

The rifles were similar to each other, and it was getting more challenging to know which one was produced in which year. It was creating confusion among the people and lowering its want.

The makers realized how major this problem is and found a way to get rid of it. They encoded every rifle produced after 1921 with a unique code number.

The rifle’s barrel’s left side has the month and year encoded on it. The barrel is easily changeable, for which the users and collectibles check the weapon thoroughly.

As of now, the rifles are cherry to the collectibles. These rifles have a pretty intense backstory to them. Anyone would go head over heels for this weaponry.

If you can find the right person who collects these historic rifles, you can get an outstanding exchange offer for them. Presently, a Remington rifle has around 650$ value on average.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Serial Number on a Remington Rolling Block?

The Remington Rolling Block rifle is a weapon with an intense backstory.  The sturdy and handy rifle was the eye candy of the people because of how good it was with a great range of variety.

The production date was getting tougher to recognize on the weaponry, and the want decreased with it. To erase this confusion, the manufacturers put a code onto every rifle.

The serial number is on the barrel’s left side and helped many collectibles and regained their popularity.

What Year is My Remington Serial Number?

Remington Rolling Block rifles were one of the most prominent weapons with an enormous historical value. The weapon was popular among the natives and the soldiers because of its varied specifications and convenience.

The Remington Rolling Block rifle manufacturers encoded the serial numbers on the rifles created after 1921. The code comprises two or three letters; the first letter representing the month, and the later letters identify the year.

Each letter acts for a different year, so you should look for the meaning of the letters onto it.

What is a Remington Model 6?

Remington Rolling Block rifles were produced in several forms and specifications. The Remington Model 6 is one of the models. It was manufactured in 1861 and worked on rolling block action.

The slide action rifle can fit with a four-shot magazine. It also had 6mm Rem., .30-’06, and .308 Win, .243 Win., and .270 Win. Chamberings.

Remington Company stopped it from getting manufactured after six years, making it a rare and precious collectible item.

What is the Problem with Remington 700 Trigger?

Remington model 700 is one of the rifles of the Remington Rolling Block rifles. It belongs to one of the most respected and popular rolling block action rifles while having a massive impact on history and wars.

The soldiers and natives used the Remington model 700 and were satisfied with it. But however it has an unsafe trigger system that can, under certain circumstances can discharge the projectile causing injury to the user, even his surroundings.

How old is my Remington 700 rifle?

Remington Arms Company started manufacturing the Remington 700 rifle in 1962. The rifle was a massive hit among the weapon enthusiasts. People used and were satisfied with its specifications and functions.

For recognizing the production month and year, the manufactures encoded a serial number reflecting them. You can know its age by knowing what the serial number means.


Remington rolling block rifles, produced at any time, hold a significant value due to their validity and historical role. The collectors are crazy about this rifle. The older the Remington rifle is, the greater the value you can get.

The weapons hold a value that can’t be measured by mere wealth or words. If you own a Remington Rolling Block rifle, you are, without a doubt, a fortunate man.

You can now recognize its production month and year as the way is stated in the earlier passages. But always, no matter what the purpose is, check the rifle thoroughly before making an offer.

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