What is a BB Gun? How Do You Load and Shoot BB Gun Safely?

Are you curious about BB guns? Do you plan on gaining some exciting insights on BB guns and how to use them safely?

Then, buckle up to get some insightful facts and tips about BB guns and their usage.

What is a BB Gun?

What is a BB Gun

In terms of technology and production, BB guns have gone a long way in recent years. BB guns are the best shooter to start their journey in the shooting. They are entertaining to operate at a very affordable price with the actual gun feeling.

They also come with a variety of options so that anyone can choose their desired one. Before knowing about BB guns, you have to know the types of replica guns available in the market. There are real guns on one hand and replica guns on the other.

Air guns are the latest and best type of replica guns on demand. They are technically not replica guns and fires small plastic pellets, generally 6mm but up to 8mm in diameter.

BB guns are a type of air gun with a diameter of 6 mm (0.24 in). They fire metallic ball projectiles, which are about the same size as BB-size lead birdshot.

Steel balls of 4.3–4.4 mm in diameter and 0.33–0.35 g ( in weight, generally zinc- or copper-plated for corrosion resistance, are used in modern BB guns, which feature a smoothbore barrel with a 4.5 mm caliber. Traditional lead balls are typically suited for use in rifled barrels, are still made by some manufacturers.

What are BB Guns Used for?

What are BB Guns Used for

They are often used in training practices, combat games, house parties, hunting, etc. In general, if properly organized, this sort of entertainment does not raise any worries among the police or the general public.

Nevertheless, when these weapons are used irresponsibly by people, they can raise serious causes for concern. This gun is considerably more effective at penetrating a target. That is why BB guns are ideal for controlling pests but hazardous for shooting at other people.

Despite being a bit too strong to be formally classified as a toy, the BB gun does not meet the criteria of being an accurate section 1 firearm. It is typically too low-powered and is most likely meant to shoot plastic/aluminum pellets. When compared to a typical air weapon, it will have a relatively low power rating.

Which are the Best BB Guns?

BB guns serve different and diverse purposes. Different operation needs different kinds of BB guns. A single BB gun cannot serve every purpose. Now let us look into different types of BB guns. BB guns can be classified into these five types:

BB Gun Pistols

BB Gun Pistols

A BB pistol is an excellent option to practice shooting on a budget. There are a variety of models on the market that can simulate the sensation of an accurate pistol. They are semi-automatic and usually feature a magazine-fed into the pistol’s grip.

It uses CO2, a compressed gas, and its performance improves as the temperature rises. The ideal temperature for CO2 guns is usually above 60 degrees. At this temperature, they are in their most influential stage.

Some CO2-fueled bb gun pistols also have simple blowback action, which is a great perk. When you shoot a blowback bb gun, the gas pushes the slide back, cocking the firearm for the next shot.

These pistols are excellent for target shootings, pest controls, and even self-defense. Some of the best BB gun pistols are Glock 19 Gen3, Gamo PT-85, Crosman C11 Semi-Automatic CO2 BB Air Pistol, Umarex GLOCK G17 Gen 3, etc.

BB Gun Rifles

BB Gun Rifles

These air rifles were initially being made for young shooters that would hold 100-300 BBs simultaneously but in a single shot. They also have the option to shoot either a pellet or a BB.

They usually have no rifling as they have smoothbore barrels and also not as accurate as guns with rifling. However, they are ideal for youngsters to learn and practice shooting safely for basic shooting training. The guns are also very flexible and affordable to use.

Some of the best BB gun pistols are: Umarex Legends MP40 BB Submachine Gun, Crosman 760B Pumpmaster, Crosman Full Auto AK1 etc.

Automatic BB Guns

Automatic BB Guns

Shooting automatic bb machine guns is a lot of fun. They will undoubtedly put a grin on your face. The engine of BB machine guns is CO2, although there are mod kits that allow you to utilize a paintball tank instead of the tiny cartridges.

When blasting away with a bb machine gun, the paintball tank allows you hundreds of rounds before you have to replace it, so it’s an excellent alternative to have.

Many firing modes are available on most bb machine guns, including one, three, and six-shot burst modes. You’ll have a lot of fun with a fully automatic or semi-automatic bb pistol if you want a machine gun-like experience blasting cans, glass, plates, or anything else that breaks.

Some of the best automatic BB guns are Umarex Glock 19 BB Gun, Daisy PowerLine Model 415 BB Gun Package, Daisy Red Ryder Model 1938 BB Gun, etc.

How to Load a BB Gun Safely?

How to Load a BB Gun Safely

There aren’t many things in life that need 100 percent accuracy, all of the time, with no room for mistake, but handling a gun is one of them. BB guns have the potential to be just as deadly as any other gun.

These guns are not toys. So, if it is your first time loading a BB gun, you will need to learn how to handle the weapon properly by loading the BBs. It’s a straightforward procedure, but there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid damaging the gun or causing injury to others.

Here are the best possible ways for you as a beginner to load your BB gun safely:

Read the Manual

Before loading your guns, you should begin by reading the BB gun’s instruction manual. Make sure to understand what the manual says properly. Every gun manual is written very meticulously and should cover virtually every operational, maintenance, and safe-handling question you might want to know.

Turn on the Safety Mode

Before handling the gun, make sure your safety switch is turned on. For most guns, the safety switch is located just above the trigger. Ensure that there is no red ring around the safety button; if there is, the safety is turned off.

You want the safety to be turned on. Now, Pick up your gun and turn the barrel upwards. There is a tiny hole between the iron sights that allows you to see if there is a BB in place, ready to be loaded, from that position.

Cock the Gun

Your gun should not be cocked from the beginning. So make sure it is not cocked before putting the safety on. To cock your gun, you have to keep it in a safe direction. To cock the weapon, pop it out of the barrel and draw it all the way down and back — as far as it will go.

The safety must be placed at the last half of the stroke, which requires a little more effort. The lever is left down with the weapon uncocked by new owners who cease pushing too soon.

As a result, it appears to have become jammed open and is unable to be closed. They panic because they are unable to do anything with it.

Adjust the Nozzle

You don’t want the nozzle of your gun to point at anyone. To fire a gun properly, you must observe all of the standard safety precautions that apply to any other gun. BB guns are capable of propelling a BB around a hundred yards.

They are strong enough to kill small birds from 50-100 ft away and precise enough to hit a target 3 or 4 inches across from 50ft away. So, place the gun in your lap. Make sure the nozzle isn’t pointing towards someone even when the safety switch is on.

Fill Up the Chambers

Now is the final step. This is filling up the chambers with BBs. First of all, to fill up the chamber, open the BB load door, which is at the right side of the nozzle’s tip. Then, on the other side of the nozzle, cup your hand beneath the loading door.

Now, Fill the loading door with BBs. Fill the chamber only halfway; else, your BB gun may jam. When you’re finished, close the BB load door.

Crank the lever forward once you see a bb in the position. The spring piston locking into position is the final tic you hear. The gun will not fire unless the cocking lever is returned to its original position.

Before loading your guns, make sure to keep some crucial things in mind:

  • First, keep the muzzle pointing in a safe direction at all times.
  • Keep your finger away from the trigger until you’re ready to fire.
  • Keep your firearm empty until you’re ready to use it.

Like any other weaponry, a BB gun should never be trusted. Always consider it loaded, and never point it towards a person or animal before pulling the trigger. When not in use, secure the pistol to a chain that is bolted inside the garage.

How to Shoot a BB Gun Safely?

How to Shoot a BB Gun Safely

The concept underlying BB guns is similar to that of firearms, except that there is no explosion. Shooting a BB gun is a skill that almost anybody can learn. Shooters don’t have to be the strongest, most prominent, or quickest athletes in the world to succeed.

Concentration, discipline, and determination are all required in shooting sports. With a good catch and fence, you can safely fire an airgun in a neighborhood or even a basement. The only thing you need to know is how to do it correctly.

The few steps which you can follow to shoot your gun safely are mentioned below:

Aim Properly

Aiming is the most critical part. The first step to aim would be familiarizing yourself with your gun first. It’s crucial to know the name and purpose of each piece if you want to keep control of your gun at all times.

Identify your dominant eye now. This assists in accurate aiming and informs you which side of the gun to grip.

Adjust Your Breathing

When it comes to shooting your gun, adjusting your breathing is crucial. It’s impossible to acquire a good sight image, let alone shoot straight, because of the body’s movement while you breath.

So take a deep breath and relax. Here are some tips. As you aim and pull the trigger, hold your breath halfway exhaled, then exhale. To become acclimated to this method, you can practice it without your gun.

Align Your Sight

For your sight alignment, at first, make sure to have a backdrop. Your backdrop would basically be the background of your target. Your surroundings should be very clear, and nothing should come near the target you have.

Now that you have your background and surroundings all set, locate your rear sight. This sight is either going to be a horizontal bar or a hole. For the sight image, align your body’s position with your objective.

With the front sight and target centered in respect to the rear sight, you should now have all three items aligned. Ensure to keep your eye away from the aim, as this might injure your eyes. That is why you should be cautious.

Control Your Trigger

The most important thing about controlling your trigger is having complete control of your sights. Pulling the trigger is a kind of reflex action when you allocate your target. So align your rear sight with your front sights together.

The front sight is centered with respect to the rear when the front and rear sights are lined. Next, for the sight image, align your body’s position with your objective. Next, determine who you want to target. Finally, make sure you understand what your target is and what is beyond it.

Now repeat the steps you’ve already practiced- breathing and relaxing, and aligning your sight. Then, smoothly pull the trigger until the shot goes off, keeping the target in the front sight ring.

Keep in mind where your target was when the shot was fired. Remember to place your index finger softly at first before pressing it. Then wait for a few seconds to fine-tune your aim and gently draw your finger back to let go of the trigger.

BB Guns vs. Pellet Guns : Know The Actual Difference Between Them

BB Guns vs. Pellet Guns

People tend to mix up pellet guns and BB guns as both are pretty similar, but they are definitely different. They only fire slightly different types of ammunition, which determines a few mechanical variations in both weapons.

You could stumble across a CO2 gun that can fire both pellets and BBs, but they are rare. The first main distinction between the two guns is their magazines. Pellet guns typically have a rotary magazine, whereas BB guns have a stacked ammunition magazine.

A stacked magazine is more convincing than a rotary magazine in terms of authenticity. In addition, some Pellet guns have what seems to be a stick magazine, but it is actually two rotary magazines on either side of the stick.

Because Rotary magazines only hold about eight rounds, you’ll commonly find greater capacity magazines in BB guns. Secondly, their ammo sizes differ. BBs have typically been available in 4.5 mm or .177 Caliber, whereas lead pellets are available in various sizes.

Finally, the rifling inside the barrels of BB and Pellet CO2 Pistols is another significant distinction. For lead pellets to shoot straight, they must spin. On the other hand, steel BBs fly straight in the air regardless of whether they spin or not.

Next comes accuracy. Although many BB guns shoot accurately at medium ranges, they don’t match the accuracy of pellet guns, especially as the distance between you and your target increases.

Finally comes the uses. Both the guns have quite similar uses like hunting, pest control, or recreational shootings. But in the case of pest controls, guns are never really recommended as it is more challenging to fire correctly.

In addition, pistols have less power than rifles, which is essential to consider when using one for pest control because it may not have enough force to get the job done humanely.

However, pellet pistols are designed with power in mind; they are generally spring-piston or pressurized air-driven air guns with far more force than a regular BB or Pellet Pistol.

Final Words

Using a BB gun is not a hard thing to do. But it needs a lot of patience and efficiency to use it safely. You don’t necessarily need a mastermind or genius to ace using a BB gun.

Just make sure to have the proper knowledge and instructions and follow them as guided. Viola! You can use a BB gun safely now.

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