What is an Airsoft Gun? Are Airsoft Guns Dangerous? Why or Why Not?

Have you heard of competitive shooting games? If you have, then you must be familiar with Airsoft. In case you are not, do not worry.

Today we are going to talk about the Airsoft Gun. Before we talk about what an airsoft gun is, let us get you familiarized with Airsoft. Then we can get to the details of the gun.

Airsoft – The Military Simulation Sport

To understand what the airsoft gun is, you first need to know what Airsoft itself is.

As mentioned before, Airsoft is a type of competitive shooting sport. It can also be said to be a type of military simulation sport. Because in this sport, players team up to simulate combat style similar to that of the military-style

The name of this sport originated from the gun itself. Now, people usually compare Airsoft with paintball. But Airsoft uses a new type of BB gun rifle manufactured by the Daisy BB company.

The gameplay of Airsoft can seem to be very similar to paintball, but the use of Airsoft guns makes a whole lot of difference.

What is an Airsoft Gun?

What is an Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Guns are soft air toy guns that use plastic spherical projectiles. In comparison to paintball BB guns, airsoft guns use plastic pellets instead of paints. The guns are said to be the exact copy of a real-world soft air gun.

So, it may resemble a real-world gun, but the pellets used are nonlethal and made of plastic. Even though it is not technically a firearm and used for sporting purposes, there are some federal laws for these guns.

According to federal laws, it is a must that Airsoft guns be sold with an orange tip on the muzzle. This helps to distinguish them from real firearms.

Types of Airsoft Gun

Types of Airsoft Gun

Airsoft Guns are usually low-powered guns, making them easy to use and safer. But based on their power, they are categorized into three types:

  1. Spring Airsoft Guns
  2. Gas Airsoft Guns
  3. Automatic Electric Guns

Different guns fall under each category. But what you must know is that every gun looks exactly like its real-world version.

1. Spring Airsoft Guns

Spring Airsoft Guns

For games in closed spaces, spring airsoft guns are your best choice. The spring airsoft guns require hand pumping every time before firing. They are not precisely made for long-range. But in short-range or closed spaces, they can be very reliable.

Spring Airsoft Guns shoots pellets by pushing the air in the pump cylinder. This happens due to the potential energy stored from the coil spring when the trigger pull is released.

Due to this mechanism, they have to be hand-pumped every time and cannot be modified into automatic guns.

They do have a slower fire rate, but they will not require repeated reloading. If you are just entering the Airsoft sports scenario, starting with a spring airsoft gun will be best. You may not get the competitive feeling from spring gun models, but it will allow you to get used to air guns overall.

Let us talk about the power of Spring Airsoft Guns. They usually have a muzzle velocity of 30 m/s (98 ft/s), but upgraded spring sniper rifles and shotguns can have muzzle velocities of 120-210 m/s (400-700 ft/s).

Spring gun models are not as expensive as the other two-gun models. Most of them do not have a long lifetime due to the build quality. But with proper modification, these can be made to last longer.

2. Gas Airsoft Guns

Gas Airsoft Guns

Gas Airsoft Guns use gases like green gas or propane to power them. The guns contain a bottle or canister that requires to be prefilled with gas. So, when you release the trigger pull, it uses the potential energy stored from the compressed gas to shoot the pellet. 

There are few different types of Gas Airsoft Guns:

Gas blowback (GBB): It uses green gas to fire the pellet and load the next round. It is more common than the other types. But with this type of gun comes a really strong recoil. So, this is something you have to keep in mind.

Non-blowback (NBB): This type of gun only uses gas to fire the pellet. And so, the pellets can cover more distance when shot. This type is mostly seen in handguns.

Gas sniper rifles: This one is not as common as the other two. These rifles require gas for the projectile only. So, you will have to manually reset the hammer before firing again, which can be a hassle.

Gas-powered airsoft guns come in both automatic and semi-automatic models. So, in comparison to the spring-powered ones, they are much more reliable and easier to use.

They provide more accuracy and better target shooting. The only drawback is that you must carry spare gas canisters which can be very inconvenient when you have to load a canister in the middle of the game.

3. Automatic Electric Guns

Automatic Electric Guns

Automatic Electric Guns, also known as AEGs, are the most common airsoft gun used in the current gameplay scenario. The guns contain a spring-attached piston pump, but there is a catch.

Unlike the spring-powered airsoft guns, AEGs are operated by batteries. These batteries are portable and can be charged after use. This battery is connected to the electric motor, which helps to compress the gearbox. And this pumps the spring when you release the trigger pull.

And that is how the shooting mechanism works while reloading at the same time.

Rechargeable batteries of AEGs take about 6-8 hours to get fully charged. The entire usability of the gun depends on the battery’s charge. When the battery charge starts to get lower, the overall mechanism of the gun will get slower.

Airsoft Gun vs. Paintball Gun – A Detailed Comparison

Airsoft Gun vs. Paintball Gun

Since Airsoft is most often compared to paintball, let us look at the comparison between the two guns used in these sports, respectively.

  • The factor for primary comparison for these two guns can be said to be the pellet used. Airsoft gun uses 6mm pellets while paintball gun uses 18 mm pellets.
  • Due to the dimension of pellets, an Airsoft gun can hold 400 pellets which are twice what Paintball guns can hold.
  • Paintball guns usually fire at 300fps. Airsoft gun ranges from 300 to 500 fps.
  • Airsoft guns are built to give the feeling of the actual firearms they have copied, which is not the case for Paintball guns.
  • Airsoft guns have high accuracy compared to Paintball guns.

Are Airsoft Guns Dangerous?

Are Airsoft Guns Dangerous

We have mentioned before that Airsoft guns are non-lethal. But for something that shoots with such velocity in both close and long-range, it has some dangers if not used with precautions.

Airsoft Guns will not be dangerous if you maintain precautions while using them. So, it is better to know about the risks and dangers of it before you enter this scenario. Just to be one step ahead with the safety measures.

The pellets shot from airsoft guns risk harming your eye if they directly hit there. Starting from scratches to bleeding and even blindness, these are some of the risks of using airsoft guns without protective eye gear.

Since airsoft guns are primarily meant to shoot on the body. You must know that if the pellets hit bare skin, you may risk bruising. But it will not create any severe injury. So, to be on the safe side, put on protective clothing.

Concerns Regarding Airsoft Guns

Concerns Regarding Airsoft Guns

By now, you must have understood that all airsoft guns are not the same. Although these are meant for recreational sports, there are guns of different powers.

  • Please check the velocity or power of the guns before purchasing. You can understand that by checking the FPS of the guns.
  • Use guns with the right fps depending on the grounds of the gameplay. Do not go for a gun with higher fps in closed space gameplay.
  • Although the pellets can sting on your skin when shot, the aim is to minimize the damage. So, when you go for a higher fps gun in a closed space, you risk harming your opponent and even your teammate.
  • Whether you are playing the sport or monitoring your children, please enforce strict rules of the game to avoid accidents
  • Please follow through with the rules for minimum engagement in the game.
  • Lastly, research the federal laws of your state regarding the purchase of an Airsoft gun. The regulations may vary from state to state and even in countries. So do not put yourself at risk for some fun.
  • Follow the minimum age rule for the purchase of an airsoft gun.
  • Always maintain gun safety rules.
  • Keep them out of the reach of children.

Some Basic Rules You Should Know

Airsoft guns are used in competitive games, but the game aims to help you utilize leadership qualities and team game spirits while having fun. So do not think about going all Rambo on your own or being aggressive.

  • Although it is military simulation combat, it has very strict rules that you should know and follow.
  • Always wear protective gear. Not just for eyes, keep your neck and head in mind as well.
  • Do not fire randomly. Otherwise, you’ll risk harming your teammate.
  • Keep your finger away from the trigger when you are not using it.
  • Always point your gun in a safe direction to avoid any accidents.
  • Maintain the minimum distance for engagement and surrender space.
  • Take out the magazine when you are not in the game.
  • Do not point at the head; always try to aim for the body.
  • Never walk into a field while the game is still on.

Final Words

Whether it was for your children or for yourself, you now know what an airsoft gun is. Airsoft can be an entertaining sport to play if you maintain the gun safety rules and safety guidelines.

This sport can give you the thrill you are looking for or the team-building experience you want your kid to have. And this in-depth discussion has covered all you need to know about Airsoft guns.

When you maintain the safety rules, you make sure you avoid the risks. Enter the Airsoft scenario for a thrilling experience.

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